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Child Size Blanket Cardigan: Free Crochet Pattern (18M)

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Who else is in the mood for matching Blanket Cardigans for the whole family?! I know I am! Let’s start this shindig with the 18 month version of my NEW child size Blanket Cardigan series; a free crochet pattern!

Small girl modeling a teal blanket cardigan for free crochet pattern

I decided to start this child size pattern series with the 18 month size and omit the fringe. Little hands, little fingers, lots of playing, maybe a little dirt, and you just don’t know how well all that would mix together. We also decided to omit the buttonholes that are included in the larger and adult sizes because of body proportion variation from child to child.

We still wanted it to hang nicely when closed, so Nikki (my fabulous tester) used hook & eye fasteners to secure the edges of the fronts. She placed the first set in front of the armpit about 2 inches apart vertically. She then used another hook & eye set to secure the front panel on the other side of the torso to allow the collar to lay flat. We highly recommend trying this on your child if at all possible before securing. Of course you could omit the fastenings all together and let it hang. How adorable is she?!

Baby girl wearing teal blanket cardigan with flower and lace edging

Trimmed with lace and ribbon sewn to the edge of the collar. Removable clip was made using leftover lace/ribbon and button and attached to a claw clip. Our lovely model is 18 months old and wears sizes 18 months to 2T. Note that after testing the sizing, I did shorten the length of the cardigan by four rows as well as the shortening the sleeves.

Child Size Blanket Cardigan (18 Month)

A BIG thanks to Nikki for testing this pattern for me and for taking such amazing photos! I will be adding more sizes as they are completed – stay tuned!

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18 month (this one!)


Crochet hook: I/5.5mm
*or size needed to obtain gauge

Stitch markers

Lightweight (size 3 or DK) yarn
-approx. 530 yards for 18 month pattern
(Yarn Bee Baby Bee Sweet Delight in Pea Pod pictured)

Hook & Eye fasteners

Gauge: 12 hdc and 11 rows in 4” square

Make sure you check your gauge – especially when making clothing.

Special Stitches used:

Foundation Half Double Crochet (fhdc) – video tutorial
Front Post/Back Post Half Double Crochet (fphdc/bphdc) – video tutorial

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

While you are free to sell items sold from my patterns, please do not use my photos to represent your work. If selling online, please link back to the original pattern(s) here on Heart Hook Home.

Size 18 Month Blanket Cardigan Pattern:

Row 1: Fhdc – 96 (or ch-97 and hdc in 2nd st and in each across) (96)
Rows 2 – 28: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end (96)

Use stitch markers and mark 34 sts in from each side to start armholes.

Right side
Row 29: Ch-1,turn, hdc in next 34 sts (34)
Rows 30 – 42: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end (34)
Fasten off.

Left side
Attach yarn at left stitch marker with sl st.
Row 29: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end (34)
Rows 30 – 42: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end (34)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Attach yarn in next open st.
Row 29: Ch-1, hdc in same st and next 27 sts (28)
Row 30 – 42: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end (28)
Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.


Fold front sides in and line up the edges of the top to sew the shoulder using the Mattress Stitch. Starting at the outside, sew front to back for 7 sts on each side. This will leave 27 unsewn stitches on both fronts and 14 unsewn stitches along the neck for a total of 68 stitches.


Attach yarn at what would be the right lapel. We will work our way to the shoulder, across the neck and around to the other side, continuing in rows. If you’ve made the Painted Canyon Cardigan for kids, the concept is the same!

Row 1: Ch-1, hdc in next 27 sts, hdc2tog (in the same 2 sts as shoulder seam) hdc in next 14 sts, hdc2tog (in the same 2 sts as shoulder seam) hdc in next 27 sts (70)

Rows 2 – 10: Ch-1, hdc in each st to end. (70)
Fasten off and weave in ends.


Attach yarn at base of armhole with sl st.
Round 1: Ch-1, hdc in same st and evenly around armhole. Join to top of first hdc with sl st. (28)

Rounds 2 – 3: Ch-1, turn, hdc in same st as join and each st around. (28)

Round 4: Ch-1, turn, sk very first st (where the join was last row as pictured) and hdc in each st around. Join to top of first hdc with sl st. (27)

Round 5: Ch-1, turn, hdc in same st as join and each st around. (27)

Rounds 6 – 17: repeat rounds 4 & 5 six times (ending with 21)

Round 18 – 22: Ch-1, turn, hdc in same st as join and each st around. (21)

Round 23: Ch-1, turn, fphdc around first post, bphdc around next. Repeat around, fphdc around last open post. Join to top of first fphdc with sl st. (the chain-1 will look like a bphdc) (21)

Round 24: Ch-1, turn, bphdc around first, fphdc around next. Repeat around, bphdc around last. Join to top of first bphdc with sl st. (21)

Rounds 25 – 26: repeat rounds 23 & 24

Round 27: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Join using Invisible Join.

Little girl wearing a teal crocheted blanket cardigan with bow in hair

Woohoo!! You’re done! Be sure to share photos of your blanket cardigan with me by tagging @HeartHookHome on Instagram and Twitter, and by sharing in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community group on Facebook!

The other sizes in my child size blanket cardigan series are already at the testers, so I will publish them as they are completed! I hope you love them!

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    1. Hello. I love the sweater blanket. I am having a tough time getting my crocheting to measure 4x4. Could you send me the measurements across the bottom and from the bottom to the arm, the the arm to the top of the blanket sweater. Thank you
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  3. I made this for my niece! It was so easy to read & make. Very good pattern. Do you have this pattern for adult size?
    1. Hi Samantha! It is available in adult sizes! That post can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/blanket-cardigan-crochet-pattern/
  4. Was wanting to make the 6/8 size for my niece for Christmas, is there a way to make the pattern even though it hasn’t been uploaded on here yet? Thank you for all the amazing patterns you’ve done so far they are all gorgeous.
    1. Hi Ashley! The 6/8 pattern can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/kids-blanket-cardigan-crochet/
  5. Love this pattern, thank you so much! Directions are super easy to follow. It turns out beautiful. Love your paterns!
  6. I can't see where my last comment was made but can you provide pattern in a smaller size with button holes like the 2t-3t pattern. I need one for a 9 month old.
    1. Hi Pam! The shoulders will be much like in the painted canyon cardigan...which I have a video for! Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/061ASkM1GB8 At about 20:45 minutes in is where I show sewing the shoulders. Hope that helps!
  7. Thank you for the pattern, I do have a question were do we put the Hook and eye fasteners you list in the Materials list, doing the 2/3 T size.
  8. thank you for these wonderful patterns for the blanket cardigan. they will be good to have and use for i have many great nieces !!