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Crochet Loungewear Shorts Pattern

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It’s true that you can crochet just about anything. That means a brand new pair of crocheted loungewear shorts are in your near future! In fact, you can use this free crochet pattern to make your own crocheted romper featuring another Heart Hook Home pattern! Grab your hook and work up a pair of comfy crocheted shorts.

how to crochet a romper

Crochet Loungewear Shorts Pattern

These crocheted loungewear shorts are very comfortable. As written, they have a huge amount of positive ease and we incorporate elastic into the waist band. This is a clever shorts design that pairs perfectly with the Everyday Tank top.

Make the tank in a matching color and connect the two… and you have an adorable romper. I love it!

crochet romper pattern

crochet romper free pattern

We use a lightweight yarn in order to make these shorts. A fingering weight yarn in a cotton or cotton blend is the perfect yarn for a lightweight comfy pair of shorts. A cotton yarn or a cotton blend will work best, especially if you’ll also be turning yours into a romper.

I used Comfy Fingering from WeCrochet in the “Blackberry” colorway for the purple, and the Twister Solid from Hobbii in the “Marsala” colorway for the red version. You could also use Mandala String yarn from Lion Brand, Gloss Fingering from WeCrochet, or Friends 8/4 cotton from Hobbii.

If you want to make a gorgeous colorwork version, you could use the Sultan Shadow from Cotton Kings. You will need to buy about double the yarn in order to control the colors… but I do love how it turned out for mine! I made the shorts entirely black, then used the gradient green yarn going up from the tank top bottom.

If looking for a more fitted pair that uses a thicker yarn, check out the Staycation Shorts pattern. That pattern uses Comfy Worsted yarn, which is a worsted weight/size 4 cotton blend yarn that works up beautifully. The finished shorts are heavier but they are also super comfy! That pattern does work up a bit faster than this one.

Staycation Shorts Crochet pattern

Are you ready to make your own pair of crocheted shorts? Grab your supplies!


Fingering weight yarn (Comfy Fingering in “Blackberry” pictured)
-approx. (700, 900, 1200, 1450) yards

Crochet hook in size G/4mm

⅜” Elastic – no more than 2 yards

Lucet fork (optional, for drawstring)

Sewing needle and thread (for sewing elastic)

Gauge: 20 sts x 17 rows = 4” rows using Lemon Peel Stitch

Sizes: (XS, S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL)

shorts crochet pattern

Pattern for Legs (make two)…

Row 1: Ch-(13, 15, 17, 19), sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch. * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * to end. (12, 14, 16, 18)

Rows 2 – (11, 11, 15, 17): Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * across. (12, 14, 16, 18)

Row (12, 12, 16, 18): Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * across. Ch-(53, 57, 61, 65) Total st count: (65, 71, 77, 83)

Row (13, 13, 17, 19): Sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch. * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * across. (64, 70, 76, 82)

Rows (14, 14, 18, 20) through (89, 105, 125, 143): Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * across. (64, 70, 76, 82)

Row (90, 106, 126, 144): Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * (5, 6, 7, 8) more times only. (12, 14, 16, 18)

Rows (91, 107, 127, 145) through (101, 117, 141, 161): Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * across. (12, 14, 16, 18)

Fasten off leaving a long enough tail for seaming short ends into a tube.


With wrong sides touching, seam short ends into a tube using the Mattress Stitch.

You now have two legs. We will use a very long yarn tail to make a vertical seam starting at the back of the waist, down and across the crotch, and up the other side to the front of the waist.

Line up legs with “right side” out and sew using the Mattress Stitch. Note that the construction of this shorts pattern is similar to that of the Staycation Shorts and the Not your Granny’s Jammies.

Prepare the elastic:

Cut the length of elastic desired for your waist when stretched. If in doubt, leave a bit extra length. Pin the two elastic ends together. When finished crocheting around the elastic band we will use sewing needle and corresponding thread color to sew end to end securely.


Attach yarn at back seam looking at “right side”…

Round 1: Ch-1, sc in each row end around. One st per dc row and one st per sc row. Join to top of first st. (154, 186, 218, 250)

Round 2: Ch-1, do not turn, crocheting around the elastic, sc around. Make sure elastic does not get twisted as you go. Join to top of first st. (154, 186, 218, 250)

Sew the two elastic ends to each other securely. Weave in all ends.

If desired, create a drawstring long enough to wrap around your waist and have enough room for tying a knot. Feed that through the waist every few stitches and use for decorative purposes only.

shorts crochet pattern

I hope you love this pattern! Feel free to share a photo by tagging @HeartHookHome across all social media.

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