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3-Ingredient Cleansing Sea Salt Body Scrub

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Need a soul-cleansing sea salt body scrub made with items already in your kitchen? This 3-Ingredient Cleansing Sea Salt Scrub is the perfect mood changer when paired with a nice, hot shower.

3-Ingredient Sea Salt Body Scrub

Cleansing Sea Salt Body Scrub

This cleansing scrub removes dead skin cells with just three simple ingredients; ingredients you probably already have on hand. After washing with this exfoliating scrub your skin will feel baby soft and ultra moisturized.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Lemon Juice

To make:

1. Pour sea salt in a small container, about 1/2 cup but the amount doesn’t really matter.

2. Add in just enough extra virgin olive oil to soak the salt. Let it soak in a moment, stir and add more if needed – you want it the consistency of a frozen slushie.

3. Squeeze the juice of about half a lemon into the mixture.

4. Stir

That’s it! Add an essential oil if you like.

To use:

Next time you take a shower, using either a wash cloth, a loofah or your bare hand (I prefer my bare hands, it is easier to manage) rub it into your skin, focusing your shoulders and neck. The salt acts as an exfoliant, the oil as a moisturizer and the lemon as a cleanser. You’ll feel like a new person emerging from the shower. Promise!

The next time you use the scrub, simply stir with your finger before use to get it back to the slushie consistency. Try this 3-Ingredient Cleansing Sea Salt Body Scrub and let us know what you think!

Cleansing Sea Salt Body Scrub

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