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Why You Need an Emergency Crochet Kit

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Why should you have an emergency crochet kit, you ask? If you get stopped by a train, this will give you something productive to do with those 5 minutes (besides scrolling Facebook). When you are waiting in the school parking lot for the kiddos to get out of school, crochet!

Why You Need an Emergency Crochet Kit + How to Make One

What to Include in your Emergency Crochet Kit

What you include in your emergency crochet kit will vary based on your own preferences, but in my kit I keep:

A ball or two of yarn
An extra set of inexpensive hooks
Bobby pins for stitch markers
A small pair of scissors (or nail clippers)
A yarn needle for weaving in ends

Place all items in a bag or container; any container will do, really. I have a group of patterns that I have memorized, things that I can whip up in fifteen minutes or so. Perfect, mindless crochet patterns of granny squares that I can whip up one at a time (as I have the time) and then one of these days I’ll sew them all together and call them a blanket. Or make some sexy shorts, you pick. 😀

Why You Need an Emergency Crochet Kit + How to Make One

Some easy patterns to print and keep in your emergency crochet kit:

How to Crochet a Classic Granny Square

Dishcloth or Washcloth FREE Crochet Pattern

Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

Reversible Boot Cuffs – Free Crochet Pattern

Aldi Quarter Keeper {FREE Crochet Pattern}

Scentsy Travel Tin Air Freshener Holder for Car {FREE Crochet Pattern}

These would all have their purpose, depending on what’s going on in your life and what time of year it is. The Aldi Quarter Keepers work great for teacher gifts or small gifts at Christmastime. The Preemie Beanie hat is always needed (and these literally work up within minutes), accumulate the Granny Squares and sew them together for a lapghan or a full-blown blanket.

Why You Need an Emergency Crochet Kit + How to Make One

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  1. I'm so glad that I'm NOT the only person. Who uses Bobby pins for stitch markers. That and safety pins. I wish I could afford the pretty markers but maybe someday I will treat myself. I love YOUR site and thank you for the free patterns. You're awesome.
  2. Another good thing about emergency crochet/knitting is that it is not against the law to do at a stop light or while waiting for a train to cross. Many (probably most) places now you can get a ticket for being on your phone while stopped, even for a train, if you are behind the wheel of the vehicle. (You can get a ticket for distracted driving/stopping still but that one might not raise your insurance rates.)
  3. Love the bobby pin idea. I always keep some cotton yarn and a hook in the glove box, the scissors are on my key chain and I weave in ends at home. Washcloths Yay!
  4. I have "emergency crochet/knit kits" everywhere- -I actually can't tell you how many I have because I really don't know. I have several bags with yarn and utensils, including one my husband got me for Christmas--the bag says "if I can't take my yarn, I'm not going" My kids, even my "extra"ones, aren't even phased when I pull yarn and hook or needles out of my purse or tote bag.
    1. This is so me. I have a bag for everywhere and I don't leave home without having at least 1 in the car. I have to be doing something while idle and crochet is the best something to do.
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  6. I honestly thought I was the only person that likes to use Bobby-pins as stitch markers! Hahaha. That's awesome.
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  9. I paid for crocodile fingerless gloves pattern but couldn't get it to download. Could you please send it to me in an email. Thank you