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How to Crochet the Moss Stitch (Written and Video Tutorial)

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Don’t you just love learning new crochet stitches? The Moss stitch (a.k.a. the Granite stitch a.k.a. the Linen stitch a.k.a. the Woven stitch) is a stitch you just can’t help but to love. The Moss stitch is a combination of two of the most basic crochet stitches: the single crochet and the chain stitch. Yes, it really is that easy!

how to crochet the moss stitch

Moss Stitch Crochet Tutorial

If you can make the single crochet, you can make the Moss Stitch. The Moss stitch creates a beautiful effect with the little “dips” down into the row below. This stitch is great for baby blankets, wraps, shawls, gloves, texting gloves, and anything in between.

In fact, we’re using this stitch in my Stitch Sampler Afghan pattern, which would be a great chance to learn this and other crochet stitches. 😉

how to make the Moss Stitch Crochet

About the Moss Stitch:

You’ll want to start with a multiple of two. So start with any even number of chains.

This stitch creates rather shallow/short rows, so crocheting a large project with this stitch can take longer than with other crochet stitches. Good thing it is easy and fun!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try making the Moss Stitch with half double crochet or double crochet instead of the single crochet. The basic concept is the same, but the height of the rows will make your project work up more quickly. Try this free Cocoon sweater pattern to see what I mean!

Sometimes I prefer to start with a solid row of single crochet as my foundation row instead of crocheting into the chain. This is not required, but I do feel like it gives a cleaner edge into which to crochet when adding a border.

Watch the VIDEO tutorial for this stitch below.

To start the Moss Stitch: 

1. Begin with a chain that has an even number of stitches.

2. Single crochet in the fourth chain from the hook.

3. Chain one, skip the next chain and single crochet into the next. Chain one, skip the next chain and single crochet into the next. Repeat to the end of the row, ending with a single crochet in the last chain.

First row made!

To start a new row…

4. Chain two and turn your work. From here on out you will be crocheting into the chain spaces of the previous row.

hook placement for moss stitch

5. Single crochet in the first chain space. Chain one and skip the next single crochet, and place a single crochet in the next chain space.

6. Keep up the pattern of chain one, skip the next single crochet, and place a single crochet in the next chain space. When you reach the end of the row, place your last single crochet into the chain space you used to begin that row.

Would you prefer to learn with the Moss stitch video tutorial?

YouTube video
I look forward to seeing what you’re making with the Moss stitch, so be sure to share a photo in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook!

How to crochet the moss stitch

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  1. I have crocheted for years but for some reason I am having problems getting this stitch started. I am trying to do a test patch of 20 stitches across but somehow I end up with less than 20 stiches on my 2nd row. Can you tell me where I am screwing up please? Thank you.
    1. How many fewer stitches do you end up with? If it's just 1, could you be missing that last stitch in the row?
      1. The last stitch might be harder to notice., because it doesn't have a stitch on the far side holding I visibly open.
  2. Would this stitch make a good shrug? I’m a beginner, so I’m looking for something fairly simple. Do you have any shrug patterns aka blanket sweater ? I have seen them on Pinterest and thought this might be simple... Thank you.
    1. Hi Melanie! The moss stitch is a great versatile stitch that can be used for almost anything! I have the Mimsical Wrap pattern which features the moss stitch...details for that can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/the-mimsical-wrap-crochet-pattern/
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  4. Hi, Looking for a stitch to use for a temperature blanket. Would you think that this would be a good stitch to use?? I have 365 rows to do but dont want a huge blanket.. what would you recommend?
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  8. Been using the moss stitch for years. Love it for making pot holders. I find I need a smaller hook when using cotton yarn. Love that stitch.
  9. I love this Moss stitch pattern and your tutorial video was great. I’m making 2 blankets for my granddaughters but need help please! What stitch did you use for the border. I’ve made 2 attempts to put a border but when I crochet the rough edge it is getting out of shape. Please help!!
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  12. I recently tried the moss stitch to make hats for premies & decided to make little afghans with the stitch, well they turned out so cute. I hope the families that get them are comforted knowing someone cares. I'm making a mermaid tail blanket for my Grddaugh. with a shell stitch & also the F/Bpost stitch so I just read up on that one.
    1. That is so sweet of you! I am sure the little blankets are adorable and very much appreciated!
  13. Chose one way and stay with it. Learning one way is better for me. I am 75 and maybe it different for the young. I do work on learning new stitches.
  14. Hi Ashlea! How many skeins did you use for your blanket. I am looking to make a throw size for the couch. Thanks!!