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Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along: Part THREE

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Have you finished the body of your Painted Canyon Cardigan? Grab it and your hook and yarn because we are ready to add the hood, edging, and to crochet the pockets. This week is a doozy! (But you’re in good hands!)

pcc part 3

Painted Canyon Cardigan: Part THREE

In part THREE of this CAL, we are working up the hood, then sewing it shut with the Mattress Stitch. You’ll remember this method of stitching from part two. 😉 Next we’ll add the edging to the body, and crochet the pockets. This week is the busiest week of the entire crochet along, but by the end of it you’ll feel more confident making cardigans. I promise!

crocheting the hood of the painted canyon cardigan

Just joining us? Make sure you check out the Materials & Dates post for all of the information needed to participate. I do recommend having the printed version of the pattern (for the size you are making) in front of you, or otherwise available for easy/frequent referencing.

crocheting a hood


6 Month
12 Month
and all of the ADULT sizes of this pattern (0 – 28W) here.

The hood itself is not difficult, and the edging is described and shown in detail in the video below. The most important thing is to make sure you are following the stitch counts and row counts for the pattern size you are making. In the videos for this crochet along I am making the 2/3T size. At the end of part three, your cardigan-in-progress should look like this:

pcc part three


Part One can be found HERE

Part Two can be found HERE

Part Three – (this one!)

Part Four can be found HERE

Ready for some hood, edging, and pockets?! Let’s go!

YouTube video

Stay tuned for the final part, part FOUR, to be posted on 9/5/2020. If you missed the beginning of this Crochet Along, make sure you get all caught up here, and sign up for my email newsletter to get alerts when subsequent parts are posted, and don’t forget to share your progress in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook!

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  1. I am crocheting the 4/5T Painted Canyon Cardigan. I feel I have done everything right (with taking out and redoing 100 times lol) and now I am on the edging!! I CANNOT get the numbers right at all.It says 157 stitches for the edging. There are more rows than that when you count from bottom to middle of hood. If I split the 157 by 2 (78) and 1 in the middle making 157, that would be skipping several rows?? You say many times that each row end needs to have a stitch. I have taken out a hundred times and just not sure what I am doing wrong??? 52 rows from bottom to shoulder 28 rows to the end of hood plus the 1 in middle. 80 plus 1 for each side from bottom to the hood ~~ is this correct? That would be 161 total??
    1. Hi Debra! You are absolutely correct! Thank you for bringing this error to my attention. Pattern has been fixed with the correct stitch count =)
  2. Hi! I don’t know if your pattern needs to be updated, but there is no mention of decreasing on the hood for the 2/3T size. It only says to fasten off after completing rows 2-24. I’ve been following along with the pattern and noticed a few of the counts are off between the videos and the pattern for this size as well (video 1, there are 28 stitches listed for the back panel on the pattern and the video says 30. Video 2, you sewed 9 stitches at the shoulders and the pattern says 7). I’ve been going by what the pattern says and now I’m not sure which one I should be following. I just want to make sure before I keep going since I’m not that familiar with making clothing. Thank you!
    1. Hi Danielle! Hmmm...I double checked both the free blog pattern and the paid version, and the decreases for the hood are in there...rows 20-24. The back(center) panel is written with 30 stitches, and the shoulders sewn for 9. Did you maybe accidentally go to the smaller sizes? The 12/18 month has 28 sts across the center panel...
      1. Hi! I just sent you an email and attached the paid pattern I have from Etsy so you can see what I mean. I’m referring to pages 8 and 9 under the 2/3T section. Thank you!
  3. Help!!! So obviously, when I was doing the back panel, I had it turned inside out, so now that I have to sew the shoulders, my tails and connecting yarn are on the wrong ends Do I just cut the connecting yarn and start with a new piece, or do I have to rip out my who,e center panel?