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Blanket Cardigan Crochet Pattern

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Looking for the perfect, classy, and EASY Blanket Cardigan crochet pattern? Look no more because this is it, my friend!

Blanket Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Blanket Cardigan Crochet Pattern

I’m a sucker for cardigans – but I don’t think that’s much of a secret. Between the Painted Canyon Cardigan, the Cozy Coed Cardigan, and now this Blanket Cardigan we’ve got cardigans for dayyys… I absolutely love the way this new blanket cardigan pattern works up. I love the drape, the feel of the fabric, and especially the fringe.

Originally published in 2018, this Blanket Cardigan has been one of my most popular designs to date. I love it so much, and I’m glad that everyone else does, too!

A couple of years ago I began a weight loss journey. I started walking ~3 miles every morning and watching my calorie intake. Over the next six-month period I lost about 60 pounds. Part of the fun of that weight loss has been making a fresh new version of my favorite patterns. I recently re-made this blanket cardigan in my current size and gave the pattern a much-needed facelift.

For this pattern update I used the new Brava Tweed yarn in the “Heron”, “Goldenrod”, “Stratus”, and “Mink” colorways. This is a size 4, worsted weight yarn (the pattern calls for size 3/DK yarn) but I do find that it is a bit on the thinner side and it works up nicely. I just love those little flecks of color!

The vast majority of this cardigan works up using only the Half Double Crochet stitch. I did also use the Half Double Crochet Spike stitch, and only on the rows where I changed colors. The flecks of color paired with the spike stitches make this one a stunner! There is a full tutorial here on how to make those Half Double Spike Stitches.

What’s different about this blanket cardigan opposed to others? There are actual shoulders built into this design, that’s what! This makes the cardigan more comfortable, will keep it from slipping off your shoulders, and is still easy to make, too!

This pattern is geared toward beginner crocheters and is much easier than it looks. If you’d like to add fringe as I did in the original (shown below) here’s a great way to make fringe fast.

Grab the printable pattern on either Ravelry, Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home shop. You can also pin it for later here.


Light weight/DK yarn (Brava Tweed pictured)
-approx (1300, 1600, 1900, 2200, 2500, 2800, 3000, 3200) yards

Crochet hook in size I/5.5mm

(2) ¾” or 1” Buttons – optional

Sizing: (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL) = (32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60”) bust

If you can do the Half Double Crochet, you can make this blanket cardigan. Everything you need to know is included in the pattern, and as always, should you have any questions be sure to shoot me an email, message me on my Facebook page, or call out for help in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook!

Here are some more photos, modeled by my fabulous dress form Catherine (named after Henry VIII’s second beheaded wife, Catherine Howard). I hope you love this blanket cardigan as much as I do!! It’d be super cute with leggings and a belt too. 😉

Blanket Cardigan crochet pattern for women

grey blanket cardigan using Hobby Lobby's Baby Bee Sweet Delight

blanket cardigan shown open with fringe

drape neck collar on blanket cardigan crochet pattern

Blanket cardigan using mandala yarn

Grab the printable pattern on either Ravelry, Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!

When you’re finished, I would LOVE to see a photo, so be sure to share and tag @HeartHookHome.

