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Chunky Ballet Slippers Crochet Pattern (Kids Size Included!)

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I am BLOWN AWAY by the response to my NEW Sunday Ballet Slippers pattern. Before I even had that free slipper pattern published, I was asked for a child size – and then a chunky yarn size. So, I decided to combine the two into ONE pattern! Enter the Chunky Ballet Slippers Crochet Pattern that doubles as a kids pattern!

Chunky Ballet Slippers Crochet Pattern

The yarn size used in this pattern determines the size of the finished slipper. I followed this pattern exactly using a size 6 Super Bulky yarn and they came out as adult size chunky slippers.

My tester Nikki has tiny feet and she used worsted and they fit her great as well! So, if you are making for a child or small adult, use a worsted weight yarn, if you are making for adult women’s sizes 7 – 10, you’ll use the chunky yarn. Isn’t that fun? The possibilities are endless!


For child size/small adult:
Worsted weight/size 4/Aran yarn
-approx. 75 – 100 yards

Crochet hook in size D/3.25mm

For chunky adult slippers:
Super Bulky/size 6 yarn
-approx. 80 yards (I wear a size 9, but size is customizable)

Crochet hook in size J/6mm

For non-slip you could use this Sock Stop. Thanks, Gemma!

Pattern Notes:

Place first stitch of each row in the same stitch as your chain.

Ch-2 at beginning of round does NOT count as a stitch.

Pattern written in US terms.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

Here’s a tutorial for the Magic circle. You could also Chain-4, join to first chain to form a circle.


Round 1: Magic circle, ch-2, 10dc in circle. Join. (10)

Round 2: Ch-2, 2dc in each st around. Join. (20)

Rounds 3 – 5: Ch-2, dc in each st around. Join. (20)

Blue ballet slippers crochet pattern working from the toe up

Crocheting chunky slippers from pattern

Round 6: Ch-2, dc in 13 sts. ch-2, sc in next 7 sts. Ch-2, sl to top of first dc.

Crochet chains on top of foot in free crochet chunky slipper pattern

Round 7: Ch-2, dc in 13 sts, ch-4, sc in center 5 sts. Ch-4, sl st to top of first dc.

Halfway through crocheting chunky slipper crochet pattern

Round 8: Ch-2, dc in 13 sts, ch-6, sc in center 3 sts. Ch-6, sl st to top of first dc.

Crocheting the foot of a chunky slipper pattern

Row 9: Ch-2, dc in 13 sts. (13)

Row 10: Ch-2, turn, 2dc in first, dc in next 11 sts, 2dc in last st (15)

Row 11: ch-2, turn, dc in 15 sts. (15)

Row 12: ch-2, turn, 2dc in first, dc in next 13 sts, 2dc in last st. (17)

Rows 13 – length needed: Ch-2, turn, dc in 17 sts (17)

***stop when slipper length is 1” shorter than foot length***

Double Crochet 3 together for heel of chunky slipper pattern

Round 14 (or last row needed for size): Ch-2, turn, dc in 7 sts, dc3tog (middle of heel), dc in 7 sts. Do not fasten off, sl st to top of first st from this row to create the heel. Ch-1, turn.

Creating the heel of chunky slipper using blue yarn

Around top of slipper, with slipper toe facing away from you: sc in each row end until you reach the top of row 9.

Blue yarn and crochet hook making a chunky slipper

Detail work on top of crocheted slipper

Finishing the second side of the chunky slipper with blue yarn

Ch-8, sc in center st. Ch-8, sc in top of other side of row 9, sc in each row end to heel.

Sewing up the heel of crochet slipper using blue chunky yarn

Fasten off and sew down heel using the Mattress Stitch, weave in ends.

Multi-colored chunky yarn crochet slippers on a rug with book and glasses


I just love how QUICKLY these chunky ballet slippers work up. If you like, you could add some soles to the bottom, or, even easier, throw in some cheap insoles cut to size! You might glue them to make them stick, or not – up to you!

