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12 Days of Christmas

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Every year, the holidays seem to sneak up on us faster and faster. This year I am offering a 12 Days of Christmas Sale on Heart Hook Home patterns, during which I will offer one coupon code per day that can be used on a specific pattern from Heart Hook Home – on that day only. If you’ve had your eye on a premium pattern, this is your chance!

12 Days of Christmas Sale

12 Days of Christmas

For this 12 Days of Christmas sale, each day the featured pattern and its coupon code will change. The patterns for this sale include my most popular designs, such as the Blanket Cardigan, the Painted Canyon Cardigan, the It’s Shawl Good pattern, the On Point Poncho, and EIGHT more! There will be TWELVE coupon codes in all, each valid for that specific day only. Some of the codes will take 50% off, and some of the codes will make them FREE, but the only way to know is to check back every day! 😀

Come back to this post each day leading up to Christmas to find out which pattern is on sale, and to grab the coupon code and redeem it before it expires. I will update this post each morning throughout the promotion and will share this link on the Heart Hook Home Facebook page and on Twitter when the new code is added to give you plenty of time to redeem.

Bookmark this page so you can come back to THIS POST every day through December 24th to find the next code!

Bomber Cardi pattern

Day one: Friday, December 13th – the Bomber Cardi pattern is FREE! Find the code on the Bomber Cardi post here.

It's Shawl Good triangle shawl with sleeves Crochet pattern

Day two: Saturday, December 14th – the It’s Shawl Good Cardigan pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the It’s Shawl Good post here.

Day three: Sunday, December 15th – the Mimsical Wrap pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Mimsical Wrap pattern here.

Gorgeous blanket cardigan with fringe and buttons

Day four: Monday, December 16th – the Blanket Cardigan pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Blanket Cardigan post here.

Basic Back Loop Beanie Crochet Pattern

Day five: Tuesday, December 17th – the Basic Back Loop Beanie pattern PDF is FREE! Find the code in the Basic Back Loop Beanie post here.

Hibernation Hoodie Crochet Pattern

Day six: Wednesday, December 18th – the Hibernation Hoodie pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Hibernation Hoodie post here.

Voluminous Tank Crochet Pattern

Day seven: Thursday, December 19th – the Voluminous Tank pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Voluminous Tank post here.

Grid Cardi Crochet Pattern

Day eight: Friday, December 20th – the Grid Cardi pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Grid Cardi post here.

Day nine: Saturday, December 21st – the Cozy Coed Cardigan pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Cozy Coed Cardigan post here. (yes this is the same pattern!)

Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Day ten: Sunday, December 22nd – the Painted Canyon Cardigan pattern is 50% off! Find the code in the Painted Canyon Cardigan post here.

Day eleven: Monday, December 23rd – the Don’t Worry Bean Happy Hoodie pattern is 50% off! Find the code on the Don’t Worry Bean Happy Hoodie here.

Timeless Tunisian Tunic

Day twelve: Tuesday, December 24th – the Timeless Tunisian Tunic pattern is FREE! Find the code in the Timeless Tunisian Tunic post here.

On Point Poncho

We’ve made it through the 12 Days of Christmas, and because I goofed on my schedule and missed one of my favorite designs, Christmas Day is now the day for the On Point Poncho. Thank you and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

You can find all of these patterns on the Crochet Pattern page. Here are a few of my most recent free crochet patterns:

Holly Jolly Poncho: Free Christmas Poncho Crochet Pattern

Furry Throw Pillow Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Scrumptious Scoodie: Hooded Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

The Cordillera Cape Pattern: A Free Crochet Pattern

The Herringstone Cowl: Free Cowl Crochet Pattern

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  1. I am so disappointed, I checked everyday and because the 12 Days were over I didn't check. Then tonight that post popped up. I commented and thought it had posted then couldn't find it. There are times I totally dislike FB and tonight I strongly dislike FB!
  2. Thanks, Ashlea for the fun! Picked up a handful of patterns that I’d been wanting! Even got the OPP this morning because I’ve gotten into the habit after 12 days of just checking what the deal is that day, lol!!
  3. Hi Ashlea. Thanks for putting on this sale Ashlea, I took advantage and bought several patterns. What happened to the On Point Poncho pattern you said in your blog that would be part of the sale? I went back over the blog several times and see that although it was promised, it was never offered. Any chance you're offering it as a December 25th Christmas gift? Thanks.
  4. Hi Ashlea, Thanks for all the great patterns and discounts. But I thought you were gonna include the OPP because you said you were including it in your original description and you also included a picture of it. I guess I was wrong. Happy Holidays!
  5. I just brought the Don't worry bean happy hoodie. I put the code BEAN. But I guess I didn't jurist right and didn't get the discount. Is there a way it can be corrected. Thank you.
  6. Hi Ashlea. I just ordered the grid cardio and forgot to put in the code for a discount. I understand it's probably too late and it's my fault But can you adjust the charge? If not, I totally understand I love your patterns! Thanks so much. .
  7. I just love your patterns and I'm loving this event! I'm so sad I missed the discount on Saturday. It totally slipped my mind. Thank you so much for doing this! Your patterns are amazing!
    1. Hi Tyri! I apologize. If you could send me an email we can get this straightened out. Thanks! Ashlea@hearthookhome.com
      1. I just noticed today that the date is a day behind when you go to the info page. Today is DEC 18 and for the hoodie, but on the link to the info page it says Dec 17. That is what I figured out yesterday and why I was confused.
  8. I tried to order the blanket pattern at 7:00 PM PST time today, Monday, December 16 and it said the coupon expired. I love all your patterns and have made quite a few. The blanket cardigan is one of the Patterns I was looking forward to. I live on the west coast. Could you please tell me when the coupons are valid in my time zone? I am disappointed I missed the coupon.
  9. Hi! Love your patterns. I live on the West Coast, and twice now I've missed the sale because it's too late for the day. but the next one isn't available yet. Can you let us know what hours maybe they go up and then expire? Last night it was only around 9 pm and I kept checking for the next until probably 4 am here (7am EST) and nothing else had been posted. I'm really bummed I missed the It's Shawl Good. It's been in my faves for months.
    1. I always check early (about 5am PST) and the new one isn't up yet. I check back about 11am PST and it's there. Not sure if that helps you or not.
  10. Thankyou for the Bomber jacket pattern .Awesome. I'm after the Co-ed Jacket please. I use to be a knitter but I like to try crochet a cardigan. More challenging.
  11. I used the code, but didn't download the pattern immediately. Now, there's no pattern anywhere, including my "purchases" on Ravelry. And, it won't let me re-enter the code. Can you help?
  12. Thank you so much!!! This is actually one of the patterns I haven't purchased of yours yet. I think my teenage girls mule really like this cardigan. Thank you for giving the gift of creativity and crochet this holiday season...Merry Christmas!