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Male Dog Incontinence Band Crochet Pattern: A Piddle Protector for Pooches

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If you have a male dog, I don’t need to tell you about their habit of marking their territory – especially as puppies and as they age.  Whether in your home or someone else’s home, you need a male dog incontinence wrap – a Piddle Protector for Pooches!

Free Crochet Pattern for Male Dog Incontinence Band

Male Dog Incontinence Band Crochet Pattern

Throw this on after the doorbell rings unexpectedly to avoid little piddles – or before going to the vet!  This is a free crochet pattern. Instead of purchasing diapers for dogs or even washable dog diapers, we will use regular pantiliners (yep, those) and cotton yarn since we may be washing it frequently. Oh, and you’ll need Velcro and needle and thread.

Male Dog Incontinence Pads


Cotton Yarn (I used about 60 yards, give or take)
Crochet Hook
*Use one hook size one down from the hook size suggested on the yarn label. For example, if your yarn says to use an H hook, use a G crochet hook.


Note: The larger the dog, the longer the beginning chain, as it will wrap around their waist. This pattern is completely customizable so make sure to measure your pooch as you go. If you don’t have the dog with you at the moment (or if this is a gift) go big and use more Velcro. 😉

  1. To start, chain 75 ish and check length by wrapping around your dog’s waist; you’ll want it to overlap by several inches (at least 3″, preferably 4″ to account for fluffy hair and potty bits etc).
  2. When desired length is reached, single crochet in the second chain from hook and in each across.
  3. Ch-1, turn, sc in each st across.
  4. Continue for about 15 rows, checking width against your dog as needed.
  5. Crochet around the border as in this tutorial.  You may want to go down yet another hook size for border so that the sides curl in just a bit.
  6. Fasten off, weave in ends.
  7. Place your Velcro on opposing sides, making sure the “soft” side is on the side that will touch your dog.
  8. Use a needle and thread to secure the Velcro around all sides (even if you used the self-stick, you want it to hold STRONG)
  9. Place a pantiliner in the center and voila!

Note: for my itty bitty (4-lb) Yorkie I chained 70 to begin, then completed 14 rows of single crochet.

Male Dog Incontinence Band Crochet Pattern

I love these crocheted male dog incontinence bands as opposed to male dog diapers for many reasons.  Namely the cost and product waste.  I also love how customizable the size is, if you have a large dog simply make it larger; if you have a small dog simply make it smaller.  My two little furry guys don’t seem to mind wearing them, and I love how I can take my dogs to my mom’s house without fear of them peeing all over her furniture! I call that a WIN my friends!

Male Dog Incontinence Band Crochet Pattern

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  1. I just sat down with some yarn with making some kind of wrap in mind that I could use a panty liner in for my yorkie- grabbed my iPad just to google and see if anyone has ever made something similar or if I was out of my mind and this is the first thing I found glad to see I’m not the only person to think about crocheting one of these. And even cooler is my Hayden could be the twin of the doggy in the pictures Now I have a pattern to use instead of trying to freehand. YAY
  2. LOVE your posts and especially THIS one. I am definitely going to try the doggie biscuits and the male dog incon. band. Otis is a WEENIE dog so he's got a lot of abdominal area so it'll be comfy. He's not incon. yet but he does like marking EVERYTHING as HIS!!! even my husbands stuff and the MIDDLE OF OUR BED!!! That almost got my OTIS kicked out of the house for GOOD--a whole hour in the MS heat or cold which ever it was that day. THANK YOU!! Maybe it'll work as a Thunder/fireworks compression band. Have a good day! susie
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