Best Blanket Cardigan Crochet Pattern

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  1. I just finished this cardigan and I absolutely love it. I used Caron Latte Cakes size (5) yarn and the size I hook. It turned put just a bit tight on my arms but I figured it will stretch so I'm very pleased with it. Now I'm going to make several more for family members and hopefully I will sell a few. Thank you very much for a very nice, easy to follow pattern !!!!
  2. If the length of the bottom of the size large is approx. 19 inches can you tell me what the length of left, center, and right should be. Thank you
  3. Ashlea, can the blanket cardigan be made in a solid color? Would there be any changes to the pattern? Thank you! Mary
  4. Will the vertical blanket cardigan be updated as well? I have both patterns but planned to do the vertical one first.
  5. Sorry I have to be the wet blanket in the bunch… But after wasting a lot of money on yarn this pattern was not what I expected… Not pleased with the outcome… Didn’t completely finish it because it did not look good at all. I can follow patterns and it’s even better if there was a diagram with it and more measurements instead of just a size measurement deciding whether you’re a small medium or a large… Anyway I’m going to find other uses for the yarn!
  6. Hi Ashlea! I just finished the Painted Canyon Cardigan and LOVE IT, so I'm going to try this Blanket Cardigan next. As a sizing reference (because my PCC fits me perfectly), is the sizing for the Blanket Cardigan similar? Does it also run large, or is it more true to size? Thanks so much for these fantastic patterns!
  7. I’m sorry; something else is missing from the pattern: while attaching the buttons is discussed, there’s no mention of buttonholes. They aren’t meant to be merely decorative, are they? They seem to be holding the sweater shut in the photos. Given their size, it looks as if I won’t be able to shove them in between stitches. I’ve never done buttonholes in crochet before. (This is only the third thing I’ve ever crocheted.) I gather I’m on my own with ‘em, huh? I’ve thought to make smaller ones (I plan to make my own in polymer so I can get the exact colors I want), but I like the way the oversized ones look, so I guess I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants. Wish me luck!
  8. Hey, Ash? I’m coming up on the point at which I make the collar, and note that the pattern hasn’t any photos of it. It looks like no one else is nervous about this. I know I can simply follow the directions and (probably!) end up with a proper collar, but I’d sure feel better if there were a photo included so I’m positive that I’m n gonna make a mess of it. Consider adding it for folks who start this in the future, wouldja, please? I guess I’ll just follow the instrux and hope for the best!
  9. Guh! There were many carriage returns in my post (I swear! Among other things, I’m a writer and an editor, and if nothing else, I know my punctuation!). Whoever maintains the code for this site deserves a giant thump on the nose for stripping the returns out! That’s EEEVIL! I’m so terribly sorry you hafta read that giant block of text. Please point out to him that THIS is what happens when you strip returns! Aiiieee!
  10. Hey, Ash, I’m starting this cardigan right now and have a question about it, though it may very well be unanswerable, as I’ve googled the snot out of it and come up empty. While the question isn’t urgent insofar as this particular pattern is concerned, I can see where it’ll be much more important down the road with other patterns, and hope you have some sort of answer. You list it being 48.5” wide for a size small. I’ve used the foundation single crochet for my first row (I much prefer it to the usual restrictive chaining!), and am unsure how to measure 48.5” for at least two reasons: first of all, because the FSC is stretchy, how much should I tug it while measuring? I know I shouldn’t pull it out as far as it’ll go to measure it, but neither should I simply lay it flat and not stretch it *at all*. (Starting chains tend to be weird and crooked and lumpy-looking and anything but straight!) Second, once I’ve begun my second row (for which I plan to use half double crochet), it may very well get a bit shorter. (Am I right about that?) (Could it possibly get longer instead?) As I mentioned, for this particular article, I know it’s not urgent that I get it precisely 48.5” long, but assume that I should at least be in the vicinity otherwise why would you even bother to measure and list its dimensions, right? ☺️ I’ve assumed that what I should do is to kinda sorta tug it a little bit to measure it and to build in some allowance for error. (In this instance, I’ve allowed two inches.) In other words, I’m not simply laying the chain, which is kinda wiggly and crookedy, and measure it that way; I’ve attempted to straighten it out, at minimum. What do *you* doin this instance when measuring *your* starting chain? Whatever it is, I’ll do that. I’m asking because I’d really, really hate to hafta yank out 180-odd stitches to fix my starting chain, you know? (I *know* you know!) Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with regard to this vexing question, and wish me luck! (Am using Red Heart’s Pooling yarn in Berry; the colors delight me (my favorite color is a shade I call “Bink Pink”) and I’m smiling just hooking over here. I’m worried that I may end up with an entire wardrobe made of this stuff! ) PS: You mention below this “crochet, food, and heart (CHD) blog.” What does “CHD” stand for? The “food” and the “D” have outfoxed me, and I give up trying to guess! (It’s all great whatever you call it! Way to go! ❌ ⭕️ ❌ ⭕️)
