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DIY Yarn Fund Piggy Bank Tutorial (+ free SVG file)

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Calling all yarn enthusiasts! Today we’re going to turn a decorative glass block into a too-cute DIY Yarn Fund piggy bank!

Yarn Fund piggy bank in front of a yarn wall

My husband and I recently finished my dream yarn room where we did most of the work ourselves, and while shopping for flooring we ran into a decorative craft glass block display. I had to buy at least one to turn it into my yarn fund piggy bank for my yarn room! Isn’t that fun?! What an inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to your crafting space – and then add to it!

Glass square piggy bank with "yarn fund" vinyl on front

DIY Yarn Fund Piggy Bank:

(1) 7.5 x 7.5 Decorative glass block
*here’s a slightly smaller option
(2) small pieces of different colored vinyl
Cricut or Silhouette machine
This “Yarn Fund” svg file

If you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine, we have the cut, prepared, and ready-to-apply vinyl for this project available in over a dozen colors here.

adding yarn fund decal to square piggy bank

To apply the “YARN fund” vinyl:

  1. Using rubbing alcohol, clean the surface to which you will apply the decal.
  2. Using a credit card (or something similar) rub the decal to ensure strong adhesion for transfer.
  3. Slowly and carefully peel the clear top off of the white background (vinyl should stick to the clear).
  4. Carefully place the decal on the clean, dry surface and position.
  5. Again using your credit card, rub the decal to ensure strong adhesion to glass front.

making a yarn fund piggy bank with glass block

Fill your new Yarn Fund piggy bank with any coins you find under the couch cushions, stuck between the car seats, or, if you’ve got kids like mine, crusted in the bottom of the cup holder of your car.  😛

If you don’t have access to a vinyl cutting machine, we have the decal available for purchase in over a dozen different colors!

Opened yarn fund piggy bank

If you’re feeling super crafty, we have more craft and DIY fun to keep you busy!

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  1. Did the glass block come with the lid that has the slot already in it? I can't seem to find one with a slot in it anywhere.
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  4. Hi, Ashlea! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods? The past couple of weeks have been pretty bad from the West Coast to the East Coast. I live in the Central part of PA, We got plenty of crazy weather from the North West and the South West and from the South. Thankfully all is calm now. The weather is teasing us with with warmer days and little rain or snow right now, but I wouldn't dream of thinking winter is over. I have been working on the Egg-cellent Apron for a friend. She has a little helper that I think would really like to have the child version of the apron. The problem is when I clicked on the link that was supposed to take me to the pattern, I got an error that indicated that it wasn't to be found. When you get an opportunity would you check it? Thank you, Deanna Buterbaugh
    1. Hi Deanna! Yes! The weather has been crazy here as well! I will look into the link issue...but for now you can copy and paste this link and it should take you to the pattern: https://hearthookhome.com/egg-cellent-child-size-apron/ Thanks for pointing that out!