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How to Crochet a Lanyard Keychain

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In 2022 I am introducing one new crochet pattern each month relating to automobiles. This month we’re adding a lanyard style keychain in multiple options. Isn’t it gorgeous and fun?! So quick to work up and great for gifting or selling at craft fairs, too!

crochet jeychain tutorial

How to Crochet a Lanyard Keychain

Lanyards aren’t only for keys or for use in the car. We also use them for ID badges, taking our necessary items to the gym, during sporting events, and more. Whether you are using your crocheted lanyard for car keys or you’re planning to sell them at craft fairs this summer, this is the perfect, QUICK, and fun project!

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There are two ways to make these crochet lanyards – one with a tool and one with a regular ol’ crochet hook. I honestly prefer the method using the crochet hook for this project but both are lovely and sturdy!

The other day I needed a bit of plastic canvas for a project I was working on. So off to the craft store I went where I ran into these macrame cord beauties. These are so new to the store they aren’t yet online nor are they in the system. The good news is that you can use any kind of macrame cord (or even regular cotton yarn) to make yours.

These spools are 36 yards each and I was able to make one 12″ (wristlet size) and one 36″ (full lanyard length) with plenty of cord leftover to make another. Since these are not found online yet I did look and found these larger spools in excellent color choices.


Macrame cord (either twisted or stranded)
-approx. 7 yards for 12″ Lanyard and 11 yards for 32″ Lanyard

Lucet Fork OR a 12mm crochet hook

Key ring with lobster clasp attached (like this)

Length: 12″ (wrist size) or 36″ (full size lanyard)

The lanyard made with the lucet fork is much more dense than the lanyard making the crochet hook. I prefer the crochet version myself. These only take a short amount of time, and would make for EXCELLENT items to sell at craft fairs!

There are two options to make the lanyards: using the Lucet Fork, or crocheting a cord.

For either option you’ll simply make the cord as long as you like (12″ for a wrist/key chain size, or 32″ for a full size lanyard).

If you are crocheting your cord you can either make an I-Cord or make a Romanian cord as I have done. I find the Romanian cord easier to make, faster to make, and more stylish than the I-Cord.

When you have the length of cord needed, cut a very long tail (36″ or so). If you have a large enough yarn needle, thread it. If you do not have a large enough needle I’ve found that a smaller crochet hook can be just the ticket for feeding in those ends.

Make sure the cord is not twisted around, and align end to end. Sew the ends together encompassing the metal ring for durability.

Next, take the long yarn tail and feed it up through the cord for about 1″.

Wrap it carefully around and around the base of the lanyard, securing the ends tightly.

Feed the rest of the tail up through what you just wound, then back down the other side. Secure ends and you are finished!

I hope you’ll share a photo with me when you make yours! You can do so by tagging @HeartHookHome on all social media and in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook. 🤩

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  1. Love the idea but for safety reasons would not use it for work badges no safety release if someone grabbed ahold of it.
  2. I got both the ropes and the stranded macrame. I used the crochet hook for both and found that the ropes was much more dense. I untwisted it and used one strand and it was much better. And I got three times the yarn lol!
    1. I would, just to keep it thick and sturdy...but you could just do a single strand for a thinner version.
    1. Hi Beth! I got the key rings and lobster clasps in a set here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GRRXLVK?pd_rd_i=B09GRPSDJG&pd_rd_w=4ZIfH&pf_rd_p=0c758152-61cd-452f-97a6-17f070f654b8&pd_rd_wg=1SxOH&pf_rd_r=VF9TBJDP8VHN7J654Y5P&pd_rd_r=3b5b3aaf-cd88-4151-abe4-c7dd76cce3aa&s=hi&th=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=deadetdiv-20&linkId=cbc7128549730110c1f4c2c2fe2690c1&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl