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26 Useful Kitchen and Dining Room Crochet Patterns

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There is nothing more satisfying than creating useful crochet projects for your home. Whether that’s useful things for the kitchen or the dining room, this list of 26 free crochet patterns is sure to spark inspiration — to crochet or to clean! 🧹

26 Kitchen & Dining Room crochet patterns

26 Useful Kitchen and Dining Room Crochet Patterns

Since moving into my new place, I have been looking around with fresh eyes at what crochet can do for a home. Because my living room blends into my kitchen, I get more ideas for making items for the kitchen and dining room than most of the other rooms. This is also where we can usually find the most useful crochet patterns.

Some housemates do not necessarily want crocheted items covering the entire house, but if it is something of use, how can they refuse? I mean we have to go to big box stores and replace dishcloths and towels, so why can’t we make them for cheaper instead? I figure if it is something that we use everyday, then having some extras on hand, when the others get old, makes perfect sense.

What can I crochet for the kitchen?

This list includes potholders, crochet placemats, scrubbies, crochet dishcloths and towels, and other kitchen items, but I also found some great ideas for items that are truly useful and unique to your kitchen and dining areas.

For most of these patterns you’ll want to use cotton yarn. This is the best yarn for durable items because cotton yarn holds up well to use and does not stretch out. My favorite type of cotton yarn is Dishie 100% cotton. It has a great sheen to it and is very soft.

Let’s get to those patterns, shall we?

crochet pan protectors pattern

Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet Pan Protectors  There is nothing worse than getting a new pan and it getting scratched up just by being stored. These are so easy to work up and make great housewarming presents.

2. Hanging Basket  Now you can store all of your fruits and produce in a space that you can see them. Nothing worse than buying produce and then it going to waste being out of sight and out of mind.

Baby Bottle Cleaner Brush Pattern

3. Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush  Whether you have a baby or not, these are so useful when trying to clean out baby bottles, canning jars or glasses.

4. Plastic Bag Holder  Do you have a plastic sack full of plastic sacks? Instead of squirreling away the sacks in a closet or cabinet, now you can put them in plain sight and it looks cute.

Greek Key Crochet Mug Rug

5. Greek Key Mug Rug  Save your tables and countertops with these cute little mug rugs. If you have wanted to dip your hook into Mosaic crochet, then this is the perfect starter project.

6. Two Sided Scrubby Dishcloth  With the cooler weather and holidays approaching, you will probably be baking more and with that comes dishes, pots, and pans that need a little extra scrubbing.

7. Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat  If you are looking for the perfect fall placemat, then look no further. Everyone will be ooohing and ahhhing while you are happily sighing at the table that doesn’t need as much cleaning.

Stool Cover Crochet Pattern

8. Stool Cover  Bar stools are great when you need a little more seating, but they can be a little rough on the tush if you know what I mean. These can be made in seasonal colors or to match your décor, so get creative.

Monstera Leaf Crochet Pattern

9. Monstera Wall Hanging  Do you have a wall in your kitchen or dining room that needs a little pizzazz? You know what the best parts are? You do not need to water it and it lives forever!

Hanging Herb Garden Crochet Pattern

10. Hanging Herb Garden  If you love fresh herbs, but are cramped for space, then these are a great alternative. Hang them in a sunny area and you will have fresh herbs every time you need them.

11. Fruit Hammock  If you need to free up some space on the counter, then this needs to be made asap. Keep it at kid level and they will be able to reach a healthy snack whenever they want one.

easy microwave bowl cozy crochet pattern

12. Quick and Easy Microwave Bowl Cozy  Don’t burn your fingers while enjoying a bowl of yumminess. So easy to clean, so no need to worry about small spillovers. Just wash and you are ready to go again.

casserole carrier crochet pattern

13. Casserole Carrier  Not only do these snazzy up any dish that you are bringing to a get together, they free up oven use for others that need something reheated. My Bierock Casserole, along with one of these, would be a great housewarming gift.

rag rug crochet pattern

14. Rag Rug  Standing on a flat surface in front of the sink, whether cooking or cleaning, makes your feet hurt after a while. This rug will give your feet that cushion that they are aching for.

thanksgiving table runner free crochet pattern

15. Fall Table Runner  Nothing screams fall like this beautiful table runner with a centerpiece of pumpkins and a candle scenting the room. Your guests will be amazed at how beautiful your dining room table looks.

how to crochet a pot scrubber

16. Pot Scrubber  Let’s not forget about the cleaning aspect of a kitchen. Scrubbers get old pretty quick and let’s face it, they don’t come in a lot of colors. With this pattern you can match your color scheme of your kitchen and you don’t need to leave the house to buy more!

17. Tasteful Trivet  Whether you call it a Trivet or a hot pad, this pattern will come in very handy. Make it with cotton, so that it won’t melt like acrylic yarn, and you will have a very stylish way to protect your counters and tables from a hot pan.

202 crochet washcloth free pattern series

18. 2020 Cloth Series  As promised, in 2020 I did a yearlong series of free crochet dishcloth patterns in three sizes. Each washcloth pattern is a different stitch and comes in face cloth or for showering, hand towel or wash cloth, and a placemat or dish drying mat size. These are a great way to learn new stitches, and would be great to use in the bathroom as well.

19. Lobelia Crochet Nesting Baskets  Every kitchen or dining room can use a set of nesting baskets to store small items that you don’t want just laying around or cluttering up the counter. Make one for keys, change, small fruits, plants, the list is endless.

20. Honeycomb Bread Bag  This unique tapestry pattern keeps your bread fresher longer and is so much cuter than having a loaf of bread laying around. It keeps the bread crunchy instead of hard as a rock.

21. Crochet Wine Bottle Holder  If you don’t have a traditional wine rack, but want to keep a couple of bottles on your counter, these fancy up any bottle. Bring as a gift to a get together and you can skip the wrapping paper.

22. Crochet Coffee Cozy   Do you have a favorite mug that is just boring, or maybe has an “isn’t safe for work” image that needs covered up? This is a perfect solution and makes it so much more interesting to look at.

23. Crochet Hand Towel  Let’s face it, kitchens can get messy and everyone needs a quick towel to clean up an accident at some point or another. Towels, like all other décor, looks best when it matches the overall color scheme of an area.

24. Single Crochet Cross Stitch Pot Holder  This pot holder has a great texture and is double thickness (no burned fingers!!)  This is a beginner friendly pattern which is perfect if you are new to the cross stitch.

25. Hartfield Crochet Hanging Baskets  These would be perfect for storing potatoes and apples. Place them on a wall and you can free up other storage areas by doing so.

26. Farmhouse Striped Keyhole Hand Towel  If you have a farmhouse inspired kitchen, then this is the perfect one to place on your stove’s handle to dry your hands with or to clean up messes with.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these patterns and I’d love to see what your crocheted kitchen or dining area looks like with your makes! Please share a photo with me in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community group on Facebook.

26 Kitchen and dining room crochet patterns

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