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Tunisian Waffle Beanie: Free Crochet Pattern

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Do you love to crochet beanies? Are you a fan of Tunisian crochet? If so, pull out your double ended hooks because this Tunisian Waffle Beanie is a great way to incorporate style and colorwork into your wardrobe and craft.

tunisian waffle stitch beanie

Tunisian Waffle Beanie

The Tunisian waffle beanie uses two strands of yarn to create a gorgeous effect. The way the colors pop through are stunning, and this beanie is quick to work up, too! If you are new to Tunisian crochet, you’ll want to watch the Tunisian Waffle stitch tutorial, and since this beanie is worked in the round you’ll also want to check out this tutorial on How to Tunisian Crochet in the Round.

Working the beanie in this way makes it possible to use two contrasting colors, and we are working in a spiral which means there is no joining or turning, just crochet away! I love that!

tunisian crochet beanie

The Tunisian Waffle beanie is teen to adult size. If you need yours to be sized larger for a large adult head, see the modifications in the “pattern notes” below.

tunisian waffle beanie


Worsted Weight Yarn in two contrasting colors
(Yarnized Tori in “Storm” and “Aluminum” pictured – 50% bamboo Viscose & 50% Cotton) unfortunately discontinued
-approx. 115 yards total

Regular crochet hook in size 7mm (for brim)

Double ended Tunisian crochet hook in size 8mm (for hat body)

Gauge: Tunisian Waffle Stitch = 10 sts and 12 rows in 4” square

Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

TSS = Tunisian Simple Stitch

TSLS = Tunisian Slanted Stitch – insert hook from left to right instead of from right to left to pick up a simple stitch. (I find it helps if I turn the work counterclockwise to pick up that loop.

TSS2Tog = Tunisian Simple Stitch two together. This is a decrease. To make this stitch, insert hook under next TWO vertical bars and pull up one loop.

Pattern worked in a spiral with no joining or turning.

There is a VIDEO tutorial for this stitch as well. Watch that here.

To make the hat slightly larger for a large adult head, do an additional 4 rows of “brim” which will add 4 additional stitches to the hat body making it about 1 1/2″ larger around. Questions? Just ask!

If you need help getting started on the Tunisian in the round (the hat body) you’ll want to watch this video tutorial.


With regular 7mm hook, leave a ~10″ tail for joining.


Row 1: Ch-5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each to end. (4)

Rows 2 – 60: Ch-1, turn, sc in blo of each st to end.

Do not fasten off. Form a circle and, using beginning tail, sl st first row to last row. Brim complete!

Switch to 8mm double-ended hook… using Color A at the front and Color B at the back
Round 1: Pull up a loop in each row end around, TSS around. (60)

Rounds 2 – 20: *TSS in next, TSLS in next * repeat between * * around. (60)
*these should be offset each row to form the waffle pattern as pictured below

Hat should be ~8″ tall from brim to final row completed.

Round 21: TSS2TOG around. (30)

Round 22: TSS2TOG around, TSS in last. (16)

Round 23: TSS2TOG around. (8)

Final round: YO, pull through using color B. Sl st in each st around.

Sew remaining hole shut. Fasten off and weave in all ends and you are done!

I love how the colorwork of this beanie works up. I love being able to see the peeks of silver coming through, and the texture of the waffle portion keeps me interested. You could, of course, make a matching cowl like we did in the Smock it to Me set which used the Tunisian Smock Stitch! That would be a beautiful way to make this pattern into a set.

When you’re finished please share a photo with me in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook or by tagging @HeartHookHome across all social media. ♥

tunisian waffle beanie crochet pattern

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  1. Adorable beanie, but I'm a little confused. If we're working in the round, what is the "front" and "back" ("using Color A at the front and Color B at the back")? I've never heard that phrasing in Tunisian instructions. Can you clarify when you switch colors? Thank you.
    1. Hi Judy! You will use Color A for the forward pass of the stitches (which will be on the front of your project) and then turn and use Color B for the return pass of the stitches which will show on the back side of the project). It is better shown and explained in my tunisian in the round post which can be found here if needed: https://hearthookhome.com/tunisian-crochet-in-the-round/