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  1. I made a pair of these using size 6 yarn. I'm a size 7 and they fit great! Pattern was super easy to understand and follow. Love it!
  2. Hi Ashlea, Just wanted to thank you for this fast and easy pattern. I used a four weight doubled. And they turned out beautiful. I have sat today and made two pair. One for me, and one for my daughter. Merry Christmas!!
  3. Hi I'm confused by round 14 where it says: "Ch-2, turn, dc in 7 sts, dc3tog (middle of heel), dc in 7 sts." What does "dc3tog" mean? I'm trying to figure it out, but I'm apparently stuck on duh today and require assistance. HALLP
    1. Hi Monica! I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly which yarn it is...I know it was Lion Brand. Maybe Wool Ease thick & quick.
  4. Love these! I've made the men's, and the Sunday slippers, so thought I'd try these. I have a narrow foot, so I skipped the increase after the chain 6 round, and they are perfect! Thank you for a quick, simple....and useful! pattern.
    1. Hope do I make a woman's size 6 slipper.. I got 8 on up but what about smaller.. I'm not sure where to cut the size
  5. Thank you so much for this pattern! It's amazing. I've just made my first pair, it was really quick and easy to do. I used up some wool leftover from a chunky cardigan I made. So now they match!
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  7. Hello, I just finished my first pair of these slippers and love them but, mine don't seem to be coming up as high as the ones you or others have made. Almost like I'm missing rows? But, I've gone over and over the pattern and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I even tried going up a hook size and making my stitches looser.
  8. Trying to figure out how to size this for children who are 5 with size toddler 10 And size 2 in child. Making these for gifts for children i help teach in my church.
  9. Thanks so much for share your pattern. I have been making the original Sunday Ballet Slipper for all my friends. They are so fun to make. I have added a sole to give my foot more cushioning as I have wood floors. Some of my friends have small feet and kids so I will be using this pattern for them. I love these slippers!
  10. I know this was posted a couple years ago but I just made a pair while my kids were napping and I really like them. Thank you:)
  11. I made a pair of these for myself and my son would really like something similar. To make this without the chain area for him would you just do a SC across the front?
  12. Hi! I decided to make 25 pairs for my night shift nurses! BUT -- 2 of my RNs have size 12 feet -- do I just go up another row on the bottom? How do I size it a bit larger? Thanks!!!
    1. Wow! That's a lot of slippers! I would just continue crocheting the bottom rows until the total length is about 10" long. Hope this helps!
  13. This pattern was a SUPER easy to follow however i used a big chunky yarn and i am making these for my mom who is a size 6. I got done with one slipper and i tried it on... Ii'm a size 11 and it was big on me!!! How do I size this down half it's size with super chunky yarn? My mom is in the hospital and i want to use the softest, chunkiest yarn i can use. Help!
    1. Hi Debbie! I am sorry you are having an issue with the sizing. There are a couple of things you can try. 1) go down a hook size to an I/5.5mm and/or 2) eliminate a row in the toe area. If either of those don't work, my only advice would be to use a worsted yarn with a D hook for the child/small adult version. Good luck!
    2. I just discovered this pattern & have been experimenting with some of my stash... I’m also a size 6 & tried with worsted (4) weight... was ok but a bit thin.... So, tried with some chunky (5) weight... worked perfectly using an H hook & making Row 13 the decrease row (Row14). I much prefer the chunky ... Next, to alter the pattern to fit my 8 year old granddaughter with chunky yarn!
    1. Hi Beverly! I do have an ad-free printable version which can be purchased on Ravelry...that can be found here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunday-ballet-slippers
    1. If I copy pattern with pictures it will be 20 pages. Any place pattern is available to copy without pictures?? THANKS SO MUCH!
  14. I have just made myself a pair of these slippers and I have to say they are the easiest and quickest I have ever made. The design is brilliant. I made mine chunky and I can't wait to try more with different weight yarns. Thank you for sharing this pattern
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  16. Thanks for sharing the pattern! I made the other version of ballet slippers for my mother in law and I was very happy with the result that I'm gonna make one for myself! Probably chunky version! Thanks again
  17. I made a pair for myself first. Your pattern was super easy to follow, and I loved the result so much I am making more for my daughters! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern! ~Dawne
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  19. I would like to start this project for a friend. The yarn I have is size 5 bulky. How should I adjust the hook size to accomodate the thinner yarn? (she is a size 8)
    1. If anyone else wonders since this 2 yr old question....the yarn you want to use, they always suggest a size hook to best use along with that skein. Make hook bigger than what they suggest, project will prob be bigger than pattern. Same goes If you go down a size of hook than the suggested size, project will prob be a little smaller than original pattern!
  20. Just made a pair for my sister, your pattern and the photo illustrations were great.. I'll be making some more of these. Worked up so quick.
  21. Hi Ashlea, I’ve made several pairs of slippers for my mom. My dad liked them so much he kept a pair for himself. Do you have a pattern for men?
    1. Hi Denise! I do have a pattern for mens slippers! It can be found here: http://hearthookhome.com/mens-slippers-crochet-pattern/
  22. This is simply the best slipper pattern I have found. Easy to follow and I love the style. Thanks so much for sharing x
  23. Hi, just a quick question.. What kind of yarn did you use in the main picture with the book and coffee cup? I love it!
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  25. feeling stupid..making small adult/child and on row 3 (20) sts.. it says row 3-5 ..2 dbl in each st = 20 at the end of rows 3-5 wouldn't that be (80) stitches? prob should have watched video but fairly good at reading well written patterns..help plz..tia
  26. Hi Ashley, Thank you so much for this slipper pattern . I made them while traveling from Florida to Maryland and it kept me sane from the 1800 mile trip. Now my husband wants a pair ( he loves the sweater I made from you . Did you add a mens size I havnt done the chuncky ones yet. Thanks again you are so talented and gracious to share these wonderful patterns.
  27. Hi Ashley. I am a novice at crocheting. I am 77 & just taught myself to crochet a baby blanket using double crochet for my great grandson to be born in April. Since the edges are not even, I don't know how to edge it. Could you give me a suggestion as how to finish it. Thank you.
  28. I’m curious, you said your tester had tiny feet. Do you know what size she actually is? I want to make a pair for my sister, and she has tiny feet. (Im a 9 1/2) I think she’s maybe a size 7. And I’m trying to decide which pattern I should use for her.