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How to Crochet the Star Stitch (Step-by-Step)

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Don’t you just love beautiful crochet stitches that look harder to make than they actually are? The Star Stitch is a perfect example. This gorgeous crochet stitch is a two row repeat that is really quite simple when you break it down. Learn how to crochet the Star Stitch using this step-by-step, including photo and video, crochet tutorial.

how to crochet star stitch

Crochet Star Stitch Tutorial

The Star Stitch is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve used this stitch or a variation of it in several designs over the years – and a new pattern coming very soon! I’m sure that you, too, will fall in love with this stitch. Sometimes called the Daisy stitch, there are many variations but they all look much the same. For example, the Thick Marguerite stitch is very similar in appearance, but it creates a MUCH thicker fabric.

crochet star stitch tutorial

My favorite Heart Hook Home pattern using the Star Stitch is the Life’s a Beach Bag that is just the right size for lugging all the necessities to the beach, or to a picnic or other fun adventure.

star stitch crochet bag

The Stellar Dog Sweater is another favorite, and pet approved!

Stellar Dog Sweater free crochet pattern

This stitch is a two-row repeat that, after you get going, gets you in a groove and those stitches just fly off the hook. These stitches don’t have a lot of texture, but they do provide an excellent, dense fabric with great visual appeal. Use this stitch to make a simple washcloth, or baby blanket, throw pillow cover… all the things!

One thing I’ve noticed about the Star Stitch in general is that it can begin to slant in one direction if you’re not careful. I love this particular Star Stitch crochet tutorial because it does not slant as other tutorials tend to do. Where we place the stitches of the alternating Half Double Crochet row makes all the difference in creating an even, balanced, and square fabric. YES!

star stitch crochet

Scroll down for the VIDEO tutorial below.

About the Star Stitch:

How is the Star stitch abbreviated? This stitch is abbreviated as “Star st” in patterns because shortening it further could be confusing.

Sizing of the stitch? Each “Star” takes the width of two chain stitches to make and each “Star” takes the height of two rows to make. In the first row of the two-row repeat we do the bottom half of the stars, and in the second/alternating row we create the top half of the stars. The first row of the two-row repeat is the “right side” and the second row, the Half Double Crochet row, is the “wrong side” of the fabric.

What is the multiple for the Star Stitch? The multiple of chains needed for the Star Stitch is 2 + 4 + 1. The “two” is because each Star stitch is two chain stitches wide, the “four” because there is one chain used for the left edge and three for the beginning chain, and then the “one” is to start the foundation row.

So, how many actual chains do you need for the star stitch? If the stitch count does not matter, start with any ODD number of chains. (Note that if you are starting a project using a foundation crochet row instead of a chain, such as the Foundation Single Crochet, you can omit that final chain and start with any EVEN number).

A slight variation. Traditionally speaking the Star stitch is made with one regular half double crochet in the last stitch of the row. I’ve learned that by making a Linked Half Double Crochet instead the left edge stays nice and tidy and helps to eliminate the holes that can be created with the traditional method of the Star Stitch pattern. It is also easier to crochet into if you’ll be adding a border or other edging. See what I mean in the video tutorial below.

Is the Star stitch a yarn eater? Yes, the Star stitch is a yarn eater as far as the amount of yarn needed to make a project. The stitch is a bit more dense than others so it creates a slightly thicker fabric, making it ideal for blankets. Great for scrappy or stash busting multi-colored blankets.

What size crochet hook is needed for the Star Stitch? You can use any hook size that corresponds to the size yarn you are using. To learn new stitch patterns I like to use a worsted weight acrylic yarn with an H/5mm hook. I’ve learned that too large of a hook size can make the piece look sloppy.

cleaner edges star stitch crochet

Star Stitch (Step-by-Step) Written Instructions:

This tutorial is written using US terms. Follow along with the VIDEO tutorial below.

1. Chain any ODD number of chains. In this tutorial I am starting with 17 chains to get 6 Star stitches. (See info on chain count multiples for the Star stitch above.)

2. Pull up a loop in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th chains from the hook (6 loops on hook). YO (Yarn Over), pull through all 6 loops, chain one to close the stitch. Star Stitch made!

3. To create subsequent Star Stitches… Pull up a loop in the “eye” of the previous Star stitch, in the left leg/spoke of the previous Star stitch, in the same base chain as the previous Star stitch, and in each of the next two chains (6 loops total on hook). YO, pull through all 6 loops, chain one to close the stitch.

Repeat step 3 until only one chain remains.

4. Make a Linked Half Double Crochet (Lhdc) using the “eye” of the last Star stitch and the final chain.

Star stitch row complete!

We will alternate the row of Star stitches with a row of Half Double Crochet to complete the top half of the “stars”…

5. Chain one and turn, Half Double Crochet in the first stitch.

6. Make TWO Half Double Crochet stitches in each “eye” across.

7. When you get to the end, place one half double crochet in the final stitch.

Alternating row complete!

To start a new row of Star stitches…

8. Chain three, pull up a loop in the 2nd ch and 3rd ch from the hook. Pull up a loop in each of the first 3 sts of the row (6 loops on hook). YO, pull through all 6 loops, chain one to close the stitch.

Repeat step 3 across, ending with a step 4.

Alternate these two rows until the piece is as tall as you like, ending with a row of the Half Double Crochet stitches.

Crochet Star Stitch Video:

If you would rather watch this video on YouTube, you can find it on my channel here. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there! 😉


I hope you love this stitch! I do have a new pattern coming out soon that uses this gorgeous stitch. Make a washcloth to get your feet wet. My favorite way to learn a new stitch is by making something useful.

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