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How to Make Stitch Markers and Hook Reminders

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Are you in need of a new set of stitch markers? Why not make your own? Whether you’re making new stitch markers, or hook reminders, creating them is easier than you think. Grab your pliers for this fun and easy stitch marker tutorial!

How to make stitch markers

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fiber artist in possession of good yarn, can never have too many stitch markers. Or was that a single man in possession of a good fortune? Die hard Austen fan here! šŸ˜‰

Stitch Marker Tutorial

Stitch markers can be used to mark your stitches, keep track of rows, remind you to turn at a specific place, or to skip a certain stitch. Hook reminders are intended to remind you of the hook size you’re using on a project – although they double as stitch markers in a pinch! This is my tray of stitch markers. Aren’t they beautimous?!

I recently discovered Beadaholique, an online retailer with a vast selection of charms, beads, and jewelry making supplies. Remarkably inexpensive, I decided to make a new collection of stitch markers in order to create this stitch marker tutorial. A girl can never have too many stitch markers, after all. If you’ve never dabbled in jewelry making – never fear! All you need are charms, jump rings, lobster clasps, and pliers. There are variables to each component that will effect the finished product, so read on my fiber loving friend!

Making your own stitch markers

stitch marker Materials

Choosing your materials is the most important part…

Lobster clasps

Technically speaking, when making stitch markers or hook reminders, any size lobster clasp will do. I always go with 15mm (at a minimum) up to 23mm (at a maximum) – because the larger the clasp, the easier to open/use AND they will work with any size yarn – all the way up to super bulky! While you can use the smaller (10mm, 12mm, etc) lobster clasps, I highly encourage you to get at least the 15mm. You’ll be happy you did.

Using charms to make stitch markers for crochet

Choosing your charms

Charms are where you really let your personality shine through. I love to travel, so I am using travel themed charms from Beadaholique. Because I’m frugal, I also used a 10-pk of these cute little shell beads to make an entire set. (As of this posting they are on clearance for 20Ā¢ for TEN of them – omg!) The shells are so lightweight – which is great when making stitch markers! You don’t want super heavy charms because they can pull and distort your stitches – especially when crocheting or knitting with a very thin yarn.

Charms to be used for stitch markers

Jump rings

Jump rings are used to connect the charm to the lobster clasp. There’s nothing super special about jump rings, but they do come in a variety of sizes. For this stitch marker tutorial I am using 7mm, 18 gauge jump rings.

Stitch marker tutorial


Ideally you’ll want two sets of pliers, one for holding the jump ring while you work and one for opening/closing said jump ring. I like to use flat nose pliers but in a pinch (see what I did there?) other pliers can be used.

Steps for making stitch markers

1. Open the jump ring. Use your pliers to gently open the ring, twisting it open instead of pulling it open which can unnecessarily weaken the metal. Hold the open jump ring with your dominant hand using the pliers.

hook reminder tutorial

2. Add charm to jump ring.

Stitch marker tutorial

3. Add lobster clasp to jump ring.

How to make stitch markers

4. Gently twist the jump ring back to the closed position, trying not to leave a gap. If there is a gap, VERY gently squeeze shut. Don’t squeeze too hard or the jump ring will be ruined and/or will snag on your yarn.

hook reminder tutorial

That is it! Can you believe it?! Making stitch markers or hook reminders is inexpensive, quick, and SO EASY! There is no reason to buy expensive pre-made stitch markers when you can make them yourself using inexpensive supplies. Sort charms by category or by price, and make sure you check out the clearance section of Beadaholique.

making stitch markers

For example, in order to make TWENTY of the pretty shell stitch markers pictured above, you would need:

(2) Lucite Beads Textured Petal Leaves, 10 pieces – 40Ā¢ total
(1) Open Jump Rings, 50 Pieces – 37Ā¢ total
(1) Lobster Clasp, 15mm, 20 Pieces – $2.75 total
Grand total: $3.52 + shipping ($2.75)

How to make Hook Reminders

What kind of charms will you use for yours? One can never have too many!

How to Make Your Own Stitch Markers

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  2. I just use plastic markers that are like safety pins, but without the loop on one end that can get caught in yarn. I tried to use Lobster clasp an charms but they can get caught or tangled in yarn. I didn't see anything in this post about how to keep track of hook size with projects, did I miss that somewhere? January 16, 2023
  3. Iā€™m using the plastics ones as they were easy to grab at WM one day. But when I saw you using the lobster clasps on a project I liked the fact that you used it one handed. I wondered at the time where you found those kind. Thanks for sharing!