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How to Crochet the Brick Stitch

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The Brick Stitch is remarkably simple to crochet and gives great texture. If you can make a double crochet and a single crochet, you can crochet the Brick Stitch!

crochet brick stitch tutorial

Brick Stitch Tutorial

The Brick Stitch, especially when worked in this gorgeous yellow, reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road. We will work rows of double crochet separated by rows of single crochet – which will be worked into only one loop, the front loop, instead of both loops. This gives a ridge that looks like the top and bottom of a brick. On the double crochet rows we will pick up the other loop of that same row, creating the left and right sides of the “brick”. If that sounds complicated, I promise it is not! There is also a video tutorial below, and put this stitch to good use in the new Brick Cloth pattern.

how to crochet the brick stitch

To make the Brick Stitch:

1. Chain a multiple of 4 sts + 3. (for example, 20 + 3)

2. Double crochet in the third chain from hook and in each chain to the end of the row.

3. Chain one and turn. Single crochet in first st. Sc in flo (front loop only) of each stitch to the end of the row. When you get to the last stitch, place a regular single crochet (using both loops).

4. Chain two and turn. Double crochet in first stitch. Double crochet in the flo (front loop only) of the double crochet from 2 rows down. Double crochet in each of the next 3 stitches. Double crochet in the flo of the row 2 rows down, then double crochet in the next three stitches. Continue to the end of the row, ending with three double crochet stitches.

5. Repeat step 3 (the single crochet row).

Now in the next double crochet row, we will offset the stitches so that they look like freshly laid bricks.

6. Chain two and turn. Double crochet in each of the first three stitches. Double crochet in the flo of the double crochet from 2 rows down. Continue the sequence to the end of the row, ending with one regular double crochet as pictured below.

Repeat steps 3 – 6 until desired height is reached. See the VIDEO tutorial below!

brick stitch crochet

YouTube video
This stitch would make a great scarf or simple texture blanket. I would love to see a chunky throw blanket in a neutral or cream color. Those subtle ridges would add such visual appeal, while the fabric of the stitch is dense enough to keep you nice and toasty while watching a movie with the family, reading a favorite book, or crocheting the night away.

crochet brick stitch tutorial

We will use this stitch in my 2020 Washcloth Series. A great and useful way to learn new crochet stitches. 😉

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  1. I just found this stitch! My daughter is expecting and I am doing a dragon themed quilt. This will be perfect alongside it. It looks like scales!
    1. Hi Carol! I have done 2 hoodies...the Hibernation Hoodie and the Bean Happy Hoodie (though the bean happy does not have a front pocket). Hope this helps!