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Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan Crochet Pattern (Sizes 0-28W)

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Ahhh, Painted Canyon. The colorway in Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn! that has taken the fiber loving community by storm.  For months I’ve been racking my brain to come up with the perfect pattern for this gorgeous yarn, and this Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan is it, folks!

Painted Canyon Cardigan

Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan

This Hooded Cardigan crochet pattern is probably the favorite of all of my crochet patterns.  Or… my favorite, anyway. It is warm. Has a hood. It has a flowy collar. IT. HAS. POCKETS. And don’t forget the gorgeous Painted Canyon colors. Did I mention it has pockets?!

Painted Canyon Colorway from Hobby Lobby

Originally making this cardigan for myself only, I decided to go ahead and write up the pattern so that others that also love the Painted Canyon colorway could crochet and love it as well. Then I thought “why stop with just one size”?  So I added six more sizes so that the pattern now includes adult: 0/2, 2/4, 6/8, 10/12, 14/16, 16/18, 18/20, 22/24, and 26/28.

Just LOOK at those colors! ♥ There is also a NEW video tutorial for making these Half Double Crochet Spike Stitches.

For this pattern I used two testers for each size.  Testing is important and when it comes to sizes and body types the more the merrier, I say! Speaking of sizes, make sure you measure your gauge before starting!

There are two ways to do the pockets: outside and inside. Outside is certainly easier as you can place them wherever you wish without having to alter the pattern. I have also included instructions for making the sleeves cuff to shoulder and shoulder to cuff. This way if you’re controlling the colors it will be easier! Yay!

Painted Canyon Cardigan from Behind

Painted Canyon Cardigan

Painted Canyon Cardigan

This ADULT Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan crochet pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, or here in the Heart Hook Home shop.

The child sizes of the Painted Canyon free:

Get the preemie and newborn sleep sacks here.
Get the infant size 6 month infant here.
Get the infant size 12 month here.
Get the child size 2/3T here.
Get the child size 4/5T here.
Get the child size 6/8 here.
Get the child size 10/12 here.

And of course you can get the ADULT sizes of this pattern (0 – 28W) here or here.

Want all of the child sizes together? Grab all of the child sizes in one printable file on either Ravelry or in the Heart Hook Home shop!

For the adult size 6/8, as pictured, I used three skeins of the Painted Canyon, two skeins of the Graphite, and two skeins of the Light Gray – all I Love This Yarn!  Can you believe that the only stitch used is the half double crochet?! Crazy right?

If you would like to make a solid color not only will you have a lot less ends to weave in but you will also use a lot less yarn! The spike stitches account for quite a bit more yardage, but then again I don’t think the color changes would be the same without them!

Head on over to Ravelry or Etsy to get your pattern. Thank you for loving this pattern, and for your ongoing support! I’m thrilled to be able to continue creating awesome and easy-to-read crochet patterns at a reasonable price.

Painted Canyon Cardigan Sizing Chart

Painted Canyon Cardigan

I want to see yours!!! Share photos of your Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan with me by tagging @HeartHookHome on Instagram and Twitter, and by sharing in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community group on Facebook!

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  1. Hi, how hard would it be to make the sleeves as bell sleeves. How would I need to do that? Thanks
  2. Hi, I’m a left-hander and I really want to make this! Is there any special advice or anything? I specifically need to do to read the pattern or work this up being that I am left-handed? I want to make it, but I want it to turn out good! Thank you in advance! Sandi
    1. Yes set a mirror in front of you if you don't like that .. have a friend sit across from each other. Either works. Also. Go on you tube. You should have many things to help. Good luck. Debbie
  3. Do you have any pictures of the inside pockets once you have finished row 13 when you have to line up stitches and sc together? Thank you!
    1. Hi Lee! Here is a post for the crochet a long we did for this pattern...at the end of the post is links to each part of the CAL, and each part has a video tutorial. https://hearthookhome.com/painted-canyon-cardigan-crochet-along-dates-materials-and-information/
  4. Do you have any pictures of the cardigan without the hood, just the collar? I did it with just the collar, but not sure I did it right It seems a bit bulky Thank you Annette
    1. Hi Annette! On the Etsy listing page, there is one photo with the collar option. https://www.etsy.com/listing/583477847/painted-canyon-cardigan-crochet-pattern?ref=shop_home_active_4
  5. Sorry to bother you again But if I’m making the painted hooded cardigan with no hood I stopped at row 10 Then do I do rows 34-39 or do I skip to the edging? Thank you once again Annette
  6. Sorry to be a pain But I’m confused On tha painted canyon cardigan Row 37, page 4 After 55 hdc,( size2/4), then Hdc2tog, then hdc in remaining stitches , is 23 correct? Then row 38, do I chain 1 and turn then do 57 hdc( size 2/4) ? Then it says ch 1 turn hdc in each stitch (105) Not sure about this
  7. If I want to make the painted canyon cardigan in size 2/4 and don’t want a hood How do I do the collar, and is there a ribbed edging on the collar? Thank you
    1. Hi Annette! You would stop after row 10 of the hood for a collar only, and yes, the ribbed edging goes around the collar too. I hope this helps!
    1. Sure! You would just need to control the color changes when you start separating into panels for the armholes so that the striping will remain consistent.
  8. Love this pattern. Just finished this today in size 10/12. My 8 y.o. granddaughter loves it. I let her choose her own colors she chose red heart stripes in yellow, pink & purple shades. I wish I could have posted a picture. Thanks for sharing the pattern!!
  9. I am struggling with this pattern as it just seems too long and narrow. Also the fronts are very wide compared to the back which I feel should have more stitches to bring the armholes to the correct position and the edging isn’t even on yet. Please help I am using size 4/5 years
  10. Hello! I'm almost done with my first PCC and it's coming along great, but I was wondering if you had tips for color changes throughout the pattern but mainly on the sleeves. Mainly asking for future makes and to see if the way I'm changing now will hold up I'm using spike stitches, not sure if that would make any difference based on your techniques. Much appreciated!
  11. finally got a purple/lavender with pink multi trim done in time for my granddaughter for Christmas, just finished it today - and it turned out great, thank you for the pattern
  12. I ordered this pattern in adult sizes earlier this month and the payment was taken out of my account but I have not received the email to retrieve the pattern yet. If you are not going to send it please refund my $5.00 please.
  13. I have made the child size using loops & threads barcelona which turned out lovely! It was the first more complicated clothing I have made. I'd like to make one for me and have 12 skeins of Loops & threads Copenhagen yarn (not discontinued?) which is 6.5 oz/131 yds. How can I figure out if I have enough to make a medium/Large adult size and what hook size ? Thank you!