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Cozy Classroom Kids Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern Size 6/8

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This new cardigan series hit me right in the feels. Not only did I start this kids cardigan series for the men in my life (to compliment the Painted Canyon Cardigan series) but my 8 year old helper hand sewed the zipper onto this kids cardigan. ♥

Cozy Kids Cardigan Free Crochet Patterns

That’s right, 8 year old Cameron used a needle and thread to sew on the zipper to his cardigan, almost entirely all by himself. I just love the skills my boys are learning as a result of my crochet and crafting. This is not the only time he’s helped with creating in our house! He’s also fun to watch in our weekly Facebook LIVE videos. Some little lady sure is going to be lucky someday! ♥

See the full (professional looking) zipper tutorial here.

I was originally going to do a tutorial for the sewing of the zipper, but since he wanted to spearhead that project himself – and he did a fantastic job! If you want to use buttons for closure instead, 3/4″ buttons should fit nicely through the edging stitches – no button holes required!

Cozy Classroom Cardigan Pattern Sizes:

Get the 3 – 6 month size here.
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Get the 6/8 youth size here.
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Get the 14/16 youth size here.

See a bunch of photos and grab the ADULT size here.

Cozy Coed Cardigan


Worsted weight (size 4/Aran) yarn (such as this)
-approx. 700 yards total for 6/8 kids cardigan
Crochet hook in size J/6mm
Elbow patches (optional – but darn cute!)

Gauge: 11 hdc and 10 rows in 4” square

Easy cardigan for boys

Measurements when on gauge:

Armhole to armhole (across back) = 12″
Neck to hem = 19″
Upper arm = 11″ circumference
Cuff = 8.5″ circumference
Sleeve length = 14.5″
Body circumference = 27″

6/8 size of the cozy classroom cardigan

Special stitches used: 

Fhdc – Foundation Half Double Crochet
Fphdc – Front Post Half Double Crochet
Bphdc – Back Post Half Double Crochet
Fpdc – Front Post Double Crochet
Bpdc – Back Post Double Crochet

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

Kids cardigan 6/8 pattern 

Row 1: Fhdc-56 (or Ch-57, hdc in 2nd ch from hk and each to end) (56)

Row 2: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end. (56)

Rows 3 – 32: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end. (56)

Row 33: Ch-1, hdc in 38 sts, ch-19. (57)

Row 34: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each across. (56)

Rows 35 – 47: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end. (56)

Fasten off.

Armholes for infant cardigan

Other side (with top of cardigan to your right as pictured)

Row 1: Ch-18, hdc in 19th st and in each st to end. (56)

Rows 2 – 15: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end. (56)

Fold front sides in and sew shoulders together using the mattress stitch.

Cozy Cardigan for Kids


Attach yarn at bottom right as pictured. 

Row 1: Ch-1, turn, hdc in 50 sts, 2hdc in next, hdc in next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next 2 sts, hdc in next (shoulder seam st) hdc2tog in same and next st (the shoulder seam sts), hdc in same. 12 hdc across neck, hdc in next (shoulder seam st), hdc2tog in same and next st (the shoulder seam sts), hdc in same. 2hdc in next 2 sts, hdc in next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next, hdc in 50 sts. Ch-1, turn. (134)

First row of kids cardigan pattern

Row 2: Ch-1, turn, hdc in 46 sts, * 2hdc in next, hdc in 2 sts * repeat between * * 3 times. 2hdc in next, hdc in 16 sts, * 2hdc in next, hdc in 2 sts * repeat between * * 3 times. 2hdc in next, hdc in 46 sts. (144)

Second row of collar on cozy kids cardigan

Row 3: Hdc in first, * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 15 times (33 sts so far), * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * 38 times. * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 15 times , hdc in last. Ch-1, turn. (144)

Rows 4 & 5: Hdc in first, * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 13 times (29 sts so far), * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * 42 times. * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 13 times , hdc in last. Ch-1, turn. (144)


Attach yarn at bottom of armhole with sl st.

Row 1: Ch-1, Hdc in each st around. (36)

Do not join, work in spiral instead using stitch markers to note first st of each round.

Rows 2 – 3: Hdc in each st around (36)

Row 4: Hdc in each st around, hdc2tog in last 2 sts (35)

Row 5: Hdc in each st around (35)

Rows 6 & 7: repeat rows 4 & 5 (34)

Rows 8 – 15: Hdc in each around (34)

Row 16: Hdc in each st around, hdc2tog in last 2 sts. (33)

Row 17: hdc in each st around (33)

Repeat rows 16 & 17 seven times (ending with 26 sts)

Row 32 – 34: * fphdc in first, bphdc in next * repeat between * * around. Slip st to top of next st. Invisible join and weave in ends.

Elbow patches ont he kids cardigan free crochet pattern

Bottom (optional, not as pictured):

Sc in each row end around bottom of cardigan. Fasten off and weave in all ends. And now your kids cardigan is almost finished!

