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Inexpensive & Easy Valentine’s Day Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

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Never fails, year after year when we take the down the Christmas lights and pack away the decorations my porch looks bare. It looks boring and, well, naked and afraid. 😉 The problem is that I have no Valentine’s Day wreath, nor do I have Valentine’s Day decorations. I typically skip decorating my porch for this holiday. Not this year!

Inexpensive & Easy Valentine's Day Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

During a recent shopping trip to Dollar Tree looking for totally unrelated items, I ran across these super cute scarves. And just a buck?! I’ll take five please.

Inexpensive & Easy Valentine's Day Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

My creative juices began to stir, and since I know that Dollar Tree carries all kinds of craft items on the cheap, I meandered over to the craft aisle and found a wire wreath form for just a buck.

Inexpensive & Easy Valentine's Day Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

What do we now have hanging on our front porch? A super inexpensive, super easy, super chic Valentine’s Day wreath using Dollar Tree items. And now you can make one too!

You will need:

Wire wreath form (like this one)
5 pretty scarves
*you could use tulle instead!
Fake flowers (optional)

While you could use hot glue to keep the scarves from moving, you could also simply tie knots, tying the first to the wire wreath form. I chose to tie knots with mine so that if I ever decide to repurpose these scarves, I won’t have to cut them apart or throw them away entirely, I can simply wash them.

To start, begin wrapping the scarves around the wreath form, making sure that the pattern is all going in the same direction (i.e. the hearts are all pointing in).

When you’re finished wrapping one scarf, simply start with the next where that one left off.

Keep wrapping until you have covered the entire form. I used four of the scarves for mine.

Use the last scarf to fashion a bow. I folded mine in half before tying around because it was too long and floppy in my first attempt.

If you have a large flower or heart or other decoration you’d like to incorporate, you could do that as well. I went with these adorable flowers that I positioned into a heart shape. Isn’t that fun?! I spent $6 at Dollar Tree – WAY cheaper than buying new or having one made! *high five*

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  1. I lived I apartment with older people's, I know how to make most of the stuff I see on these pinterest. So what I am going to do this year is help my friends to make this scarves wreath, not using to much hot glue don't want then to burn themselves. It will be more easy for them. Might not used a heart shape wreath just small circle one, n flowers. Thanks
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  4. Ashley I love your crochet patterns. Do you have an easy Christmas stocking for a new crocheter? I am trying to do one now that is a continuous and it has (SL) stitches in it and you flip flop (DC) and (SC). I have arthritis. It just isn’t looking right. Can you help. Hope that wasn’t to confusing. Thanks Rebecca