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Female Dog Diaper for Dogs in Heat Crochet Pattern

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Do you have a female dog in heat?  Then you need a Female Dog Diaper and we have a free crochet pattern!

Dog Diaper for Females in Heat

Female Dog Diaper for Dogs in Heat

Sizes (and shapes!) vary greatly from dog to dog, so use this guide to make a diaper exactly the right size for your female in heat.  This free crochet pattern is better than store bought female dog diapers because it is customizable, the cotton yarn is washable and the pattern works up super quick!

Because you will crochet your female dog diaper to fit your specific dog’s needs, you will want to have your dog handy and measure/check size as you go.  For reference, I used my twelve pound Yorkie in order to create the pattern.  Remember that the part we are really needing to protect is just under the tail, so start the opening for the tail as high up as possible when you get to step 9 below.

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Materials for dog diaper:

Cotton Yarn (I used about one skein of Sugar & Cream, but this will depend on your dog’s size)
Crochet Hook
*Use one hook size one down from the hook size suggested on the yarn label. For example, if your yarn says to use an H hook, use a G crochet hook.


Note: The larger the dog, the longer the beginning chain, as it will wrap around their waist. Make sure to measure against your pooch as you go.

Find photo examples below…

  1. To start the waist band, chain 70(ish) and check length by wrapping around your dog’s waist; you’ll want it to overlap by only an inch or so. It will shorten up a bit as you crochet back through the chain, but you do not want the finished band to overlap.
  2. When desired length is reached, single crochet in the second chain from hook and in each across.
  3. Ch-1, turn, sc in each st across.
  4. Repeat row 3 for about 13 rows, checking width around your dog’s waist as needed.
  5. Fasten off and weave in ends.
  6. Decide how wide the actual diaper portion needs to be. For my 12-lb Yorkie I did the width of my palm (14 sts). The larger the dog, the wider it will need to be.
  7. Find the center of the band. Since I went with 14 sc sts wide I started 7 stitches to the right of center (see photo below). Make sure it is centered before moving on.
  8. Ch-1, turn, sc in each st across.
  9. Repeat row 8 for about 20 rows.  Check height against your dog. You want to stop when it sits right under the tail so that it will offer the most protection while she is in heat. Now create the tail opening. 
  10. Sc across the first half of diaper only (see photo below). In my case since I did the diaper portion 14 sts wide, I single crocheted in the first 7 sts only.
  11. Ch-1, turn, sc in each stitch across.
  12. Continue sc rows for about 14 rows and check tail opening height. Need more room for the tail? Keep adding rows.
  13. When the tail opening height of the first side is reached, fasten off and weave in ends. *note: I found it best to finish the first side of the tail opening with a row working toward the middle (see photo below). This way when the second half of the tail opening is finished, we can more easily attach the two sides together to finish the diaper.
  14. Attach yarn to create the other side of the tail opening. Sc in each unused st across, and continue sc rows until the height is the same on both sides. (see photo below)
  15. To attach the two sides of the tail opening together: ch-1, turn, sc in each st across (including both sides)
  16. Ch-1, turn, sc in each st across.
  17. Repeat row 16 until the end is long enough to reach the dog’s waist. Tip: It is better to go a little long. Do not fasten off…
  18. Single crochet around the entire border as in this tutorial.
  19. On the long side of the diaper portion, *sc, sc2tog* to the waistband to help cinch it up.  Attach yarn on opposite side of the diaper and *sc, sc2tog* to end on this side as well.
  20. Fasten off, weave in ends.
  21. Place your Velcro on the top side of the diaper portion and attach the opposite side of the Velcro to each side of the waist band.
  22. Use a needle and thread to secure the Velcro around all sides (even if you used the self-stick, you want it to hold STRONG)
  23. Place a feminine pad in the center (you may need to fold it under just a bit) and voila your female dog diaper is complete!

See photo examples of the placements:

Female Diaper for Dogs in Heat

Starting on the diaper portion.

Dog Diaper for Females Tail Opening

First half of tail opening is finished!

Start the second half of the tail opening in the very first available stitch.

Female Dog Diaper Tail Opening Complete

Both sides of tail opening complete! Now to crochet across both sides until tall enough…

Completed Female Dog Diaper Crochet Pattern

Make sure you use needle and thread to make the Velcro SUPER secure. You don’t want it falling off.

Dog Diaper for Females in Heat

Add a feminine pad (you may need to fold it under just a bit) and you.are.done!

Dog Diaper for Females in Heat Crochet Pattern

Didn’t that turn out great?! Since I personally do not have a dog in heat, I would love to hear how yours turns out! Share a photo on social media tagging @HeartHookHome or share in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

Once you get the first female dog diaper finished you’ll know exactly how many rows to make any subsequent diapers. WIN!

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  1. Hi Ashley I have recently learned the Foundation SC start and I would like to use that. My question is should I then just crochet to the length I want because I'm not going back through a chain and it wouldn't shorten up? Thanks Cindy
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    1. Hi Trish! You can absolutely make and sell these! I just ask that pattern credit get linked to Heart Hook Home. Happy Crocheting!
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  5. Hey! I was trying to teach my 20 yr old neice, Somer Helm, how to crochet for the first time. and I directed her to HHH,,, and i showed her some of the awesome and cool patterns,,, she was Very Interested in this one,,, the doggie diaper... so far, she got the slip knot, and single crochet . and watch those youtube videos on beginners crochet .
  6. I'm in the same boat. I am making one this am. Please let me know if you stillne d some. I am planning on making washable pads to place inside.
  7. Ashlea I have a dog that has kidney failure and Sometimes she doesn't know when She has. Go to the bathroom. I have tried putting diapers on her but she chews them off. Do you know anyone that makes these I could buy ? Thanks.