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Come On I Wanna Ruana Crochet Along: Part ONE

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Today’s the day! It is FINALLY time for part ONE of the Come On I Wanna Ruana Crochet Along! Grab your yarn and hook, and let’s get started!

Back of Come I Wanna Ruana

Come On I Wanna Ruana: Part ONE

In part ONE of this crochet along we will crochet the Solomon’s Knot portion of (almost) the entire pattern. If you have not yet practiced the Solomon’s Knot (also known as Lover’s Knot) you’ll probably be okay following along with the part one video below, but if you want to practice I’ve got a brand spankin’ NEW tutorial for that stitch as well!

Find the materials list, gauge, and dates & info here.

Solomon's Knots


Before we get started, you’ll also want to make sure that your gauge is similar to mine. Use the yarn you intend to use for this project and a G/4mm hook to test your gauge. While gauge isn’t super important in this pattern, you want to make sure you’ll have enough yarn. 😉

Note: Because each Solomon’s Knot is the width of four stitches, to make the ruana more narrow (or more wide) you will add or remove from the beginning chain in multiples of eight stitches; four sts (= 1 Lk) for the “left” and four sts (= 1 Lk) for the “right”. You will need to remember how many stitches you removed (or added) when we start part two, so if you alter the width of the ruana, make sure to write down what you did!


See the VIDEO for part one below.

Foundation: Ch-154

Row 2: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. * Lk two times, sk 3 ch, sc in next ch * repeat between * * to end. (38 Lk sets)

Row 3: Ch-4, turn, Lk one time, sc in the center sc of first Lk pair. * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end. Lk one time, tc in last st. (37 full Lk sets & 2 half sets)

Row 4: Ch-1, turn, sc in first stitch, * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end, sc in top of ch-4. (38 Lk sets)

Rows 5 – 8: repeat rows 3 & 4
Do not fasten off, use new skein for next portion.

completed 8 rows of Solomon's Knots

TURN. Place stitch markers as pictured, with 17 complete Lk sets for the “right”, 4 complete sets for the “center” and 17 complete Lk sets for the “left”. 

separating knots into left, right, and center


Leaving a long (40”) tail, insert hook in “center” right stitch marker.

Row 9: Ch-4, Lk one time, sc in center of sc of next Lk set. * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * two more times. Lk one time, tc in next (where st marker is). (3 full Lk sets and 2 half sets)

Row 10: Ch-1, turn, sc in first stitch, * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end, placing last sc in top of ch-4. (4 Lk sets)

Row 11: Ch-4, turn, Lk one time, sc in the center sc of first Lk pair. * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * two more times. Lk one time, tc in last st. (3 full Lk sets and 2 half sets)

Rows 12 – 51 (or however many rows for 29” – including bottom knots): repeat rows 10 & 11 *make sure you end on an ODD numbered row!

center column of lover's knots for ruana

When measuring, lay piece out flat and do not stretch. Relax the stitches but measure without disturbing the integrity of the center column.

Row 52: repeat row 10 (4 full Lk sets)

crocheting a flat edge on Solomon's knot crochet

Row 53: Ch-5 (counts as tc + ch-1), turn, sc in first sc, * loosely ch-3, sc in center of next Lk set * repeat between * * two more times. Ch-1, tc in last sc. (17) Fasten off. Here’s a close-up:

Now that we have the bottom and the center column of the ruana finished, we are ready for part TWO! Part two will be published right here on Heart Hook Home on Saturday, June 8th, 2019. See you then!

YouTube video
If you can’t wait to finish this pattern, it is available in its entirety on Ravelry. You do not have to purchase the pattern in order to participate.

Part One – this one!

Part Two – published here

Part Three – published here

Part Four – published here

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Come On I Wanna Ruana


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  1. I am so happy that you are providing a full tutorial for this beautiful ruana! I am new to crocheting so perhaps I am making a mistake somewhere but I have started and restarted and I still end up a stitch count short on rows 3 ( only 36 full LKs with 2 half) and then only 37 full sets on row 4. Do you have any thoughts on how or why, I would greatly appreciate it!
    1. Hmmm...not really sure without seeing it. Have you watched the part 1 video provided at the bottom of this post? You can always send a pic to sarah@hearthookhome.com (my trusty assistant) and she may be able to see what could be going on.
    1. Hi Michele! Links to all 4 parts can be found in this post here: https://hearthookhome.com/ruana-crochet-pattern/
  2. Hi Ashlea, I just finished the first eight rows of LKs and it's wanting to curve when I pick it up (as if my starting chain is too tight - although I thought it was pretty loose). I can lay it out straight if I force it, but I'm worried. Should I start over or keep going?
    1. Hi Julie! I think you'll be fine...the hdc moss stitch rows should help to keep it from curving.
  3. I love these Crochet Along patterns! So much fun and anticipation for the next part to come out! You are so talented!! Thank you for sharing your talent with me!
  4. Oh my , I really did not have to crochet another crochet along, however, I could not resist. I have never done the Solomon knot before and I wanted to give it a try, shall I say , I love this stitch ! Can't wait for Saturday to see part 2 ! Thanks for your great advice, deadication , and your wonderful pattern!
  5. I would just like to say I love this Solomon's knot stitch! Thank you for introducing not only this stitch, but this gorgeous yarn!
  6. Is there any way to start part one with a row of sc? If so, how many sc should I make? Thank you Vickie
  7. I am a 4x size and I am pretty sure this would be too small but it would be perfect for me in the way too hot south. I like to cover my upper arms but not be too hot while doing it. This looks airy enough to fit the bill. Can you tell me how I would go about making this my size? Also, I am making a triangle shawl using a single crochet chain 1 stitch and it is turning out beautifully but I thought it would be very pretty to put this stitch (LK) towards the bottom around the elbows. After that, I would do a few more rows of the sc, ch 1 rows and finish with a border of the LK stitch or a variation. My problem is that I don't know how to do the LK at the point when I turn to go up the shawl. Can you help me with that? BTW, I love your tutorials! Beautiful work and explanations!
    1. Hi Cynthia! You can size up your Ruana by adding multiples of 8 to the starting chain. Every 8 extra chains will add 2 LKs...one on each side. As for the shawl, I would probably work a row of sc around the entire piece to give a nice foundation for the LKs. The corners/points of the shawl could take some planning though since you will need to increase at those points.
  8. Looks like Part one is for the back - can you tell me the width we should have after doing a few rows? I'm thinking of removing some LKs since I can loosely wrap it completely around me. Thanks!
    1. Hi Carrie! The width at this point can be anywhere from 38"-43" but part 2 will pull that in. Hope this helps!