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Come On I Wanna Ruana: Free Crochet Along!

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Have you been looking for the perfect ruana crochet pattern? I believe you have found it, friend! Join us as we crochet this gorgeous ruana style tunic together in Heart Hook Home’s newest crochet along!

Ruana Crochet Pattern

This pattern uses the Solomon’s Knot stitch, which is comprised of a series of chains and single crochets. The Solomon’s Knots going up the back side of this piece creates a stunning vertical column that makes this ruana slimming, amazingly lightweight, and oh-so chic. Watch my tutorial for this stitch here. If you have never worked the Solomon’s Knot crochet stitch (also called Lover’s Knot) you are in for a treat with this new pattern! By the end of this crochet along you’ll be a Solomon Knot crocheting master. 😉

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Do not be intimidated by this design. Not only do we get to work on this together in sections, there will also be FULL video tutorials for each portion! Woohoo! This pattern is not difficult – it only consists of chains, single crochets, and half double crochets. If you can make those stitches, you can make this ruana! To practice, head on over to my Solomon’s Stitch tutorial.


Lightweight/size 3/DK yarn
-approx. 1325 yards (Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek DK in “Dijon” pictured)

Crochet hook in size G/4mm

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

In my opinion, The Soft & Sleek DK yarn is much thinner than a regular lightweight/DK/Size 3 yarn. I compared this to a beautiful sock weight yarn I have and the thickness is similar. So, a size 2 yarn or a sock yarn would also be gorgeous! That being said, make sure to see sizing information below.

*this is not the colorway pictured in photos.

Compared to a fabulous skein of Wichita Woolery’s fingering weight, the grams and yardage are similar.

Ruana Sizing:

This ruana pattern is a one-size-fits-most… up to a 3XL. If you would like a smaller ruana, use a thinner yarn such as Red Heart It’s a Wrap, and if you would like a larger, more roomy ruana, use a larger yarn than recommended – such as Chic Sheep or other worsted weight yarn. If you decide to make yours with a different yarn than I have, make sure you have plenty of yarn on hand. An extra skein or two should suffice. If you would like your ruana shorter or taller, those instructions will be included as well.


Gauge is not super important with this pattern because we are crocheting to specific measurements. If your gauge is too far off from mine though, you may not have enough yarn to finish – or you may end up with way too much yarn left over. Try this gauge swatch before we start, just in case:

Gauge swatch pattern:

A quick note about gauge… you always want your gauge swatch to be slightly larger than 4″ square, so that you’re not counting the outer most stitches. Read more on gauge.

Row 1: Ch-23, hdc in 3rd ch from hook. *ch-1, sk-1 ch, hdc in next ch* repeat to end.

Rows 2 – 13: Ch-2, turn, hdc in first ch-sp. * ch-1, hdc in next ch-sp * repeat between * * to end, placing last hdc in the turning ch-2-sp.

When finished, 18 sts (including both hdc and chains) x 11 rows = 4” square

This Crochet Along will be broken into FOUR parts:

All of the parts will be posted right here on Heart Hook Home, including the video tutorials!

Part One – June 1st (published here)

Part Two – June 8th (published here)

Part Three – June 15th (published here)

Part Four – June 22nd (published here)

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Don’t want to wait? If you have a wedding to attend before the finish date or if you would prefer to snag this pattern in its entirety now, you may do so on Ravelry. You do NOT have to purchase the pattern to participate in this crochet along.

Come On I Wanna Ruana

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  1. Has anyone actually made this? My daughter and I thought it would be fun to each make one. We can't get it to work. We are followoing the instructions exactly, with the video. After making the chain, we do one row and have the 38 pairs of LK, but on the next row we always get 36, plus the two halves, making 37. We have tried several times. We are about to give up on this pattern. Can anyone help?
  2. I just saw this tonight and haven't looked at the videos. I wondered if you can make the sleeves longer? Thank you. It is gorgeous !
  3. I found your site from a shout out from Happiness Is Home Made. Karin McCarty modeled the beach coverup on her channel and I absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you for your designs and patterns. I enjoy video tutorials as reading patterns is difficult for me. You have an awesome family and hope many Blessings come your way.
  4. This pattern is stunning and will make a great summer sweater for wearing in all the a/c places in Florida! I am really looking forward to this CAL!!
  5. I bought a cotton blend label light (3) on line it looks thick is calling for a 6mm/ j-10 hook. I hope it works.
  6. What is the code for 50% off. I caught you live for a bit Thursday night but didnt catch the code and can't seem to find it anywhere. Love your patterns. Have a great day.
  7. I would like to sign up for this CAL but it's not letting me do anything when I click on it. Can you help me please. Thanks
    1. Tiffany & Terri, I finally got it to work. I pressed the control button down as I clicked on the "EMAIL ALERTS" link. I must have a popup blocker on that is keeping me from clicking on links. Good luck!
  8. Any idea when the yarn will be available on Hobby Lobby’s website? I don’t have one close to me and can’t find a comparable yarn. Thanks!
  9. Love this! I think I am going to go with a cotton or cotton blend as I live in a very hot climate. Maybe a raw silk? I haven’t done a CAL in ages. Thanks for this!
  10. I have signed up!! Am ready to buy yarn. BUT I live in the southwest and don’t want to use anything thicker than sock yarn. Also I need to make larger size. Any suggestions on yarn are needed. Thanks
  11. I signed up for this CAL, who doesn't love a Ruana? I chose the Hobby Lobby yarn from your photo, (I got plenty )
    1. Hi Beverly! You can sign up for email alerts here: https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/458345?
  12. Really looking forward to trying this but was wondering if any of your wonderful testers may have made theirs using a lighter weight yarn (such as It’s a Wrap), and if so, how much smaller did it come out?
  13. Ashlea can you recommend a cotton yarn to use for this pattern ? I think it would make a great coverup
  14. Looking forward to trying this. It's one of the nicest designs I've come across. Thx Ashlee
  15. Anxious to learn this new (for me) stitch pattern but confused - you list Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek as a DK/lightweight/Size 3 yarn but on Hobby Lobby's site, it shows it as a Medium weight/Size 4.
    1. There is a Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek that is a Medium/4 weight, a Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Chunky that is a Bulky/5 weight, a Baby Bee Soft & Sleek Baby that is a Medium/4 weight, and now there is the Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek DK that is a DK/3 weight which is not online yet.
    2. The company may consider it a 4 weight, but to experienced hookers it is on the lighter side of a 4 weight so they say it's a 3.
  16. GORGEOUS! Yes, I am shouting! It is beautiful Ashlea! Just what I've been looking for! Thank you!
    1. Me too!! I went to HL yesterday and bought enough yarn (I hope!) to make FOUR of these in different colors!!! Can't. Wait.