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Crochet Blanket Sizing Charts

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Whether you are looking for sizing of crochet baby blankets, lapghans, afghans, wheelchair size, twin size, full-size, king size, or California king, this article will cover all you need to know about crochet blanket sizing.

Crochet blanket sizing chart

Crochet Blanket Sizing Charts

You can never have too many handmade blankets. Having a handy sizing chart available for all types of crocheted blankets is crucial to making sure your finished project comes out to size. Not only do we cover the most common blanket sizes, we also cover commonly asked questions regarding yarn choice, pattern or stitch choice, and how to estimate how much yarn you’ll need for a project if you’re not following a pattern. Sweet!

free trignel crochet popcorn blanket

What size should a crochet blanket be?

Crochet blankets will always vary in size. The sizing of your crocheted blanket depends on the pattern used, the yarn used, and the hook size used. Gauge and tension also play pivotal roles in finished dimensions, so learning how your gauge affects your completed project is a great way to up your crochet game.

Tile Style Corner to Corner throw crochet pattern

How big is a crochet baby blanket?

Baby blankets are the most commonly crocheted size of blanket. There are actually several different sizes of baby blanket patterns, ranging from a crochet lovey all the way to a toddler size blanket. Traditional baby blankets are about 36″ square.

Kinds of stitches that would be good for a crochet blanket?

The type of crochet stitch patterns that you use for your next blanket depends on how dense or how holey you want the fabric to be. Generally speaking, I don’t like to have holes in my blankets because I don’t want toes getting caught etc. If you’re looking for a more solid fabric you can’t go wrong with double crochet.

Great Crochet Blanket Patterns

I tend to make a lot of throw size blankets. These are quicker to work up than blankets that cover the entire mattress with drape to spare, and if you’ve got several of them each person can have their own.

pique-a-boo baby blanket pattern

What if my Blanket ends up too small?

Finishing a blanket and realizing it will not be big enough is a horrible feeling. However, this does not have to mean that all hope is lost! One great way to build onto the size of a blanket is by adding a nice, thick border. Crochet in rounds building on to both the blanket width and height with each row you crochet.

Part TWO of Creighton's Blanket

Adding a border is also a great way to incorporate more color or to pull out certain pops of color in a variegated yarn.

How to Add a Border in Crochet

You could make a matching set of granny squares and add them to the perimeter of the blanket as well. Would be a fun way to add on to the size without changing the pattern.

How to Add a Border in Crochet

How to get yardage estimates for a crochet blanket.

If you are looking to crochet a blanket without using a pattern the first thing you’ll want to do is decide on what stitch to use. Then you’ll crochet a swatch (the bigger the better, washcloth size would work great!) and use those gauge swatch measurement numbers to calculate. There is a full article here on how to estimate yardage using gauge.

Crochet Blanket sizing chart:

Make sure to save this image to your device for easy reference, or print to stick in your pattern binder. You can also “pin” it for future use.

Crochet Blanket Sizing chart by size

Commonly asked questions:

How can I adjust the size of a crochet blanket? The best way to make adjustments to the size of a blanket is to learn which stitch the blanket pattern uses, then find the stitch multiple needed in order to start a new project. For example, in any stitch dictionary there should be a multiple listed. This is the number of chains you need for the foundation chain, plus the number of chains needed for the side of the first row. In the Woven Lattice stitch that multiple is 8+1+1. One repeat is 8 stitches, and if you want the width of 10 repeats you would need to start with a chain of 82 (8 x 10 = 80, + 1, +1 = 82).

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

How much yarn is required? How much yarn needed to crochet a blanket varies greatly. If following a pattern the yardage needed should be listed under materials. As always, buy extra yarn just in case!

What yarn works best for a crochet blanket? I personally prefer to use worsted weight yarn for my blankets. This could be 100% acrylic yarn, or it may have a wool component or other animal fiber. I find that blankets made using acrylic yarn last a long time and they wash up beautifully.

I do not like to use any bamboo blends or cotton, or a thinner yarn weight, but may make an exception if the throw is mainly intended for decorative purposes.

How long does it take to crochet a blanket? Unfortunately the length of time needed to crochet a blanket can not be answered. Each person crochets at their own speed and thus this question is impossible to answer. You can, however, determine how long it will take you to finish a certain project. Head on over here to learn how to determine how long it will take you to crochet a particular item.

Reasons to Time Yourself While Crocheting

How to care for Crochet Blankets? Caring for crocheted items will always depend on the yarn used. As I said above I prefer to use acrylic yarns for blankets because of how nicely they wash up. Always check the laundry label before starting (or before buying) to make sure that the finished blanket can be machine washed and dried. If you are unsure of the care instructions for a specific yarn you could ty googling, or working up a small square and washing and drying it. If you do this, I recommend taking measurements before and after so that you can compare sizing, and to see if any felting or shrinking occurs.

crochet blanket sizing charts cm and inches

I love the heirloom aspect of crocheting blankets or quilting. It makes me smile knowing that my boys will each have plenty of blankets to use long after I’m gone, and to pass on to their children. Blankets also make for excellent gifts.

One of my favorite things about crocheting a blanket is the opportunity to play with colors. I love to use different colors for different rooms of the house, or in the colors of a new baby’s nursery, etc.

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