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How to Crochet a Moss Stitch Granny Square

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Raise your hand if you love the Moss Stitch! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise the other hand if you love granny squares! 🙌 You are in for a treat because it’s actually super easy to do and we’re learning how with this comprehensive Moss Stitch Granny Square tutorial. If you’ve been wondering how do you crochet a moss stitch in a square, then read on friend!

moss stitch granny square

How to Crochet a Moss Stitch Granny Square

The Moss Stitch is a staple crochet stitch. This is also a great stitch for beginners because you only need to know how to make a chain and the single crochet.

how to crochet granny square with moss stitch

When crocheting a granny square we start in the center, increasing at 4 points each round, building each side of the square evenly and incrementally. This can be accomplished using virtually any of your favorite crochet stitches, and the Moss Stitch is great for it.

If you’ve crocheted anything using this stitch in the past you know how mindless and fun it is to make. The only downside, if using the single crochet stitch, is that it is rather short, which means that we have to crochet more rows than we would if we were using a different crochet stitch.

That being said, the fabric created always has a great drape because of the way the stitches are formed with those chain spaces keeping things nice and airy, so I think it’s worth having to crochet those extra rows. And when using a variegated yarn the colors really pop!

Helpful Tips for Making a Moss Stitch Granny Square:

Always remember to separate each single crochet with a chain space. Every single time.

Create a corner by making one extra single crochet + ch-1 in the corner-most space.

You will need (4) stitch markers to get started. Mark each corner chain space with a stitch marker. Move it up each round to the new corner.

Once the square pattern is established you’ll continue on with the regular Moss Stitch, increasing at each corner as you go.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

Scroll down to follow along with the VIDEO tutorial.

Moss Stitch Granny Square Written Tutorial:

Start with a Magic Circle. Alternately you could ch-4 and join to the first chain made.

Single crochet in the circle, chain one, Mark this chain space.

Single crochet in the circle, chain one, Mark this chain space.

Single crochet in the circle, chain one, Mark this chain space.

Single crochet in the circle, chain one, Mark this chain space.

Join to the top of the first single crochet made and cinch up the magic circle tail. We will weave it in later.

Chain one and turn. Single crochet in the stitch marker to the right of the join. Chain one.

In the next marked space make (sc, ch-1, sc, ch-1) all in the same space.

Move the stitch marker up to the new center space.

Make a (sc, ch-1, sc, ch-1) in each marked space.

Move the stitch markers up as you complete each corner. In the same space as the first stitch, place a single crochet and then chain one, then join to the top of the first single crochet.

Chain one and turn. This next round will be the round we repeat over and over again, growing each side of the square until the desired size is reached.

Start in the first chain space with one single crochet, then chain one. Single crochet in the next space, then chain one. When you get to the stitch marker, place (sc, ch-1, sc, ch-1) in the marked space.

Rotate the square to work across the next side. Single crochet in the next space, then chain one. In the marked corner space make another corner.

Continue around. When you reach the end make sure you single crochet in the same space as the first single crochet was made. Then chain one and join to the first stitch with a slip stitch.

Continue adding rows in this manner until the square is as large as you like.

Isn’t this just gorgeous?! This pattern can be used to make a dishcloth, stitch the squares together into a multi colored blanket, or keep going until you have one big crochet blanket. I hope you love this style of granny square and that you’ll make my NEW One Skein Oversized Washcloth pattern using just one skein of cotton yarn. So grab your crochet hook and let’s get started!

Here’s the video tutorial:

If you would rather watch this video on YouTube you can find that here. Subscribe while you’re there! 😉


Moss Stitch Granny Square Tutorial

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  1. Beautiful! Do you by chance remember the brand and color for the multi-color granny square? It’s so pretty; I would love to do an entire blanket in it.
      1. As soon as I saw this yarn, I knew it was Hobby Lobby yarn. I have seen many ways a moss stitch square has been made and by far, this is the neatest way I've seen it done. Other ways is never turning creating a crooked square, and another way has so many slip stitches in it the row increases are too bulky and messy. Thank you for this pattern.