If you like, add on the elbow patches using a whip stitch. For the 6/8 kids cardigan I used full size elbow patches instead of cutting them as I did with the smaller sizes. Also add a separating (make sure its separating so you can open the jacket) zipper (18″ pictured) or those 3/4″ buttons if you like!

Sewing on elbow patches


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Cameron's Cardigan pattern facebook

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  1. Hi there, I can't seem to get 12 stitches around the neck between the shoulder seam stitches. I have counted and have 14 rows from left front edge to first arm hole edge, 33 rows across the back for 47 rows to the start of the second armhole edge. Then 15 more rows for the right front. Can't figure out how you can 12 stitches for neck collar. Where am I messing up? Any help?
    1. After sewing the shoulders, you should have 4 open rows across the back panel for the neck opening...you will put 3 sts per row for 12 sts.
  2. For the sleeve, I get 26 sts after repeating just three more times (row 23!), not 7. I have frogged the section three times now, and keep getting the same result. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or what.
    1. Hmmm...you should only be decreasing by 1 stitch every other row...are you accidentally decreasing every row?
  3. Hi!!! I am loving this pattern!!! Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece. I, of course, have a question. I am working on the 6t to 8t size. I am getting stuck on the sleeve part. Just after row 1, the pattern says to do not join but to work in the spiral instead. I am not sure at all what that means… Hmm, thinking as I write this, do you mean, just keep crocheting around and around. Note the first stitch with a marker, but in the first stitch that has the marker, it will get a regular hdc, which would be the beginning of the new row and continue round and round? I’m thinking this is why the pattern doesn’t say to slip stitch to join or to even turn my work… I hope my mind is on the right path. I would be so grateful for a confirmation or correction. thank you so much in advance!
  4. Hi, I’m kind of late to the game here, but I’m working the 6/8 size and for row 2 of the edging/collar I found that in order to make the stitch count work out, I had to do the repeat 4 times on either side of the 16 HDC not the stated 3 times. Just wanted to drop the comment to help others who might be making the same size.
    1. Hi Sara! It actually is written as 4 times on each side...you do the * 2hdc in next, hdc in 2 sts * once, then repeat 3 more times, for a total of 4. Hope this helps in understanding my pattern writing style.
  5. HI there could you please tell me how many grams in is 1 skein, thank you so much, i love tour patterns.
  6. I’m having a very rough time doing the sleeve! In your video tutorial you’re going too fast for me to see clearly what you’re doing. I’m close to giving up. Sorry for my rant coz I really want to do this. It’s the perfect way to relax through this global epidemic we’re in.
    1. Hi Ellen! I am sorry you are struggling with the sleeves! You can email support@hearthookhome.com for more in depth help.
  7. I really want to make this cardigan , but I need to watch what's going on, I've tried to follow but have just made a mess of things, do you have a tutorial . Diann
    1. Hi Diann! I have a companion video for the adult size which may help...it can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/cozy-coed-cardigan-pattern-companion-video/
  8. Hello ma’am, In the “edging/collar” section, could u explain me ‘row3’ . The calculation is not coming right. Or may be I didn’t understand. Could you please explain me. Thank you. Row 3: Hdc in first, * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 15 times (33 sts so far), * fpdc around next st, bpdc around next * repeat between * * 38 times. * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next * repeat between * * 15 times , hdc in last. Ch-1, turn. (144)
    1. Or is it just... (1hdc, *fphdc in next, bphdc in next* repeat *to * till I reach the other end, the 1 hdc in the last one) Ma’am please guide me, I am stuck here. Thank you very much for the pattern
      1. Hi Sweety! In the portion that repeats 38 times, we are doing fp and bp double crochet instead of half double. Is that what was confusing you? Hope this helps!
        1. Ohhh yess, But now i already finished the collar with fphdc-bphdc all the way. I misread that part.. my bad. That's why i was wondering why is my collar not standing like yours ‍♀️ Can i do anything about it now? Thank you.
  9. I am having trouble figuring out row 33. Do I hdc down the length of the chain then finish the row to the end? Or do I chain 19, then hdc in stitch number 39 and finish the row?
  10. Hi, I’m kind of new on this and I have a question. The second side is made separately and then attached? I’m confused. Thank you for any help.
    1. Hi Mayra! Sorry you're having trouble. For the second side, you will ch. 18, then place an HDC in the 19th stitch on other side of the back panel, and work HDC's across the remainder of that row. This attaches the second side and creates the second armhole. Hope this makes sense!
  11. That boy of yours is not only handsome!, he's very clever to be able to hand sew that zipper by himself! Maybe if I make one, he can sew the zipper on it for me! I despise hand sewing! (Weird, right? I love crochet and embroidery, but despise hand sewing - esp. things like zippers! Kudos to him! He's going to have all the girls chasing after him in just a couple of years!
  12. I will make this for my great grand daughter but I’m a more girly color .Love this pattern and your sons ability to sew great .
  13. I am in awe that he sewed the zipper on by himself! I am too intimidated to do that. Please tell him I think it’s amazing. The sweater is super and I can’t wait for bigger sizes. My little guy is 16 and 6 foot 2 now lol. Thanks so much for sharing :)