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Come On I Wanna Ruana: Part FOUR

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I am SO excited that we are FINALLY ready to complete our Come On I Wanna Ruana! Pick up where you left off in part three and let’s finish this baby up!


Find the materials list, gauge, and dates & info here.

In part four we will finish up the “fronts” and crochet the border rows. We will also weave in all of our ends and sew up a portion of the side to create an over sized armhole.


See the VIDEO for part four below.

Note that if you removed or added length to your ruana, your row numbers will be different.

Row 130: Ch-1 (does not count as a st for remainder of pattern), turn, sc in first ch-sp, sc in each st/ch to end. (69)

Row 131: Ch-1, turn, sc in first st. * Lk two times, sk 3 sts, sc in next st * repeat between * * to end. (17 Lk sets)

Row 132: Ch-4, turn, Lk one time, sc in the center sc of first Lk pair. * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end. Lk one time, tc in last st. (16 full Lk sets & 2 half sets)

Row 133: Ch-1, turn, sc in first stitch, * Lk two times, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end, placing last sc in the top of turning chain. (17 Lk sets)

Rows 134 – 135: repeat rows 132 & 133

Row 136: repeat row 132

Row 137: Ch-1, turn, sc in first sc, * loosely ch-3, sc in center sc of next Lk set * repeat between * * to end. (69)

Fasten off “right” side, do not fasten off “left” side.


Where still attached at “left” corner…
Row 1: Ch-1, turn clockwise to work up side of piece. Place 4 hdc up each Lk (3 around the chain and one in the side of the sc) on Lk portion, then hdc in side of each row end to opposite corner. 3hdc in corner st. Complete the entire row in the same manner, including up around the inside of the neck and back to the very first border first st. Do NOT join OR turn.

Rows 2 – 3: hdc in third loop (behind the two top loops) of each st around, placing 3hdc in each corner and hdc3tog in the two inside neck corners. Fasten off and weave in all ends.


Lay piece flat. Measure 9” down from shoulder seam (18” total armhole circumference) and sew together for 4” as pictured.

If you would like the complete, ad-free version of this pattern, it is available in its entirety on Ravelry. You do not have to purchase the pattern, you can also get it for free (forever) right here on Heart Hook Home.

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  1. I just happened along your website & I’m so excited about so many of your patterns! I’m also a Kansas mom & grandma I raised 2 boys (they are now in their 30’s with families), I’m an avid crocheter. I also live in Wichita. You have a beautiful family!