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Chunky Housecoat Free Crochet Pattern

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You know what’s better than Netflix and crochet? Netflix and crochet – IN A CHUNKY HOUSECOAT! This chunky housecoat free crochet pattern is the perfect solution!

super bulky housecoat crochet pattern

Chunky Housecoat Free Crochet Pattern

This newest housecoat pattern is heavy, it’s warm, it’s comfy and it’s free! Choose to add the sleeves – or not! I liked it both ways but decided to go with the sleeved version for added warmth. For this crochet pattern you’ll need super bulky yarn (bulky would suffice, although the housecoat would be a tad bit smaller) and a 10mm crochet hook. Since this yarn is so thick the pattern works up SUPER fast, and you don’t need many stitches! I love that.

If you’d rather make a worsted weight housecoat find that pattern here.

Also, if you love my shirt you can get one here. Eat, Sleep, Crochet, Repeat!

Super Bulky/Size 6 yarn (approx. 1000 yards)
-Lion Brand Hometown USA used
Crochet hook in size N/P/10 mm


7 hhdc and 6 rows = 4” square


-Place first st in same as turning.
-If you dislike using the Herringbone Half Double crochet, regular Half Double would suffice as well.
-If you would like the housecoat shorter, you’ll remove chains from the beginning chain, and remember that number throughout.
-If you need help don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

Get the ad-free printable version of this pattern here. Thank you!

Chunky Housecoat Pattern:

Row 1: Fhdc – 65 (or ch-66, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end) (65)

Rows 2 – 32: Ch-1, hhdc in each st to end.

Rows 33 – 36: Ch-1, hhdc in 50 sts. (50)

Row 37: Ch-1, hhdc in 50 sts AND THEN ch-16. (66)

Row 38: Hhdc in 2nd ch from hook and each st to end. (65)

Rows 39 – 48: Ch-1, hhdc in each st to end. (65)

Attach yarn at bottom of other side as pictured.

Starting second side of chunky housecoat using free pattern and super bulky blue yarn

Rows 1 – 4: Ch-1, hhdc in 50 sts. (50)

Row 5: Ch-1, hhdc in 50 sts AND THEN ch-16. (66)

Row 6: Hhdc in 2nd ch from hook and each st to end. (65)

Rows 7 – 16: Ch-1, hhdc in each st to end. (65)

Fold fronts in and sew up shoulders using the Mattress Stitch.

Sewing the shoulders on a chunky housecoat crochet

Making sure to start at bottom right (if wearing the sweater) and looking at right side:
Row 1: Ch-1, hhdc in each st up to collar, across neck and down other side.
Row 2: Ch-1, turn, hhdc in each st around.
*if you’d like more edging or more coverage, simply continue adding edging rows, one at a time.

Sleeveless chunky crochet housecoat

Do you want sleeves? If not, I don’t blame you! But if you do…  please continue…


Attach yarn at bottom right of armhole as pictured.

Starting sleeves on a chunky housecoat crochet

Row 1: Ch-1, hdc2tog, hdc2tog. Hhdc in next 30 openings. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (32)

Row 2: Ch-1, turn, hhdc in next 28 sts, hdc2tog, hdc2tog. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (30)

Row 3: Ch-1, turn, hdc2tog, hhdc in next 26 sts, hdc2tog. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (28)

Row 4: Ch-1, turn, hdc2tog, hhdc in next 24 sts, hdc2tog. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (26)

Rows 5 – 8: Ch-1, turn, hhdc in each st around. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (26)

Row 9: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Join to top of first hhdc with sl st. (26)


Row 1: Ch-13, hhdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end) (12)

crocheting a pocket with blue super bulky yarn

Rows 2 – 10: Ch-1, turn, hhdc in each st to end. (12)
Turn work clockwise so that you can crochet up the side.

crocheting around a pocket with super bulky blue yarn

Sc in same st and in each row end to corner. (10) sc in same st (the corner st), turn work clockwise once more and sc down to end.

finished pocket to add to housecoat
Fasten off leaving long tail for sewing to fronts.

