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How to Sew Crochet Pieces Together Using the Mattress Stitch

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If you have two pieces of crochet to sew together, you may want to use the Mattress Stitch. A favorite when it comes to joining crocheted granny squares or crocheted clothing.

How to sew the Mattress Stitch

How to Sew the Mattress Stitch

When joining crochet pieces you can either slip stitch them together, single crochet them together, whip stitch them together or mattress stitch them together. I find that the mattress stitch creates the most seamless and invisible seam, and it does so without the ridge inherent in most other methods of joining crochet pieces.

See a video tutorial, on my YouTube channel, using this stitch below.

Sewing two crocheted pieces together with the Mattress Stitch

To join two pieces of crochet together:

1. Lay out the two side edges that will be sewn, lining up the corresponding stitches on each side. Make sure your right sides and wrong sides of your pieces of crocheted fabric are matched up first.

2. Thread your yarn needle with the main color of yarn.

Sewing the Mattress Stitch

3. Work from the inside/bottom out, sew through both loops on each side as if you were lacing a pair of tennis shoes.

Second half of the mattress stitch

4. Continue sewing back and forth from the inside/bottom out between both pieces to end.

Making the mattress stitch

5. When finished sewing two pieces together, weave in the yarn end as usual.

That’s it! I love how this method of joining eliminates the ridge you get when using most other methods of joining two pieces in crochet such as the single, slip or whip stitch.

Sewing crochet using the Mattress Stitch

I use the Mattress Stitch seam to join the two shoulders together in the Painted Canyon Cardigan as well as the child sizes of the Unicorn Hoodie! See a video of the Mattress Stitch in action:

YouTube video
What is your favorite way to join two pieces of crochet?

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  1. Thank you for today’s post on joining with the mattress stitch! I had done this once before and was impressed with the results. However, I could not remember the name of the stitch to assemble the Granny Hexagon project sitting on my kitchen table as I am typing today. Thanks for saving the day and giving this project a polished finish!
  2. I am crocheting a sleeveless sweater that is one piece / front, shoulder neck section and back section. I need to sew the sides together. The shoulder neck area is an open lattice work design. Would this be best to block first before sewing the seams?
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  5. OMG - talk about perfect timing. Finished a granny square blanket during this pandemic and was trying to figure out how to put it together without a ridge or pucker, etc. After watching many demos, I was about to give up until I did "one more" - yours. What a great video - simple, easy to understand and follow along with and I will be starting my new-learned mattress stitch any minute. Thank you.
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    1. Hi Jane! I have a tutorial for corner to corner here: https://hearthookhome.com/how-to-crochet-a-corner-to-corner-c2c-throw/
    1. I need help sewint granny squares together.i made 165 of them how toale strips how to join etc . Please . ... Thank you LaReta
  9. Thank you for this great video! Could you please show how to seam the raw edges where there isn't a clear stitch to weave thru? thanks again, leilla
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  12. How can you estimate the length of cord/yarn/thread it will take to crochet a single row of beading for a bracelet? Thanks for you answer.
    1. Hello, I don't have a tried and true answer, but sometimes I'll calculate 3 times how long I want the finished piece and go from there. That typically allows for the yarn for foundation and stitches. Does that help?