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Great Gift Ideas for Beginner Crocheters

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Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a NEW crocheter? Perhaps someone you love is excited about making their first scarf or beanie and you want to encourage them to continue exploring their new craft. This list of great gift ideas for beginner crocheters is the perfect thing!

great gift ideas for new crocheters

Gift Ideas for Beginner Crocheters

This year while celebrating Thanksgiving with family, the conversation inevitably turned toward yarn. It’s so great to hear how many people are discovering the love of crochet! I was asked what a good gift idea would be for a person just getting into the fiber arts world. This is such a thoughtful gift idea that I thought it deserved more attention than just saying “hooks” and “yarn in varying weights”. 🤗

If you, yourself, are BRAND NEW to crocheting you should check out this “Crochet for Absolute Beginners” page. I’ve added beginner crochet tutorials in the order that makes sense if you’ve never touched a hook before.

If you’re here for the gift idea suggestions only, I’ve separated them into two categories below:

—Basic items that crocheters use everyday. Yarn, hooks, etc. One cannot crochet without these tools, and I have included items that I personally use daily and frequently recommend.

—Next-level tools that every crochet lover should have in their arsenal. Some of these tools will be too advanced for a brand new crocheter, but if they are falling in love with the craft it is only a matter of time. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Most of the tools linked in this guide all point to the same website, WeCrochet. I love them and the quality of their products and I’m confident you will, too.

A great “beginner crochet” gift basket includes:

Set of crochet hooks – I use and love the Dots Crochet Hooks. The set comes with 9 of the most popular hook sizes and the quality is fantastic. I have a complete review of this hook set here.

An assortment of balls of worsted weight yarnBrava Worsted is my favorite worsted weight acrylic yarn. They will be able to make anything from a beanie (needs just 1 skein) to a blanket (needs ~ 20 skeins or more) … with this yarn they can make almost anything.

Several balls of bulky weight yarn – You may also throw in a couple of skeins (balls) of a bulky weight (size 5) yarn. This is just a bit thicker than the worsted weight yarn mentioned above, and can be used for making all of the same things. It’s a bit thicker so it works up faster (quicker sense of accomplishment!) and, as mentioned above, the larger yarn is also easier to learn with. I recommend Brava Bulky as a great bulky weight yarn.

Note that when we say a “weight” of yarn, that speaks to the thickness of the yarn strand. Some is much thinner than others and, as such, is difficult to learn with. I recommend a worsted weight yarn (size 4) or larger.

A set of stitch markers – Every crocheter needs stitch markers. These help to make sure you’re staying on track and not adding or removing stitches where you shouldn’t be. They also mark a spot for future reference if needed. There are tons of stitch marker sets online. Some of the most popular are the lightweight plastic ones like these because they lock into place. Awesome!

great gift ideas for new crocheters

A ruler or measuring device – Crocheters should measure their work at the beginning of every new project. They can use a ruler like this (any 4 – 6″ long ruler should suffice, and will fit in a hook case or pouch) or a regular ruler or a soft ruler.

Yarn needles – When we finish a project we have to weave in the yarn tails so they don’t come undone. Personal preference on yarn needles varies more than you would think… perhaps get a variety set like this with shorter and longer needles included.

Tapestry Needles Explained: Yarn Needles for Beginners

Next-level gift ideas:

Yarn ball winder – A yarn winder is great for balling up the remaining yarn after completing a project for easy/cleaner storage. You can grab an economical one here or get the best one (IMO) on the market here. The less expensive version can hold less than half of what the more expensive version can but both will suffice.

How to Decide on a Yarn Winder

best yarn winder

I have mine permanently secured to a wooden stool so that I can move it anywhere in the house. 🙌

A yarn swift – Sometimes we need to wind a fancy hank of yarn into a ball before we can use it. This is only required if the yarn is in a twisted hank (pictured directly below), not the typical ball or skein of yarn you can find in stores.

yarn swift

Blocking tools – Sometimes crocheters need to block the things they make to shape them. A complete blocking set or just the blocking boards would be a great gift. This Conair steamer is the best because it doesn’t drip boiling water, and these Knit Blockers are MUCH easier to use than a ton of sewing pins.

blocking crochet tutorial

Hook gauge ruler – A tool like this can be helpful to determine the size of a crochet hook if needed, or to measure for gauge before starting a new project. Great for keeping in a hook case.

If you, yourself, are a crocheter, is there anything in this list that I missed? Let me know so I can add it!

If you’re just getting into crochet, I hope this post helps and that you love this craft! Head on over to the “Crochet for Absolute Beginners” page for the very basics, or go ahead with the free crochet patterns on Heart Hook Home to jump right in.

beginner crocheter gift ideas

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