Pockets on a blue crocheted housecoat

Sew pockets on, about 20 sts up from the bottom and 7 rows in from the inner edge. Note that you may want to wash your finished housecoat BEFORE adding the pockets. Where they lay now may relax after washing and you may wish you would have placed them higher.

You’re done! I thought about adding a small tie closure to the front, but I’m going to leave it as-is for now and make that decision after wearing for a week or two. I hope you’ll share photos of your Chunky Housecoats with me by tagging @HeartHookHome on Instagram and Twitter, and by sharing in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community group on Facebook!

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  1. Hello. Love this pattern and I'm currently making it. It looks like a size medium. Am I correct? Thank you.
  2. Hi. Working on this now and love it. When starting the collar you say bottom right if wearing and looking at the wrong side. But if I’m wearing it and start bottom right I’m looking at the right side. Help please. Laraine.
    1. Hi Laraine! You are absolutely correct! Thank you for bringing this error to my attention! I have updated the pattern to read "right side".
  3. Hi I still don't understand what you video says doesn't say much for me. Ok ill do the in set for arm holes. Where Ido I count the 108 st. From right or left. Please be very explanatory
  4. I admit at the outset that I'm very bad at visualizing things. So here's my question: When starting the front border, the pattern says to start at the right side (when wearing the sweater) and be facing the wrong side. I can't see how to face the wrong side and work from right to left AND start at the bottom. In order to face the wrong side, wouldn't I have to begin at the neck? What am I missing? Thanks. Carol
  5. What's the width from shoulder to shoulder, on larger panel. Mine came out to 17 ins, I'm afraid its gonna be too small, I'm a 12 in the mid section.
    1. Hi Carrie! In the rows 5-8 section of the sleeves, you would just add more rows until you reach your desired length...then finish off with row 9 instructions.
  6. any idea if this would work if i took a double strand of size 4 acrylic yarn instead of bulky? just checking thanks
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  8. Thanks for the pattern! I found a fantastic price for the Hometown yarn on Amazon, and "hoped" I'd find a robe pattern for my husband. Yep, I'll make this bigger, and he'll be so happy!
  9. THank you so very much for the detail in your pattern for worsted Wright robe. I did it! As a novice, I practiced the hhdc over and over, then started slowly... measuring every couple rows and being patient. It is beautiful, I even added some open work. I will always check your patterns when I want to make something.
  10. I love all your patterns /projects. I would love to add a hood to this. Any suggestions on how to do this? I think that with the hood, it can also double as an coat/jacket for the spring and/or cool nights
  11. This is really neat! I'm one of those people that's burning up or freezing cold but I'm thinking this made in a light weight yarn would make a great coverup for earlier morning during spring and fall. Would love to be able to add long sleeves. This is so cute and useful. thank you for sharing. Have a great day.
  12. I finished mine last night and my 15 year old immediately kidnaped it to wear to school. I think that means it’s cool for school and not just for in the house! Thanks for this great pattern. Love it ❤️
  13. I’d love to make this a little shorter ( maybe just below the butt)...can you tell me how many you think I should chain to start to accomplish this length? Your patterns are awesome! I have made quite a few and I love them all!
  14. This is so adorable! Absolutely perfect for lounging around the house any time of day!! I get too warm if I have a sweater, a vest works better but is never long enough...you have created the perfect solution!!! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous creations! Can't wait for the next one!! Your patterns are always so creative and fun!
    1. I do! I've moved it now that I've completed my craft room, but this is how you do it: http://hearthookhome.com/inexpensive-and-easy-yarn-organization-wall/
  15. You do such a beautiful work,I love this cardigan,I just wish I can do this lol I’m Just not good reading the pattern or understand what it means. But I will give a try thank you for sharing