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How to Remove the Bitterness from Cucumbers

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Like many households, we grow a garden every year. This year, we are growing the biggest, most beautiful tomatoes I have ever seen and for the first time ever our cucumbers are actually taking off (and turning green).

Perfect for our tomato salad recipe and for canning!

How to Remove the Bitterness from Cucumbers

Cucumbers contain a chemical called (the name is irrelevant really, I don’t need to know what it’s called, I just know I don’t want to eat it) cucurbitacin.

See? Irrelevant.

Every single year we pick at least one or two cukes that taste super bitter. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should toss them. Oh, no.

How to Remove the Bitterness from Cucumbers


Instead of throwing out those bitter cucumbers, slice just a bit off of each end, and rub them together for a couple of minutes, until the foam stops. Both sides, cut it and rub it.

This pulls that chemical (who’s name is irrelevant) out from under the skin and out into the world, a foamy, globby goop. Rinse and eat!

YouTube video
Crazy, right? How easy is that?!

If you have homegrown cucumbers in abundance, you should definitely try Paul’s Cucumber Salad recipe. Add in some onions, some vinegar and a few other tasty treats and you’ve got yourself a side dish! Sa-weet!

If, for some reason, they are still bitter, you could slice the skin off and salvage the remains. The skin is what holds that bitter bite.

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  1. Growing up as a child, eating cucumbers all my life, why is it that it was only until last year that I noticed that they were bitter. I complained about it to the person I bought them from. He acted as if he didn't have a clue. I just happened to stumble upon this
  2. A Greek friend of mine calls this "burping" the cucumber! I didn't realize it was to take the bitterness out. How cool!
  3. I grew up knowing this technique as "taking the fever out" of the cucumbers, although I was never really sure what that meant. Have always done it though! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Good idea I also found if I add a little bit of baking soda in the soil after plant is established but before any flowers appear this is good to sweeten soil and make for a nice tasting cuke. Good for tomatoes too.
  5. I tried this... still bitter :-(. I have tried everything from steady watering, to this end trick which is really cool in theory but so far it has been useless.
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