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Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along: Part ONE

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Woohoo! We have made it to part ONE of the Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along! I am SO EXCITED to go on this adventure with you. Grab your hook and let’s get started. 🙂


Painted Canyon Part ONE

By now you should have already decided what yarn to use, and if you’re one step ahead, you have also checked your gauge to make sure that your hook size is also correct. (If you have not yet checked your gauge, that’s okay! We will cover this in the video for today. 😉 )

This Crochet Along is the perfect way to get your feet wet when it comes to crocheting wearables. If this is the first cardigan you’ve ever made, feel free to ask questions if you get stuck! If you get really stuck, shoot me an email and we’ll work through it together. Hopefully any questions you do have will be answered already in this series of videos (in four parts). If you are just now learning of this Crochet Along, make sure you check out the Materials & Dates post for all of the information needed to participate.

painted canyon part ONE


6 Month
12 Month
and all of the ADULT sizes of this pattern (0 – 28W) here.

Part one of the Painted Canyon Cardigan is the easiest part. We are literally making a large rectangle, that will be the torso of our cardigan. The most important thing is to make sure you are following the stitch counts and row counts for the pattern size you are making. In the videos for this crochet along I am making the 2/3T size. If you are making any other size (including adult) I recommend having the pattern printed in front of you, or otherwise available for frequent referencing. You may also find it helpful to highlight the row numbers and stitch counts that pertain to the size you are making to help make sure you are on track.

completed part one painted canyon caridgan


Part One (this one!)

Part Two can be found HERE

Part Three can be found HERE

Part Four can be found HERE

Ready for part ONE?! Let’s go!

YouTube video
Stay tuned for part TWO to be posted on 8/22/2020. If you missed the beginning of this Crochet Along, make sure you get all caught up here, and sign up for my email newsletter to get alerts when subsequent parts are posted.

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  1. Are the video tutorials for each part (4) of the Painted Canyon Cardigan still available. I just can't seem to pinpoint where to find them. Thank you!
  2. Quick question: My gauge is off, because I wanted a lighter yarn. Before seeing the videos, I had purchased the yarn and started on the pattern. I really don't want to frog this! It's for a brand new baby, so if I'm making it according to the 12-18 month pattern, will it just fit the baby when she's younger?
    1. Hi Laurie! Yes, the sweater will just be a bit smaller and might be more like a 6-12 month size. I hope this helps!
  3. After doing the swatch I have 13 stitches in 4 inches instead of 11. But there are 10 rows to the 4 inches. So what does that mean? Do I still need to go up a hook size?
    1. Yes, I would go up a hook size. Width is more important in this pattern than height...you can always omit a couple rows before breaking off into right/left/center panels if you need to shorten the length. Hope this helps!
  4. I'm excited to do this cardigan for my grandkids. I've done a few other wearable of yours and love how easy they are to follow. Thanks so much.
  5. This is not my first nor my last cardigan.... I'm excited about this CAL as I haven't made a PCC .... thanks for an awesome pattern, You Rock. Great contest....
    1. ahhhhhhh im itching for part 2... patiently waiting.. i find it easier with the videos so that i can feel confident im doing the same as you. thank you so much watching you makes me feel at ease and makes it more enjoyable xx
  6. Beautiful cardigan! I purchased and made this back around January. Now I want to make another one but in solid color and maybe even lighter weight yarn Love all your designs ❤
  7. This isn’t my first wearable. I have made sweaters for children. I am one sleeve away from finish the blanket cardigan. I look forward to this pattern. I have wanted to make it for ages.
  8. I thought I read somewhere or maybe on you live you were going to show us a way where we didnt have to weave in all the ends. I am changing colors every few rows according to your written pattern
  9. No this is not my first wearable. This will be my 3rd pic. I have made a few other wearable and they have all been Ashley’s designs. I am doing this cal because you have learned a lot since this pattern and I would love to learn how to make it better. Thanks so much for all your gray patterns I have learned so much
  10. I love all of her crochet patterns. She also is the best at help if you get stuck on part of her patterns at trying to get thru thr tricky parts.
  11. I’m trying to decide on colors the I’m so excited to get started! I love your patterns! They’re so easy to follow. Thank you for all the hard work you put into them.
  12. I love your newsletter. I am saving this cardigan for when I finish one of your blankets. Will print all the instructions.