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Cozy Coed Cardigan Pattern Companion Video

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By popular demand, I have created a companion video for the new Cozy Coed Cardigan pattern. Looking for the giveaway? Keep reading! 😉

Cozy Coed Cardigan Companion Video Tutorial

Cozy Coed Cardigan Pattern Companion Video

In this companion video I am making the size Small of the Cozy Coed Cardigan. Each size will, of course, have different stitch counts but the general idea is the same. Follow along using the stitch counts in the size you’re making. First we start with the shell of the cardigan, then we work the sleeves. We then move on to the collar, the bottom edging, and finish up with the front edging. Use this video to fast forward, to pause, to rewind, or to pin-point a specific spot in the video you’ll like to see or re-watch.

In order to start your Cozy Coed Cardigan, you’ll need the pattern from either Ravelry or Etsy and the necessary tools to complete the pattern:

• Worsted weight (size 4/Aran) yarn:

Size S – approx. 1200 yards (1400 for S TALL)
Size M – approx. 1300 (1500 for M TALL)
Size L – approx. 1500 (1700 for L TALL)
Size XL – approx. 1700 yards (1950 for XL TALL)
Size 2XL – approx. 1850 (2100 for 2XL TALL)
Size 3XL – approx. 2000 (2300 for 3XL TALL)
Size 4XL – approx. 2200 (2450 for 4XL TALL)

• Crochet hook in size J/6mm
• Buttons (3/4”) or separating zipper
Elbow patches (optional – but snazzy!)

YouTube video
This same concept is similar when applied in the child sizes of these patterns as well:

Get the 3 – 6 month size here.
Get the 12 month size here.
Get the 2/3T size here.
Get the 4/5T size here.
Get the 6/8 youth size here.
Get the 8/10 youth size here.
Get the 10/12 youth size here.
Get the 14/16 youth size here.

I hope this tutorial helps with the more difficult parts of the pattern, and don’t forget to use your stitch markers! They really do help.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

Finally, I am giving away the small size I created in this tutorial! I don’t have a need for it, and I thought it’d be fun to give away!

Cozy Coed Cardigan Video Tutorial


Please leave a comment on this post, telling me what you loved (or didn’t love – constructively, please! 😉 ) about this video tutorial. Did I go too fast or should I omit certain parts? I plan to offer many more video tutorials for my patterns and I’d love to make them better and better. Your feedback is appreciated! Thank you!


This giveaway will start on December 17, 2017 and will close on January 2nd, 2018. The winner will be notified via email and must respond within one week of notification to claim their prize and provide shipping information.

Good luck!

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  1. HELP I ordered the pattern awhile back and now finally have the yarn for it. My husband measures out to about the 3xTall size. I have made the 94 Fhdc and it looks like it will be way too small around. I am using the correct size hook and ordered the same yarn you used for the pattern. I made the swatch to check the size before I started and it came out perfect. The first row measures 26 inches This does not seem like enough if it is built like the painted canyon cardigan (I have made 3 of these)
    1. oh Geez I get it now! the rows are vertical and the painted canyon is horizontal. I watched your video and that made it clear, should have done that before asking for help ;) I really appreciate your patterns and videos! Thank you so much :)
  2. My husband would LOVE this sweater. I’m torn between the 3XT and the 4XT… He usually wears size 2X hoodies/t-shirts (but they’re always a little short and definitely form-fitting on him). What size would you suggest?
    1. Hi! I would think the 3X would be okay, but for reference, the 3X is approximately 58" in circumference and the 4X is 62"
  3. I want to make the cozy cardigan, but the wool I have is a 5 not 4 as listed in the pattern, how do I adjust for that? Thank you
  4. I'd like to make this for my older adult son who wears a 5x. How would I do this? I like your patterns as they include plus sizes and children sizes 14/16 also unisex patterns as all of these sizes are hard to find especially in one site so Thank You.
  5. Thank you so much for this video. I am making the cardigan in the 2/3T size but the video really helped my understanding of the pattern. I can't wait to finish it! Thank you for all your hard work. It is a lovely pattern and you have a lovely website. Kate
  6. I loved making the PCC (well not the sleeve part at first) but I’m thinking that this COed Cardigan might just top it. The video was very easy to follow and I feel that it would help me when making one for my grandfather. You do a great job of connecting with your audience because of your passion to educate others. Kudos to you for recognizing that not everyone learns in the same manner. You publish detailed patterns to include a full range of sizes, produce step-by-step videos, website/blog, weekly live broadcasts, and manage a resourceful & encouraging FB group page. WOW..... We can’t help but be better “Hookers” because of YOU! Looking forward to 2018...Happy New Year!!!
  7. Ashlea I think You're doing a great job. You speak VERY clearly and I like that you have the pattern right in front of you and read each section and then complete the task. I look forward to more of your tutorials in the future. These videos are extremely helpful and like that they are always there for more clarity. Thank you again
  8. I love that you show start to finish. There are times I would just rather have someone talk me through a pattern rather than reading it myself.
  9. I think you did a great job with this video. I have not attempted a cardigan yet but after watching I am not as intimidated as I once was.
  10. I learn by watching and then doing so by you doing these awesome videos I get so much constructive help rather than getting frustrated and giving up!!
  11. I love your video of this cardigan. You explain the process very well with such positive energy! I learned to crochet following your patterns and videos and you always have a way of boosting a crocheter's confidence even when they're doubting their capabilities.
  12. I'm a visual learner so thank you for doing these awesome videos they have helped me a lot. Showed hubby this sweater and he actually said that's nice looking I would wear that one
  13. Great video! The only thing I would change is a tiny thing has nothing to do with the pattern itself. The kids in the background aren't as loud when you comment on them, so no real need to address that, even though they do get louder! (I love the sounds of your busy home). Love your pattern, and can't wait til after this Christmas season to start on it for him! I love the color you picked for the demo sweater!
  14. Ashlea, you and your videos after finding this site over a year ago have woken a crochet madness in me. I had not crocheted in many years and now crochet daily. I always refer back to your site and tutorials anytime I need help or inspiration. Thank you!
  15. Ashlea your patterns and videos are the reason my crochet has went from granny squares to.. well cardigans.. and your videos are also so good.. I love when the boys make an appearance and you give them the mom eye.. you rock..
    1. Hey Angie! You won the giveaway! I'm going to send you an email now to grab your mailing address, so please respond so I can get it out to you. Thanks!!
  16. I would love to win. I think that is actually something my 14 grandson would wear. I love videos. They help me if I get stuck on a project. Seeing what to do is helpful.
  17. So fun! Video tutorials are especially helpful for me as I tend to get lost in detailed written instructions! Hoping to make this for my husband this winter and the video tutorial makes me want to buy the pattern!
  18. I have crocheted for many years but never made cardigans. Just small stuff. Love the video. It is easy to follow and I can back up and start again when I need to. Thank you for renewing my crojo this winter.
  19. I absolutely love your videos they are so easy to follow but I am surely not as fast and I often go back and look at things again and again. Would love the cardigan you made as a reference and to use as well.