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How to Make Your Own Homemade Swiffer Cleaning Solution

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I love my Swiffer. Between my boys and my dogs, it gets a workout. What I don’t like? Paying for those expensive Swiffer cleaning solution refills! Here’s a quick homemade Swiffer recipe using ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Make Your Own Homemade Swiffer Cleaning Solution

Instead of buying a new bottle of Swiffer cleaning solution every. single. time. we make our own with just 3 ingredients: distilled water and vinegar – and a couple of drops of dish soap. That really is it!

Disclaimer: As with virtually anything you find online, use in your own floor cleaning machine at your own discretion.

Homemade Swiffer Cleaning Solution Recipe


Distilled Water
Distilled vinegar
Dish Soap

Don’t worry, your floors won’t reek of vinegar. Once it evaporates you won’t be able to smell it at all.

You can use this homemade Swiffer recipe in your wet mop of any brand, or in a spray bottle with a regular Swiffer.


  1. Remove the cap from your empty Swiffer bottle. I know it can be hard to remove… try using adjustable pliers if it’s not budging.
  2. Add equal parts of water and distilled vinegar until almost full.
  3. Squeeze just a couple of drops (DROPS!) of dish soap into the bottle.
  4. Replace cap.
  5. Shake to mix.

That’s it! You can add this to a spray bottle for cleaning or to a wet mop at your discretion.

I personally use a reusable crocheted cover for my Swiffer, then throw it in the wash and reuse. This pattern is part of my 2023 “One Skein” series, in which I publish 12 new patterns, all using one skein of commonly used yarn or less. Such a great way to stash bust!

swiffer cover crochet pattern

This solution is not just for Swiffer refills either, you can use it in the Libman Mops and these other refillable mops such as the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop, O-Cedar ProMist Mop KitBona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop or the Leifheit Pico Spray Mop.

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  1. Vinegar shouldn't be used on ceramic floors, removes the seal on the floor. Ruined my bathroom floor.
  2. Vinegar will take the shine off the floor. I use just a few drops of dish soap and it cleans fine
    1. I’ve found that for my ceramic tile floors, regular blue dawn dish liquid makes my floors greasy. I agree with the vinegar part
  3. Taking the cap off is even easier if you hold the top of the original bottle in boiling water for about 45 seconds, then use a pliers to undo it....no struggle at all. Just be careful to not steam your fingers!
    1. I’ve done this , but it doesn’t fail to leak when I put the new solution and store it. I haven’t found a way to stop the leakage If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it. It seems like once you open the cap when you put it back it doesn’t have the same grip. Thanks !!
    2. I didn't even have to use pliers to remove the cap. It twisted off after less than a minute submerged in boiling water.
  4. I've been using this -- and my house REEKS of vinegar :( So disappointed -- we live overseas and can't get refills...so I was really hoping this would work.
  5. i am looking for another recipe. the vinegar corrodes the motor and the contacts anyone have an idea without the vinegar. my swifter quit after my first bottle of home made solution
    1. Did you find another recipe? I also used just half water and half vinegar and my machine stopped working. Could it have been mineral build-up from the water as opposed to the vinegar that corroded the motor? I see some recipes calling for distilled water... Please share if you found a good solution. Thank you.
    2. The solutions doesn't go through the motor so it would have to be build up from the water. So make sure your using distilled water not water out of the faucet.
  6. I've just started using citric acid and water. No smell and no residue. 2.5 teaspoons per cup of water.
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      1. I get mine at the Dollar Tree store. I am looking for the hardwood diy floor cleaner recipe, please. Regular one leaves the floor cloudy.
    1. Search for "crochet swiffer sweeper cover patterns" There are a lot of free patterns online . I have made myself about 10 (overkill?) and have given the crocheted ones to my kids and friends. Saves a lot of money. Just wash them with throw rugs, cleaning cloths etc. - not with your regular laundry.
  8. I used my swifter wet jet for wood floors solution. Later I noticed a large dark area on the floor and some dark around the edges of a board beer to the big area? Can’t figure out where it came from?
  9. Hi there I have just recently tried refilling my swifter solution did everything you said, I went to use it for the first time and it’s streaking my floors they don’t look clean at all just cloudy and foggy. Suggestions?
    1. I found swifter solution to work great on laminate floors. A small area at a time and I wipe the floors dry after. Tried them on my engineered floors and agree it made them look cloudy and foggy and a mess. I had to redo them with another product. VIM works great.
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