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Hanging Baskets: Free Crochet Pattern

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This year I am looking for NEW ways that I can use crochet around the house to either make life easier, more beautiful, or more fun. This pattern for Hanging Baskets is the newest installment in my 2021 Household Crochet Series, and I couldn’t love them more! I hope you love them, too.

hanging baskets crochet

Hanging Baskets: Free Crochet Pattern

Whether you’ll be using your hanging baskets for fruit, vegetables, or yarn, they are the perfect way to incorporate crochet into your home’s routine. Even better, these use just a little bit of yarn! I decided to make five baskets for mine, since I’ll be using it for yarn storage and lord knows I need all the extra storage room I can get. 😜

hanging fruit baskets crochet pattern

how to make hanging baskets

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to make several more. Hang them everywhere! Ha!

how to crochet hanging baskets

crochet hanging baskets

hanging baskets crochet patterns

crochet hanging baskets

Depending on which size hoops you choose, you need as little as ONE 190-yard skein of Dishie Cotton to make yours. For example, if you decide on baskets that are 10″, 12″, and 14″, that’s just 173 yards total for the baskets themselves! If you decide to make the 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes for your baskets, that’s just one skein – including the cords! For all five of my baskets – including the three cords – I used a total of 283 yards. Not bad at all! 👏


Steel metal hoops (6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ hoops pictured)
-I purchased mine individually at Hobby Lobby inexpensively (here), and you can also find a whole set of these six sizes on Amazon (here) in gold.

Dishie Cotton (“Swan” colorway pictured)
-6” hoop = 24 yards
-8” hoop = 34 yards
-10” hoop = 45 yards
-12” hoop = 56 yards
-14” hoop = 72 yards
-(3) Romanian cords as written = 52 yards total
Total for all five baskets + three cords = 283 yards

Crochet hook in size H/5mm

hoops for hanging baskets


After round 2, the piece should measure ~2.75” across.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.


Round 1: Magic circle, ch-2, 15dc in circle. Join to top of first dc. (15)

Round 2: Ch-2, 2dc in each st around. Join. (30)

Round 3: Ch-6 (counts as dc + ch-3), sk-2 sts, * dc in next, ch-3, sk-2 sts * repeat between * * around. Join to 3rd ch from beg. ch. (40)

Round 4: Ch-3 (counts as dc here and for remainder), 2dc in same st. Ch-3 * 3dc in next dc, ch-3 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg. ch. (60)

Round 5: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-4 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-4 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (70)

End here for 6” hoop. Line up hoop with circle and ch-1, * sc in next 3 dcs, sc 4x around hoop * repeat between * * around. Join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Round 6: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-5 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-5 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (80)

Round 7: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-6 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-6 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (90)

End here for 8” hoop. Line up hoop with circle and ch-1, * sc in next 3 dcs, sc 6x around hoop * repeat between * * around. Join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Round 8: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-7 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-7 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (100)

Round 9: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-8 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-8 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (110)

End here for 10” hoop. Line up hoop with circle and ch-1, * sc in next 3 dcs, sc 8x around hoop * repeat between * * around. Join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Round 10: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-9 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-9 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (120)

Round 11: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-10 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-10 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (130)

End here for 12” hoop. Line up hoop with circle and ch-1, * sc in next 3 dcs, sc 10x around hoop * repeat between * * around. Join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Round 12: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-11 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-11 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (140)

Round 13: Ch-3, dc in next 2 sts, ch-12 * dc in next 3 dcs, ch-12 * repeat between * * around. Join to top of beg ch. (150)

End here for 14” hoop. Line up hoop with circle and ch-1, * sc in next 3 dcs, sc 12x around hoop * repeat between * * around. Join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you want to go larger than 14″, simply keep adding two rows in the same manner.


Make (3) Romanian Cords (or i-Cords) that are ~36″ in length. (My Romanian Cords were all 230 stitches) You can also use a Lucet Fork to make your cords. Leave a ~12″ yarn tail to start and fasten off with a ~50″ yarn tail.


The most important part of the construction of your hanging baskets is the spacing between and keeping all three cords consistent. The cords are 36″ in length and will stretch to ~40″ when used. We are maintaining 5″ of length in between each of the tiers/hoops.

hanging baskets

If you are making your baskets with 5 hoops as I did, that means that the cord from the bottom hoop up to the top hoop is 20″ tall. The remaining 16″ in length is for hanging the completed project.

To make sure you are placing your cords evenly around the circle, place stitch markers as follows for each size hoop (remember that the thickness of the crochet around the hoop increases the circumference ever so slightly):

6″ hoop: place a marker every 6.75″ or so.
8″ hoop: place a marker every 8.75″ or so.
10″ hoop: place a marker every 10.75″ or so.
12″ hoop: place a marker every 12.75″ or so.
14″ hoop: place a marker every 14.75″ or so.

Now that you have your markers placed for the placement of the cords, we are ready to assemble!

Starting with the largest hoop, attach using the longer tail (the 50″ you fastened off with). Go around the steel hoop at least twice, then feed it back through the center of the cord to secure. Feed the yarn up through the center of the cord to the next basket. For consistency, I counted up 15 horizontal bars (as seen in the Romanian cord, pictured below) before attaching to each hoop.

When all three cords have been added, it is time to pull the three up, tie a knot, and create a hanger loop. Weave in these ends very well, so that it will not come undone and topple all of your goodies. You. Are. Done!