    1. CHD stands for Congenital Heart Defect. That's how Ashlea and I met! We are a rare breed of a parent with many passions and lots of knowledge about things we never dreamed we would need to be! I've crocheted for years (since I was 12) and I aspire to be as adept. I'm still working on it! LOL.
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  12. Hi! I’m in the process of making this cardigan in size small. How tall should the bottom panel be before you start the arm holes? I am doing a HDC in the front bottom loop so I want to be sure I have enough length before I do the arm holes. Thank you!
    1. Hi Jennifer! It should measure approximately 20" tall before starting the panels for armholes. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi, I love this pattern, but like to work with finer yarn. If I just keep the messurements in mind, can it be done with 3,5mm hook too? Or do I need to consider other difficulties then...
    1. Hi Rose! Yes, it is also available on Etsy which can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/597559491/blanket-cardigan-crochet-pattern?ref=shop_home_active_6&crt=1
      1. I’ve purchased this pattern but have not yet received and email with a link, and I have closed out of the original purchase page so I have nothing. Please help?
        1. Hi Ashley! Have you gotten your pattern? If not, please email us ashlea@hearthookhome.com or sarah@hearthookhome.com
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  15. This is exactly the pattern I’ve been looking for! I wonder though, is it possible to make it with chunky yarn? I have some I’m wanting to use but it’s a 5 (140g and 223 yards) . I haven’t done any swatches as I want to try to return it if I can’t use it . Thanks! Hope you are keeping well in this trying time.
    1. I totally agree with Sarah, it would be really kind if you'd translate this pattern into chunky knit for a cosier, faster cardy. Please please would you consider it? Thank you x
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    1. Hi Sue! Each featured patterns code was only valid for one day. So the Blanket Cardigan code was only available on December 16th.
  17. I have finished my blanket cardigan Now I need to know how you blocked it. Are there any tips you can give me. The cardigan is a gift for my daughter. Thank you for making my days brighter with your great patterns & most of all instructions I can follow!
    1. Hi Phylis! I have a post on blocking that can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/how-to-block-crochet/
  18. Hi! I recently ordered your blanket cardigan through Ravelry and it was sent to an old email by mistake. It was paid via paypal, as it shows up in my account. I have sent two emails to Ravelry stating my dilemma, and still have not heard from them. As it is now, I can not download the pattern, and want to start working on it. Can you help??? Thank you, Sandra
    1. Hi Sandra! You should be able to download the pattern directly from ravelry in your library. If not, please send me an email and we can get it straightened out. ashlea@hearthookhome.com
  19. i was wondering what yarn was the multi colored cardigan on this page? I would love to make that exact one for my mother. Thanks, Brandy
    1. Hi Brandy! That one was done with Lion Brand Mandala yarn...I believe in the Centaur colorway.
      1. Hello, I am using the mandala yarn and have a silly question. How did you match the striping on the top part once you started the separate pieces as well as the arms?
        1. Hi Amanda! I do color planning when using stripe yarns. Basically cutting the yarn into separate colors and planning the stripes when making the left, right, and center panels. I have a video of a different cardigan that shows this process which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=061ASkM1GB8
  20. Hello, Are you able to make items with the exact design of the blanket cardigan and send to Edinburgh in U.K. price & time no object The crochet blanket cardigan is something I have looked for for many decades. It is the same pattern design as my God mother made in 1973. No other person has done this design until I found you . The yarn in picture is perfect grey. Are you able to assist? Thanks and best wishes Pete Swales_p@yahoo.co.uk
    1. Were you able to find the pattern? If not, here is the link: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blanket-cardigan-3
  21. I am to the point of making the right, center and left panel for the sleeves. I am using the Mandala yarn that self stripes. I’m concerned that if I continue for 60 rows on the right side then the center then the left that my striping will be off. Is there a remedy for this?
    1. One (albeit slightly annoying) sure fire way to ensure even stripingnon the sleeves is to cut the yarn at strategic points even if the color isn’t done yet and pull until you’re at the next color. You have more ends to weave in, but you also have absolute control over the evenness of the stripes.
  22. Can you tell me the color of the Mandala that is used in the photo? Trying to find same color but don't think I have found it. Thank you.
  23. Hey My gauge is way off. I'm using the mandala wool. Size 5.5 hook. But my guage square is 3 inch by 4. I made the XL sweater and it is more like an xs. Any suggestions appreciated. Right now I'm making a 3 XL which should come out as a L lol..
  24. Since neither I nor my recipient are big on fringe, I opted to go with a reverse shell all around instead. We both like the way it came out.
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  26. Im still trying to buy this from you its beautiful and i cant wait to get hopefully it will be soon. I love your stuff and I'm glad i found it. thanks
  27. Hey, Im over making a size large and 51 rows just doesn't seem like its possibly as long as the one you are wearing in the photo, the pattern says you can add or subtract as you wish, but did you do more than 51 rows for the ones you're wearing? please advise, going off pattern makes me nervous thanks
    1. Hi! I did the 51 rows...did you do a gauge swatch? If your stitch height is shorter than mine, that could be the problem. After row 51 your piece should measure approximately 19 inches tall, so if you're not quite at that measurement, then go ahead and add rows until you are. Hope this helps!
  28. Hi, Ashlea. This is a beautiful sweater. I would like to purchase the pattern, but was first wondering about altering it. Specifically, could I make it shorter? I would like for it to hit about mid-hip or just below mid-hip. I'm pretty sort, so longer sweaters really weigh me down. Thanks! Jodi
  29. Hello! What reference did you use for sizing? I want to make one for a gift so i wont be able to fit it on the person, i only have bra and pant size to work with, thank you, this pattern is perfect
  30. Dear Ashley, plan to do the blanket cardigan with Mandala yarn. May you have the vertical version also? Thanks!
    1. Hi Jessalyn! The vertical version can be found here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vertical-row-blanket-cardigan
  31. I really love the look of this sweater and would love to try it, but I crochet very tightly. Would this affect the drape of the sweater ? Also, I found a gorgeous variegated yarn but it says it's a size 4, even though it looks more like a 3 or dk. Could this be made in a 4 or would it be too thick and not drape right ? Please let me know, as I'd really like to order the pattern. Have a good day.
    1. Hi Debbie! You can use the 4 if it feels like a 3...since you crochet tightly, I would suggest going up a hook size and make sure to check your gauge. Hope that helps!
  32. OMG I love this sweater!!! I bought the pattern and had mine made in a week. Made my daughter one in the small size and had it done over the Long weekend. Well written pattern and quick to make up. Thank you for sharing your pattern with us all.
  33. The wrap me up blanket cardigan pattern is the first sweater I have ever made and the first item I have ever made for myself. The pattern was super easy to follow. I completed my piece in 2 weeks just working on it a couple hours a day. I would love to share a picture of the finished product but I'm not seeing where I can submit a photo.
  34. Dear Ashlea...You have shared so much with us...I wanted to say Thank you in a special way......I've made a cardigan to share with you and the group...I have notes on everything I've done and want to write up a copy for members....It's a very easy pattern.....Please let me know where i can send you the text file ... So you can check it out.... Much love.....Wanda
  35. I'm having trouble getting gauge :( I've tried 5.5, 6 & 6.5mm hooks and EVERY TIME I get 14 sts! I don't want to keep going up because the fabric will just be far too loose. Any suggestions? TIA
    1. I'm assuming you're making the horizontal pattern? If the sts just won't budge, you could make a smaller size. Try making the foundation hdc until you reach the length listed in the pattern, then we can adjust to make sure it will fit.
    1. I’m curious about this too. How did you match up the colors? I’m assuming there must have been a lot to weave in.
  36. I am going to try this I want to make one for each of my sister's and I have three of them, guess I will be busy for a while.its been a while since I done chocheting could you please tell me how to do a half double and how many chains I'm a beginner but can read pattern s pretty good thank you so much for your help.
    1. A half double is super easy. Pretend you're doing a single crochet but start with a yarn over like you would with a double crochet.
  37. I love it!!!!! What a great idea....... I have a few things to finish up and I will be making that.... Thank you for all your wonderful patterns.....
  38. Thank you for some more awesome designs. Even though I’m English and tend to use English terminology, I find your patterns and instructions so easy to follow. Many thanks once again xx
  39. I love yoir work and I would love to purchase the pattern. My problem is I can’t read a pattern but I can follow a diagram. Is that something you provide along with the written pattern? Thank you in advance.