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Dog Poop Bag Holder Free Crochet Pattern

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Do you take your dogs on walks frequently? If so, it is inevitable that you’ll need dog poo bags at some point along the way, and what better way to walk the dogs than in style using this snazzy dog poop bag dispenser pattern? This dog waste bag holder uses very little yarn and works up super fast! Let’s make one!

Dog Poop Bag Pattern

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Pattern

For this free crochet poop bag holder pattern we are using Curio #3 crochet thread. A nice mercerized cotton (such as Paton’s Grace) would be an excellent substitute. We are using a 2.25mm crochet hook to keep those stitches nice and small. We don’t want it to stretch too much over time (which is partly why we’re using this type of yarn), and it will most likely get plenty of use.

When designing this dog poop bag dispenser pattern I wanted something that didn’t require sewing, and had the least number of ends to weave in. This design is similar to that of the Yoga Mat Bag carrier I published recently, with its easy-to-use drawstring closure.

If you’re looking for quick projects for craft fairs, these would be great, quick sellers! Here are more tips for getting started selling your wares at craft fairs.


Curio #3 Crochet Thread (approx. 24 yards)
-mercerized cotton such as this would be a nice substitute (more on types of cotton yarn here)

Crochet hook in size 2.25mm

Dog Poop Bags 😉

Gauge: not extremely important.

Finished dimensions: approx. 3.5″ tall and 5″ circumference.

This crochet doggie bag holder will fit most widely available doggie bags.

Pattern Notes:

The pattern is written using US terms.

The chain at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch.

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

how to crochet a dog waste bag holder


Round 1: Magic Circle. Ch-1, 12hdc in circle. Join. (12)

Round 2: Ch-1, 2hdc in each st around. Join. (24)

Round 3: Ch-1, do not turn, sc in BLO of each st around. Join. (24)

*Weave in the beginning tail before you get too far!

Rounds 4 – 6: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Join. (24)

Rounds 7 – 13: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Do NOT join. (24)

Rounds 14 – 20: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Join. (24)

Round 21: Ch-1, turn, * sc in 2 sts, ch-2, sk-2 sts * Repeat between * * 5 more times. Join. (24)

Rounds 22 – 23: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st around. Join. (24)

Fasten off using Invisible Join and weave in all ends.

Make a chain ~40 chs long (or about 8”). Weave through openings created in round 21 and join the two ends. Weave in all ends.

We are done! Walk your dogs in style, and don’t get caught without your poop bags in hand! 😉

Dog waste bag dispenser pattern

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  1. The last line of the pattern states "Make a chain ~40 chs long (or about 8”). Weave through openings created in round 12 and join the two ends. Weave in all ends." I believe it should be Round 21 instead of Round 12. Other than that, everything looks great! Thanks for a quick, easy pattern : )
  2. Hi, does this bag have a sort of drawstring-type fasten? I was wondering how the doggie bags fit in/are secured. Thanks, and cool pattern!
  3. I made this and it turned out great, I did few different additions like added a lid and straps to go around the leash, I wish I could add a picture - super happy with it! Thank you for sharing the pattern
  4. Ashley, I love my poo bag, , it’s green like yours, my chia, is 7 pounds, he’s so cute, and like you said , family, thanks so much for the pattern
  5. I think I did something wrong. I used lace weight crochet thread and a 2.5 hook. I stopped at round 13 because it became very clear that the container was a good 40% too small to fit the roll of doggie bags. My stitches were loose, since I'm not very experienced with such light weight yarn. Any advice?
    1. You are probably using size 10. You need size 3; it's thicker. It's hard to tell them apart without looking at all of the labels, so you may want to buy it online. I ordered "Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread Fashion 3" from Michael's Arts and Crafts with free in store pickup. I've made 3 so far and they have turned out great!