I hope whatever you choose to hold in your hanging baskets finds a lovely home there. I just love how chic they look, and the fact that I made them myself! ♥ Stay tuned all of 2021 because the second Friday of each month I’ll be adding a NEW, fun pattern for use around the house!

crochet hanging baskets free pattern

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  2. I have a couole questionsbfor anyone who has made the hanging baskets: have the baskets themselves stretched much (since they're made from cotton)? If so, how much did they stretch (is one basket hanging down into the next basket)?
  3. Great project, but for everyone who was confused by how to finish- here’s how I solved it. I marked off my “thirds” of my hoops after measuring around the diameter with a measuring tape, using a bobby pin on the hoop. I took one cord (I did I cords) and using a yarn needle with the long tail end, I wrapped the tail closest to where the I cord began around the hoop, and secured it to the I cord by sewing through the cord where it touched the metal hoop. I did this two or three times and made sure to pull it tight, and tried to keep these securing stitches attached to the I cord facing inwards to not show from the outside. Once I could tug on the cord a little without it moving from the hoop, I measured 5.5 inches from where the cord meets the rim of the hoop out, and put a marker at the 5.5 mark on the cord. Then, with my yarn needle, I fed the tail under the stitch loops until I got to the marker and I pull it back out, then repeat the process with the rest of the hoops. Not sure if this is how it’s meant to be done but it worked for me, after trying to figure out what the pattern was saying.
    1. Thank you Heart Hook Home for a great free pattern! And thank you Saoirse for the explanation of how you did it. I couldn't figure it out either but yours makes sense!
  4. Where is the "Print" button for this free pattern? I was unable to find it for the Monstera wall hanging and ended up having to purchase, which is fine, however, it was 'free' as well. Thanks so much! Love your patterns.
    1. Hi Terri! My free patterns are only available as free here on the website...I offer printable ad-free pdfs for a small charge. =)
  5. Please-Please, Can I get more details on how to attach the Icord to the rings? I made this project (all the rings) right after you loaded it up and I've had in it my projects waiting to finish because I have no clue how to attach it to the rings.
  6. Thanks for the share!! Such a fun, yet very functional pattern! I tend to get bored with a wip quite easily, so I have countless wips. But I finished this one right away. I haven't hung it yet, but I used a different bright color of sturdy cotton for each basket, and black for the sc's around the hoops for contrast, so it should brighten up wherever I choose to hang it. I can certainly use any brightness I can get in my life right now, as life has been quite cruel to me the past 8 months. Sharing it means more than you could possibly know. Also, despite the very clear instructions, I ended up with one extra section...on all but the smallest one...which I didn't notice until I went to assemble lol. My tension is so tight that they still fit the hoops perfectly...soooo, happy accident. I look forward to making more of your wonderful creations!!
    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the pattern! I hope life turns around for you...keep calm and crochet on =)
  7. I love this pattern but I get confused when it comes time to assemble it. Do you have any type of video showing step by step how this is done?
  8. Hello Ashlea, Thank you for sharing your pattern with us! I love it, hopefully I can make one soon. :D I noticed your in photos that you have yarn on the walls, could you please tell me how you did that? Thank you. Sincerely, Grace Bowman
    1. Hi Grace! You can find the tutorial for the yarn wall here: https://hearthookhome.com/inexpensive-and-easy-yarn-organization-wall/
  9. I made it! Mines a tad wonky but it's so posh. Thanks so much for the free pattern! I can't figure out how to share a picture but I did mine with like a dark teal dishie cotton and gold hoops. I believe I misunderstood the part with doing the single crochets around the hoop over the chain x gaps, it didn't read to me like the 3 singles crochets in the three doubles also needed to go around the hoop, but I kept the error consistent over all the loops. I was concerned that I wouldn't be sturdy, but it's holding a butt ton of apples at this moment.
  10. By any chance do you have a YouTube “how to” for this pattern? I love it, but, I am having difficulty figuring it all out. Thank you
  11. Hello! I was just wondering, if making one of these with only 3 baskets, (the 6, 8 and 10), how long of a cord should we make? I can't seem to get the length correct! Thanks!
  12. I think I might make for my outdoor deck, where I sit an crochet in the spring, summer an fall, I can put my yarn , an snacks on it. Nice for gifts too. Thanks for pattern!
  13. i will be making one this week, i was wondering any chance of having a printable PDF? i dont mind paying for it. i tend to take my work everywhere
  14. I love this pattern. I would like to make this for my kitchen and one for my craft room. However, I can't look at a screen for very long. Is there a print option for this pattern?
    1. I like to copy and paste these into google docs or word and print from there! It works well you just have to make sure you delete the pictures
      1. You can keep the pictures too! Don’t copy with the word portion. After you transferred over the text portion, click on the pic and hit copy, paste into your document. It works that way!
    2. Bring the pattern page up on your screen. Click the three dots at the upper right corner of your screen and click PRINT. Select PAGES and indicate the actual pages you want to save or print. Be careful: "ALL" may include MANY pages of comments. Select DESTINATION and click SAVE AS PDF to save to a folder on your hard drive OR click on the printer you want to print it from. Keep in mind that if you chose PDF, the next time you want to print from an actual printer, you will need to change the DESTINATION back to your printer. NOTE: I came up with this on my own. After I did it a couple times, I started using it to save patterns to my hard drive and bring them up on screen when I want to work a pattern but save paper.