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Super Slim Hidden Fanny Pack Free Crochet Pattern

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As some of you may know, my husband Paul and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary this February. We were never able to take our honeymoon because our eldest son was preparing for open heart surgery, which turned into two open heart surgeries which turned into a three month long hospital stay. Life happened and now that things are more stable we are finally headed out on a glorious “honeymoon” ten years later. And I. Can’t. Wait!

I have never traveled abroad in this capacity – as an extreme tourist 😉 – and I felt the need for a fanny pack on steroids. I don’t want to carry around my purse everywhere and I am packing several pair of leggings which of course means I’ll have no pockets.

How to Crochet a Super Slim Fanny Pack

This crocheted fanny pack sits underneath your shirt, giving less opportunity for pickpockets, less opportunity to lose your phone, ID card or cash etc and it means that it could also be used at the Zoo, on a bike ride or at a concert – anywhere where you don’t want to lug your purse around with you.

How to Crochet a Fanny Pack

Super Slim Crochet Fanny Pack Pattern

We are using the foundation single crochet to start. I use this stitch because your phone may be larger (or smaller) than mine. If you don’t want yours as wide, simply stop the foundation single crochet when the pocket portion is as wide as you’d like it to be (but at least 1/2″ wider than your phone on each side).

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.


Black mercerized cotton (mercerized is important for added durability!)
Crochet hook in size G
Velcro (⅝” used, only about 5” or so)
Needle and thread


Row 1: Foundation single crochet 40. Ch-1, turn. (40)
Row 2: Sc in each st across. Ch-1, turn. (40)
Row 3 – 41 (or until desired height is reached): Sc in each st across. Ch-1, turn. (40)
Row 42: Sc in each st across.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Row 1: Ch-25. Starting at the top right corner of your pouch, sc in each st across, then ch-75+.
***keep chaining until the chain is long enough to overlap the beginning of the strap. I ended up with 100 chains, but depending on your size you may need less or more. When length is reached, continue. Remember it will get shorter as you crochet back through.***
Row 2: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each across. Ch-1, turn.
Row 3 – 15: Sc in each st across, ch-1, turn.
Row 16: Sc in each st across.
Fasten off and prepare for sewing.

Slim Fanny Pack Crochet Pattern

Fold the strap down so that the top and bottom edges line up. Single crochet through both sides.

Crocheted Fanny Pack

When you get to the pouch, single crochet across the opening, then when you get to the other side simply continue single crocheting through both edges of strap again until you get to the end. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Crocheted Fanny Pack

Fold the pouch up and position as high as you can inside the strap. Leaving long tail, attach yarn as high as you can and crochet through both sides, down to the bottom.

How to Crochet a Fanny Pack

Single crochet twice in the corner then across the bottom edge. Single crochet twice in the next corner and up the other side as high as you can go.

Slim Crocheted Fanny Pack

Fasten off leaving a long tail.  Using the long tails on both sides, sew up as high as you can up into the strap securing the top corners of the pouch.

Place Velcro on short side of strap, and then the opposite side to the opposite side of strap. I used Fabric Fusion and placed a few stitches in each corner with my needle and thread.  You are DONE! Woohoo!!

Crocheting a Slim Fanny Pack

I love how this design allows for there to be a flap closure instead of just having an open pouch just hanging – and we don’t even NEED to sew a zipper! Wear your crocheted travel fanny pack under your shirt to absolutely keep pickpockets out. Large enough to fit my phone, my passport, some cash and my backup battery, this crocheted travel pouch fanny pack style is perfect.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up on our honeymoon adventures! Or – at least the travel aspect of it. 😉

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  1. This pattern is CONFUSING!! The wording doesn't help me, and the pictures are abysmal. I wish you would have used a different color thread so it's better seen. With the black, it all blurs together and there are no distinct differences anywhere! I wanted to make this, but have given up. Please try to post this again, please? I think it would be extremely handy for several causes. Please make the wording much more specific and some better pictures would be wonderful! Thanks. 1
    1. Hi Dianne. If you could draw a sketch while reading the description/pattern, it would help. The pack does not have a closure, instead, the strap (folded and sc -ed across leaving the pack opening) serves as the closure. The pack is basically an envelope kind of thingy with a fold-over strap to close the upper, open part. I wish I could share a pic with you to make more sense. I dint make the pouch though, but understood the concept from the wording. Hope this helps.
  2. I know this pattern was posted a couple of years ago, but hopefully you'll see and respond to this comment. I'm what you would call an advanced beginner, but after I crocheted the pouch, I felt like a novice again. I don't understand what the pack looks like when completed. Does it flap over the top or is it just open at the top of the pouch? Additionally, could you give me more specific directions on how to start and stop the strap? I don't need help with the velcro section. I hope you can help me, because the pouch is finished, and I'd hate to waste all the yarn and energy. Thank you.
    1. Hi. The pouch is a rectangle folded over and stitched on the sides. Then the open end of this pouch is attached to a longer rectangle (Strap) which is folded over to make the closure/top of the pouch. The strap folds over and overlaps the front of the pouch to serve as the top/closure/lid, if that makes sense. Hope you havent frogged the pieces you crocheted. I plan to try this pattern soon. Good luck with yours.
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  4. Hi! Thanks so much for this pattern! I am a type 1 diabetic and I switch back & forth between two insulin pumps - one wireless, one that isn't. I think I am going to atempt to make this in a way that will accomodate my wired pump, because as we ladies all know, pockets are either nonexistent or super tiny in our clothes!
  5. I used this as inspiration to make a bike pack for my 16-yr-old. Thank you for all of your great ideas.
  6. Love this. Could you be more specific as to the cotton you used: what brand, what weight? Thank you. Rose.
    1. Hi Rose. It is Mercerized cotton, from Lion Brand. You can find a different brand at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.