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Woven In Time Sofa Blanket Crochet Along: Part ONE

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I am sure that by now you are MORE than ready to start part ONE of the Woven in Time Sofa Blanket Crochet-Along! I sure hope so, at least, because today is the day! Today we start part ONE of this sofa blanket CAL, and it couldn’t be easier.

Crochet blanket free pattern

Woven In Time CAL: Part ONE

For part ONE of this crochet-along, we are crocheting all of the strips that will be going in one direction in our blanket. In part two we will crochet the strips going perpendicular to these. Don’t forget to favorite this pattern on Ravelry!

Woven In Time blanket pattern

As discussed in the materials and information post, for this part of the CAL, part ONE, you will need approximately 1413 yards (157 yards per strip) of worsted weight/Aran yarn. Use up your yarn scraps, or just one color – up to you! Grab your I/5.5mm and let’s get started!


Gauge is not super important in this project. If you want to match mine exactly, you should have 16 stitches in 5” for width, and 12 rows tall should also be 5”. If your finished strips seem a little short, that’s okay! Mine did too. It worked out great in the end!

Woven In Time CAL part one

Make nine (9) of these:

Row 1: Fhdc-143 (or ch-144, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end) (143)

Rows 2 – 12: Ch-1, turn, hdc in each st to end (143)

Fasten off and weave in all ends on all strips. That. Is. It! 

Can you believe it?

Woven in Time CAL strip patterns

These strips are super simple and your mission, should you choose to accept it 😉 – is to complete NINE of these before part TWO is released. Feel free to share a photo of your completed part ONE in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

Woven in Time Crochet Along part one

If you’re new here, see all of the details for this Woven in Time crochet-along in the materials and other information post, and be ready for part TWO on Friday, March 1st, 2019! See part two here.

Woven In Time Sofa Blanket CAL

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  1. Hi Tracy I would love to make this blanket could you tell me if it would be good for aweigh Blanket.If not can I use 2 stewn of yarn at the same time?I have Phentex Worsted.
  2. how long is each strip if it is only 12 rows your strips look lots longer than that. Thank you
    1. Hi Tracy! Each strip in part 1 should measure approximately 43" wide and 5" tall. Hope this helps!
  3. I want to make this but I'm wondering if you have a way to adjust the pattern to make it into a baby blanket? If so where can I get it? It would be for a baby shower coming up in April and I would so love to do it! Thanks so much for all you do!
    1. Hi Melissa! Once the CAL is over, the pattern will be available with directions for different sizes.
      1. Great to hear! I want to make one for my grown son and he wants it about 6 feet long! I was thinking of just making the length ones longer, but then don't know if you just make more of them for width, or if you make each of the width pieces bigger. I'll wait for the pattern before I mess something up. Love your site, I use it all the time and refer people here and especially for your tutorial on borders and your master beanie page! I'm all over the place here though...and very much appreciate you for all you have done to help so many of us.
  4. Once foundation row is complete do you hdc in back loop of stitches for remaining rows or thru both loops of entire stitch?
    1. FHDC = foundation half double crochet. I believe Ashlea has a video of how to do it, if not, there;s sure to be one on YouTube
    2. Hi Lanelle! FHDC is the foundation half-double crochet...I have a tutorial that can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/crochet-foundation-half-double-crochet/
  5. I really love this blanket and the colors are awesome. I will wait for Ravelry’s pattern because I want to make it bigger. I make my blankets at least 58x68 inches because my husband likes to use them too. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern. Linda
    1. Hi Barbara! This blanket will measure approximately 45"x55" (just shy of 4'x5') Once the CAL is complete, I will have the full pattern available on Ravelry with instructions on how to make the blanket bigger or smaller.
  6. I'm loving this pattern and I'm a slow crocheter and will be able to keep up with this great CAL. Thank you so so much.
  7. Question....I am somewhat a beginner....so after you chain one, do you skip a stitch or start in the first stitch? And does it matter if I have 145 instead of 143 stitches? thanks.
    1. Hi Devonna! After your turning chain, you will go directly into that 1st stitch. As for the extra 2 stitches...if it's only that one strip, you can probably make it work as long as you keep it towards the middle when we piece the blanket together...but I would make sure all remaining strips have the correct stitch count. Hope this helps!
    2. Start in the first stitch & don't count the chain as a stitch. I don't imagine that 145 instead of 143 will make much difference, as long as all 9 strips have the same count.
    3. Just saw that Ashlea already answered your stitch count question. Sorry! Definitely follow her advice about that.
  8. Anyone else want to make this blanket longer? I counted 12 stitches in pic that would add one horizontal strip to length. We have tall peeps in my family and have always had to add length to my blanket projects. If anyone has considered lengthening project please let me know. Thanks
    1. Hi Diane! Once the CAL is finished the entire pattern will be available through Ravelry and it will include instructions for making the blanket smaller or larger.
    1. She states you need 1413 yards for part one, which is 157 yards of yarn per strip. What kind of yarn are you using that 157 yards is 50 skeins?
  9. Can you please provide the yarn totals needed for the next steps so that I can get it all at once? I think it's the border I need to know. Thank you. I'm excited to try this one!
  10. The other information page said baby blanket size instructions would be included. Where might I find those? Thanks!
    1. She noted somewhere she would provide the alternative sizes baby blanket and larger blankets but i believe at the end of the CAL
    2. Hi Jeannie! Once the CAL is all finished, the entire pattern will be available through ravelry...in that pattern will be instructions for making the blanket smaller or larger.
    1. If you use foundation hdc to start then just 143, but if you are chaining you need 144 and then turn for row one starting in the 2nd ch from the hook to have 143 hdc at the end.
      1. Hello I don’t have a Crochet Hook with that number on it 1/5.5 m An I have a lot of them, please explain. Have I missed something ? Thank You