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Phoenix Swimsuit Coverup Crochet Pattern

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The Phoenix Swimsuit Coverup crochet pattern is a stunner. This design will have you looking (and more importantly – feeling!) like a million bucks next time you head to the pool or the beach. Grab your hook and let’s whip up the most gorgeous swimsuit coverup crochet pattern you ever did see!

Phoenix Swimsuit Coverup

Phoenix Coverup

Can you picture yourself on the beach this summer? Listening to the tide roll in, your toes digging into the sand as you watch the sun sink closer and closer to the horizon. Ahhh it sounds heavenly, does it not? 🌞 While I am sad that I probably won’t get to the actual beach to watch a sunset this summer, I am feeling like my own little ball of fire in my new Phoenix Coverup. 🔥

When planning this design, I envisioned a coverup that had a great drape with plenty of opportunity to let the wind blow through the fabric. Because of this I decided to use the Drop Loop Crochet Stitch, which uses a 1″ dowel rod (which you can purchase for around $3 at most craft stores) or even a broomstick if you’re in a pinch.

How to Crochet Drop Loop Stitch

For this swimsuit coverup I used Rainbow Wrapsody (discontinued) from Yarn Bee. I used just over two balls for this project, making it extremely economical – especially if you snag your yarn during a 30% off sale! Which just so happens to be every other week. 🙌

If you would like to use a different yarn, you’ll want to go with a cotton or cotton blend that is a fingering/size 1. Some good options would include Comfy Fingering, Lindy Chain, or Premier Cotton Fair (even though it’s a size 2). I’ve found that Hobbii has the most variety of size 1 or size 2 cotton/cotton blend yarns. I’ve narrowed down the search for you here.

Although you really should still try to get as close to my gauge as possible, part of what I love about this pattern is that it doesn’t have to be exact since there are no specific body measurements we are trying to hit. As always, buy a bit extra yarn just in case!

When not wearing my coverup to the beach or to the pool, I’m going to pair mine with these super cute white pants and wedge shoes. I LOVE the way it makes the colors pop! I’ll wear this outfit next time I go on a fancy date night – which is hopefully very, very soon. 😜

Of course you can add the optional beads as well. I added the beads to my coverup at the elbow edges only, and after the fact using needle and matching (red) thread. It was a mostly painless task that reaped big rewards. It’s subtle, but gorgeous!

Find this pattern on Ravlery, Etsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home Blog Shop!


Rainbow Wrapsody (“Crimson Poppies” pictured) (discontinued)
-approx. 1835 yards (two balls) for main body
*I did purchase a third ball for the red yarn needed to make the cords that hold together at the sides.

Crochet hook in size G/4mm

1″ Dowel Rod (or a broom stick could suffice)

Size 6/0 Seed Beads (optional, “Fire Glass” color option)


This coverup pattern is a one size fits most. The overall bust measurement is 76″ meaning that it should comfortably fit up to at least 4XL. If you need help adjusting the pattern sizing, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

I do hope you love this pattern, and that you’ll make many of them in different colors for wearing to the beach, or for gifting to friends, or for wearing to date night! Please share a photo with me by tagging @HeartHookHome across all social media and in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook. 🤩

Phoenix Swimsuit Coverup crochet pattern

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  1. the link to Rainbow Wrapsody is no good. Hobby Lobby doesn't show that particular yarn on their website.
    1. Correct, unfortunately they have since discontinued it. Some comparable yarns would be Sultan Cotton cakes from Hobbii or Red Heart It's a Wrap yarn.
  2. Dear Ashlea, this is a wonderful and inspiring pattern, so I have bought it to crochet it for a present. Question. If I use a 4mm crochet, I have a gauge of 18 stitches. To get a gauge of 20, I need to go down to 3.5mm. So far, so good, but the result is not stretchy. I am not sure I would be able to block it to the right dimensions. Also, I had to substitute the yarn and I am using Hobbii Sultana, which is 100% cotton, which I am afraid would shrink further with washing. What would you advise? I can easy recalculate the stitches for a 18 stitches gauge for the 4mm more stretchy fabric, or should I stick to the 3.5mm, with the right gauge and a bit stiffer fabric? Thanks for any insights!
    1. I think I would probably just go ahead with the 4mm to be safe in case of shrinkage...and in the grand scheme of things, even if it doesn't shrink it would only be adding an additional couple of inches to wearing length.
  3. Thank you Ashlea, this is just beautiful!! I just downloaded the pattern and I can't wait to get started.
  4. This looks beautiful, I may need to buy a dowel!! Ashley your patterns are wonderful and have given me confidence to try all kinds of projects, I would never have thought possible!! I only made scrapes before I started following your site, now I have made all sorts of jackets, sweaters and home items. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    1. Awwww...this makes me so happy! I am glad you have been enjoying the patterns and gaining confidence as well!