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Tunisian Knitlings Afghan Square Pattern

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Heart Hook Home is participating in a year-long CAL (crochet along) hosted by KnitterKnotter and I am so excited to share my Tunisian Knitlings square with you. Afghan squares are quick, small projects that when compiled together form an interesting, beautiful blanket. Let’s make one!

Tunisian Knitlings Afghan Square

Tunisian Knitlings Afghan Square

I like to think of afghan squares as bite sized projects. 12″ squares are great to work on in the heat of summer or when you have limited time to crochet. They work up quickly which gives a sense of accomplishment and when you’ve got a bunch of them it’s time to create a gorgeous blanket.

For this afghan square we are using the Tunisian Knitlings stitch. There is a full tutorial for this stitch if needed. This is a fun, interested stitch that works up quickly.

See all of the information about the KnitterKnotter 2022 CAL here, this square is the 16th in the series. There are some gorgeous squares already included and I am excited to join mine to the collection.

tunisian afghan square

You may recognize some of the other designers that are also participating and you may meet some fabulous new ones!

If you love this idea and are ready to jump in feet first, there is an option to purchase the collection all together in one file. Every two weeks as new squares are added to the CAL you’ll get those as well. I love that!


Worsted weight yarn (approx. 138 yards total)

Crochet hook in size 8mm

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

All return passes in this Tunisian pattern are worked as normal: Ch-1, yarn over pull through two, yarn over pull through two, yarn over pull through two all the way to the end of the row.

TESS = Tunisian Extended Simple Stitch = after pulling up the initial loop of the stitch, chain one.

TKS = Tunisian Knit Stitch

TSS = Tunisian Simple Stitch

2TESS2TOG = insert hook under next two vertical bars and pull up a loop, then chain one, insert hook under same two vertical bars and pull up a loop, then chain one.

See the full tutorial (including video) for the Knitlings Stitch here.

Square should be 12” wide and 12” tall.

Tunisian Knitlings afghan square


Row 1: Ch-36, TSS across. (36)

Row 2: TKS across. (36)

Row 3: 2TESS2TOG across. TESS in edge stitch. (36)

Row 4: TKS across. (36)

Row 5: TKS across. (36)

Rows 6 – 35: repeat rows 3 – 5 (36)

Sl st in each st across. Rotate square, sc in each st around, placing 3sc in each corner st.

Change to accent color, sc in each st around, placing 3sc in each corner st. Fasten off and weave in all ends. You will want to block your crocheted square to size, 12″ x 12″. Here’s a full blocking tutorial.

That is it! How fun and quick was that? I hope you love crocheting this square, and that you will join in on the Knitter Knotter CAL to make the total 24 squares. Remember that you can grab the ENTIRE collection of squares as they are released in one easy-to-follow format here.

Tunisian Knitlings Afghan Square

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  1. I do not remember sighing up for the CAL car patterns but they look very interesting and I would like to be able to get some of the patterns…