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Filet Poncho Crochet Pattern (One Size + Plus Size)

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This new Filet Poncho pattern may just be my favorite design to date. Yes, I do say that with many of my designs, but seriously… this Filet Poncho is a one-size (and plus size) crochet pattern that is absolute perfection.

Filet Poncho crochet pattern

Filet Poncho Crochet Pattern

It’s roomy, it’s flowy, it’s warm, it’s got a peek-a-boo effect… it’s simply fabulous! The “one-size” fits most folks up to about XL – 2XL. The “plus size” fits up to about 3XL. If a size larger is needed, there are recommendations for this as well!

crochet poncho with sleeves pattern

For this pattern we are using a variation of filet crochet. Filet crochet means that you’re crocheting double crochets and chain-spaces in “blocks” or “sets” of squares. In this pattern we have 9-block squares that are separated out by rows of solid crochet, then offset the next time.

Filet Poncho crochet pattern

This pattern is worked as one large rectangle. The neck is worked into the piece so that the shoulders are seamless – as are the optional cuffs. The collar is crocheted separately and then added. By crocheting the collar separately and attaching, there is the option to leave it off entirely. Or, you could alter the height of said collar very easily.

What you’ll need to make it:

A cotton blend will work best for drape. This can be a size 3 yarn or a worsted weight, size 4 yarn. As always, be sure to check your gauge! Since this is an oversized pattern, gauge is not as imperative as a fitted garment, but you still want to come out on pace with the pattern sizing.

Approx. 1600 yards for the “one size” and approx. 2000 yards for the “plus size”. Great yarn choices as pictured are…

“Mochaccino” colorway of Lion Brand Comfy Cotton (size 3, cotton/polyester blend)

“Gingham Heather” colorway of Wool of the Andes Tweed (size 4, wool)

“Planetarium” colorway of Comfy Worsted (size 4, Pima cotton/acrylic blend)

Crochet hook in size I/5.5mm
*or hook size needed to obtain gauge

The pattern itself can be found on Ravelry and/or Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home shop! Thank you!

easy crochet poncho pattern

For the brown poncho pictured here I used Lion Brand Comfy Cotton in the “Mochaccino” colorway. It has such a fabulous drape and feels great to wear.

For the blue version of this design I used Comfy Worsted yarn – a lovely blend of Pima Cotton and Acrylic. This blend gives an amazing drape and is super soft to the touch.

Filet Poncho Comfy Worsted yarn

For yet another version, I used Wool of the Andes Tweed in Gingham Heather. While this poncho is not as soft as the other two – being that it is wool – it sure is warm and I absolutely love the flecks of color sprinkled throughout!

crochet poncho with sleeves pattern

The pattern itself can be found on Ravelry and/or Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home shop! Thank you!

Note that I did steam these ponchos using my handy dandy steamer. It made a world of difference in the drape.

When you’re finished I would LOVE to see a photo! Please share with me in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook or by tagging @HeartHookHome across all social media. ♥

Filet Poncho crochet pattern

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  1. Hello Ms. Ashlea. I bought your pattern and downloaded it but my computer died and now I can't access the pattern. I saved the pdf but can't open it. Please, can you help me?
  2. Hi Ashlea, I’m working on the filet poncho. Your note says to add another kind of repeat after row 41 to get to the measurements. I’m using the Comfy Cotton so it’s stretched to about 35” width right now, but I needed to add repeats of row 6-7 to get to the 22” height. So I’m confused as to what row to start with for my next row , which is my 44. Your instructions on page 3/ row 42 call for beginning the pattern of chain/space. Thank you! Lori
  3. Im making a child size for a 10/12 . Can you give me help with how to measure neck hole. I'm working mine along side the child size if you have any pointers i eould appreciate it. Thank you vicki
  4. RE: Filet Poncho Do you think it would work to make it ankle length? My daughter is always cold, and works from home. With the sleeves, it seems like she could work in it and not be cold. I'm just wondering if it would be too ungainly or hard to walk around in if ankle-length. What do you think? Thanks for your professional judgement! Carol