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Monkey Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

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It has been TOO long since we’ve added a bookmark to the Animal Bookmark series, so today we are adding an adorable little monkey! If you’ve got a monkey lover in your life, this free monkey bookmark pattern is for you!

Monkey Bookmark Crochet Pattern


Monkey Bookmark Pattern

We already have several bookmarks in this series. We have a duck, a koala, a rabbit, a frog, a giraffe, an elephant, a pig, and a nerdy bookworm. And now we have a monkey, too! Animal Far Bookmark Crochet Patterns


Crochet hook in size G/4mm
Brown worsted weight yarn
Cream colored worsted weight yarn
Safety eyes
Small bit of stuffing

For banana:

Yellow embroidery floss
(less than half of one)
Crochet hook in size B/2.25mm

Cute Monkey with Banana on Head


*Work in a spiral, do NOT join at the end of each round
*Use your stitch marker to note the beginning stitch of each row

Remember that you want to use Invisible Decrease for the sc2tog (decreases). It helps to create a prettier, smoother transition in amigurumi.

Finished head size: about the size of a tennis ball – with ears! 😉


With buff yarn
Round 1: Leave a 8″ (ish) long tail. Ch-5. 6sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 sts. 6sc in last. Turn to work up the other side of chain and sc in remaining 2 sts. Do not join. (16)

creating a monkey face with yarn

Round 2: * sc in next st, 2sc in next * repeat between * * 2 more times. Sc in next 2 sts. Repeat between * * 3 more times. Sc in each of last 2 sts. Do not fasten off. (22)

creating a monkey face with yarn

For left eye (where still attached)
Sl st in next st. Sc 6 times in SAME st. Sl st to next (it may be hard to see) and weave in all ends.

creating a monkey face with yarn

For right eye
Attach in 4th st to the right from center. In the next st, sc 6 times. Sl st to center st. Pull tail through sl st, leaving this tail longer for sewing to head.

creating a monkey face with yarn

Make it prettier! Use the tail from the beginning of the “face” to cinch up all holes left in beg ch. Set face aside. (lol!!)

With coffee yarn
Round 1: Magic circle. 8sc in circle. Do not join(8)
Round 2: 2sc in each st around (16)
Round 3: sc in each st around (16)
Round 4: *sc in next st, 2sc in next* repeat from * * around (24)
Round 5: sc in each st around (24)
Round 6: *sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next* repeat from * * around (32)
Rounds 7 – 13: sc in each st around (32)
***begin to add stuffing***
Round 14: *sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog* repeat from * * around (24)
Round 15: sc in each st around (24)
Round 16: *sc in next st, sc2tog* repeat from * * around (16)
***add stuffing and sew face to head***
Squish the head closed and line up the remaining 16 sts. Crochet through the very first two, then the next two, then the next two etc to the end until you have a closed head with 8 stitches across.

Rows 1 – 50 (or until strap is about 9” long): Ch-1, turn, sc in each st across. (8)

Row 51 (tail): Ch-1, turn, sc in 4 sts. Ch-15, sc tightly in 2nd ch from hook and each back to strap, sc in last 4 sts.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Tail on Monkey Bookmark Pattern

Make two
Round 1: Magic circle. Ch-1, 10 sc in circle. Do not join throughout. (10)
Round 2: 2sc in each st around. (20)
Round 3: sc in each st around. (20)
Round 4: sc in 18 sts (leaving 2 unworked) (18)
Weave in center of magic circle.

Sew ears ~four rows down from center on opposite sides of the head.

Banana on Monkey Head Bookmark


With embroidery floss and B (2.25mm) hook:

Round 1: Magic Circle, ch-1, 6sc in circle. Do not join throughout.
Round 2: 2sc in each st around. (12)
Rounds 3 – 6: sc in each st around (12)
Round 7: Ch-6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next st, dc in next 3 sts. Sk 2 sts on banana body and sl st in next. Repeat around until you have four “peels”on your banana. Fasten off leaving long enough tail to sew banana to head. Stuff with just a tiny bit of stuffing (or yellow yarn) to form.

Add a thin, wide mouth using your coffee yarn and/or brown embroidery floss and you’re done!

Adorable Monkey Bookmark pattern

I hope you love him/her! I already have a few more animals on my to-do list, so stay tuned! If you’d like me to try a specific animal, leave me a comment so I can get it on my list.

Monkey Bookmark Crochet Patter

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  1. Hello Ashlea, Your bookmarks are so cute. What size safety eyes do you use? The link from your pattern to the Amazon page no longer works. Thank you, Michelle
    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you for letting me know about the link...I think they were 9mm safety eyes.
  2. Hi Ashlea, I used all your patterns as a treat from my grandchildren at school, great success! Thank you so much for the lovely patterns. Greetings from Holland, An
  3. Hi Ashlea, I have fallen in love with your bookmarks!! I've made all of them except the monkey and s/he is next on my list. I am making them for my niece who teaches 1st grade students who were not ready to move up to 2nd grade so these kiddos need some encouragement. She will give the bookmarks to her students at the end of the year. I need 14 bookmarks...I would LOVE to see you design a flamingo! Your patterns are absolutely precious and you make what looks hard so easy to do. I really appreciate your hard work!! Keep 'em coming!!
  4. I think your book markers are so cute! I have 6 grandchildren and I like to put a crocheted item in their Christmas stocking-this year it will be one of your book markers! I have been crocheting since 1971, when my roommate at college taught me to crochet a pinafore for my little niece for Christmas. Love your patterns! Have a blessed day! Debbie @ rosiejean648@gmail.com
    1. Hi Debbie! I am so happy you are using my patterns for such a special gift. They will remember that for always! I hope they work up quickly and easily for you.