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Wide Half Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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Looking to try something new, yet familiar? The Wide Half Double Crochet stitch could be the perfect thing to bring some extra pizzazz to your next crochet project. Spicing up your fabric can be as simple as changing the spot where you insert your hook, so grab your hook and learn the wide half double with me!

how to crochet wide half double tutorial

Wide Half Double Crochet Tutorial

The wide half double is a gorgeous, EASY stitch to create. If you can make the regular half double stitch, you can absolutely do this.

Because of the way we construct it, this stitch eliminates the ridge that you get along the top of the row in traditional half double. This makes the fabric created using this stitch truly reversible.

wide half double crochet stitch

This crochet stitch is perfect for beginners. The regular Half Double Crochet is used in all kinds of crochet patterns, from sweaters, scarves to blankets, and is typically one of the basic crochet stitches a crocheter learns.

What’s great about this stitch is that it is literally the same exact thing as the regular Half Double Crochet, the ONLY difference is where we insert the hook to begin the stitch.

In my opinion, because of the way the stitch dips down into the row below, this almost has a Moss Stitch appearance (pictured below). Except this one certainly works up faster!

Frequently asked Questions About the Wide Half Double Stitch:

What is the difference between Whdc and HDC? The only difference between the wide half double and the traditional half double is where we insert the hook to pull up the loop. Go in between the stitches instead of into the top of the stitch.

What is the abbreviation? Abbreviated as Whdc, this is a simple variation of the regular Half Double Crochet stitch.

What is the stitch multiple? There is no stitch multiple for the wide half double. Start with ANY number of chains.

Does the turning chain count as a stitch? No, in this tutorial the turning chain does not count as a stitch.

Helpful Tips:

Make sure when you insert the hook between stitches to pull up the loop, that you encompass ALL loops (including the third loop) of the previous row. This is easy to miss!

Work your first stitch of each row in between the first and second stitch.

Work the last stitch of each row in between the final stitch and the turning chain from the previous row.

Wide Half Double Written Instructions:

The short version: Yarn over, insert hook in space between the next two stitches of the previous row and pull up a loop. (3 loops on hook). YO and complete the stitch as a regular half double crochet stitch.

1. Start with any number of chains. In this tutorial I am starting with 12.

2. Half Double Crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain to end.

3. Chain one and turn.

4. Skip the first stitch and instead, make a half double crochet in between the first and second stitch.

5. Half double crochet in between each stitch to the end of the row. (Making sure to encompass all three loops of the stitch)

6. Make the final stitch in the small space between the last hdc stitch and the turning chain.

Repeat steps 4 – 6 to continue adding rows. When finished, simply fasten off and weave in all ends.

wide hdc

That’s it! Super easy, mindless, and fun. Just make sure to snag all THREE loops when going between stitches.

Wide Half Double VIDEO tutorial:

If you would rather watch this step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube, you can find it right here. Subscribe while you’re there! 😜


I hope you love this stitch. Stay tuned for a NEW, unisex sweater pattern featuring this stitch hitting the Heart Hook Home blog soon!

wide half double crochet stitch tutorial

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  1. Isn’t this just a half double moss stitch? That would explain why it looks like the traditional moss stitch. ;-) Either way, great tutorial!
  2. Ashlea, I'm a big fan of your crochet blog and patterns! As an intermediate crocheter, I can very often do just fine (or even better) w written instructions. But, as you know, a video that's done patiently and well -- describing and showing each step as if someone you're tutoring is sitting right next to you -- is always helpful. And, of course, some people learn better by demonstration. All this is to say that we so appreciate the hours and hours you must spend doing all the background work to help make your patterns and crochet in general very easy for and enjoyable to us. You always look for ways to eliminate frustrations for us, whether it be little crocheting tips, different yarn suggestions, or those super helpful sizing tips. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the real deal! ♡
  3. I just tried the the whdc stitchbut it does look like the moss stitch it’s perfect! Lots easier in my opinion to the moss stitch. Thank you so much!
  4. Ashley, I appreciate the beautiful WHDC tutorial. I have just one question ~~ after you complete the second row ~~ Do you ch 1? Sorry, but I am pretty new to crochet and just wanted to be sure. Thank you, Sheryl