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Dragon Tears Coin Purse Crochet Along: Part ONE

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Finally! Today is the day we start part ONE of the Dragon Tears Coin Purse Crochet Along! I’ve seen some gorgeous yarn/fabric combinations in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook, and I can’t wait to see these finished! Guess we better get started, eh? In part ONE of this crochet along we will crochet the base and the body of the coin purse.

Supplies for Dragon Tears Coin Purse Crochet Along

In this post you will find the written pattern along with a complete video – start to end. In the video I start with the foundation chain, then complete the first and second rows of double crochets, then we continue by making FOUR rows of crocodile scales. Grab your hook and let’s get started!

Coin Purse Crochet Along with Heart Hook Home

Dragon Tears Coin Purse Pattern

To see the list of materials and all other pertinent info you’ll want to visit this page.

Pattern Notes: 

Pattern is written using US terms.

The Chain-3 at the beginning of the V-stitch rows DOES count as a stitch.

BLO = Back Loop Only


15 dc sts & 7.5 rows = 4” square

This crochet along is a portion of my paid pattern, the Dragon Tears Purse pattern. To get the other sizes included, head on over to Ravelry. Thank you!

You are free to sell your finished coin purses, I only ask that you credit Heart Hook Home by linking and/or referencing this pattern when you do. See my Terms of Use for more information.

Now let’s get started! See the complete VIDEO of part ONE below.

Dragon Tears Crochet Along - PART ONE

Coin Purse Pattern:

Row 1: Ch-20. Dc in BLO of 3rd ch from hook. Dc in BLO of each ch to end. Working up the other side, dc in the opposite side of same ch st, and around to end. Join to top of first dc with sl st. (36)

Row 2: Ch-2 (does not count as dc), dc in same st a join and in each around. Join to top of first dc. (36)

Row 3: looking at outside – Ch-2, 3dc around/down the post directly below (not the chain), ch-1, 3dc up the next post. *sk 2 sts, sl st to top of next st. Skip next post, 3dc around the next post, ch-1, 3dc up the next post* Repeat around, ending with a sl st. Be sure to hook the top right of the very first crocodile stitch of this row (to anchor it). (6 scales)

Row 4: Ch-3, dc in same space, 2dc in center of next scale, * 2dc in between scales, 2dc in center of next scale * repeat between * * around. Join to top of ch-3. (12 V-stitches)

Row 5: Ch-2, 3dc around post directly below, ch-1, 3dc up the next post. Sl st in center of next V st. *3dc around first post of next v-st, ch-1, 3dc up second post of v-st. Sl st in center of next V st. * repeat around. Being sure to hook the top right of the very first crocodile stitch of this row (to anchor it) when you do the last sl st. (6 scales)

Repeat rows 4 & 5 two more times for a total of FOUR rows of crocodile stitches.

Final row: Ch-1, sc in same st * sk next st, sc in next, sc in center of scale, sk next st, sc in next st, sc in between scales* repeat between * * around. (24) Use Invisible Join and weave in all ends. 

YouTube video
Woohoo! Part one is DONE! I hope you have your fabric and your zipper ready, because in part TWO we will line and zip this bad boy. Share photos of your coin purse body with everyone in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook! If you share on Twitter or Instagram use #HHHCAL so we can see them also!

If you would like to be notified when part TWO is released, sign up using this form and I’ll email you when it is ready.

craft supplies and finished coin purse

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    1. Hi Suzy! You can find that post here: https://hearthookhome.com/dragon-tears-coin-purse-crochet-along-part-two/
  1. Row 3: I have frogged this twice and both times when I finish the 6th alligator stitch, I have 6 posts between the 6th and 1st alligator stitch. Is this correct?
    1. I think it is right. Watch the video, you catch the upper side of scale 1 & slip stitch into the center of those stitches. I thought it was wrong at 1st too but the video mad it more clear to understand.