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Tips for Saving Money at Braum’s

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Do you have a Braum’s store nearby? If you are in Kansas or Oklahoma the chances are good that you’ve visited a Braum’s for their ice cream or tasty burgers, but have you shopped their produce/grocery section? You are missing out if not!

Tips for Saving Money at Braum's

Tips for Saving Money at Braum’s 

Check for Peelie Coupons

Just about every time I visit Braum’s I find these peelie coupons on various produce items. There are no guarantees what you will find, if any, but always take a peek! I was able to pick up these Dole Salad Blends for ONLY 49¢ after the peelie coupon, and sometimes they have them on the fresh mushrooms, carrots and other produce goods as well.

Tips for Saving Money at Braum's

Find Great Everyday Buys

Another item that is a super value on a daily basis is their 8 oz blocks of cheese. The Dillons {Kroger} regular price for the Kroger brand is $2.89, meanwhile you can pick up Braum’s brand – which I find tastier – for $1.79!

Tips for Saving Money at Braum's

Also, the thick cut bacon (in the 24 oz package!) is just $5.99 all the time, and their grape tomatoes are the cheapest I can find without a deal elsewhere.

Tips for Saving Money at Braum's

Check Your Mailbox

There is no way to sign up for Braum’s Home Mailer coupons, trust me, I even mailed them a physical LETTER asking. If you DO get one in your mailbox, they are usually for $4 off when you buy a certain amount, or $2 off when you buy $10 etc. Totally using that!

Watch for FREE Milk Promos 

Braums often runs specials for a FREE half gallon or full gallon of milk when you buy $15+ in their market section. This offer does change from time to time, but if I’m picking up cheap{er} produce anyway, I might as well buy a little more and get FREE milk! 😀

Locations Near You

Find the location nearest you by using their store locator. Most Braum’s stores are located in Kansas and Oklahoma – and one in Joplin, MO.

Anything to add? Let me know in the comments!

Tips for Saving Money at Braum's

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  1. Hi there, just came across your blog while considering ways to save money by shopping at Braums. I realize this post was from 2015, but I'm based in Wichita and love Crochet and love trying new things and foods. I hope you are doing well :) Thanks for the tips! - Melissa
  2. our family does not eat hot dogs often but when we do, we buy them in the Braum's store. They are the best hot dogs I've ever had in my life. We like to boil them in a little water which helps reduce some of the sodium. Really, if you're a hot dog person you must try their hot dogs!
  3. I purchased your ice cream sandwiches from aurora mo 2days ago and now I'm out. I've not had 1 like that for 50 years or more I'll be back for sure
  4. I love Braums! Making a trip there tomorrow and will use your tips. We’re from KC so there’s no Braums super close, but I always stop when we head to Wichita :) Tricia www.covetbytricia.com
  5. I have had Braums bacon and love it. I live in Illinois and can't buy it here. would there possibly be a way to ship it here. it would probably be quite a big order because I would be ordering for friends and relatives also. Thank you Shelby
    1. Hi Shelby! I don't know if you can order from them that way, but I would get in touch with Braum's corporate to see. Good luck! https://www.braums.com/contact-us/