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Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

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This week I have been working on creating a new free crochet pattern on Heart Hook Home. One for preemie babies that is both a customizable and a quick project (work one up in just 15 minutes!) that I can crank out for donations to our local NICU.

My boys were both born at term, but I personally know several parents of preemie babies, including my very own cousin. Her oldest boy was born at just 27 weeks gestation, and weighed in at less than 2 lbs. He was teeny tiny, and now is whole and hearty, playing football on his home team. ♥

I can tell you that from my experience with our oldest son Caden, who has a rare heart defect, that in the three months that we were in the PICU after his two open heart surgeries in 2007, the handmade items we received felt like tangible prayers. Those gifts or items were there because other members of our family couldn’t be.

Because I have felt the very real effect of such items, I am pouring all of my prayers and well wishes into each and every one of these hats.

These littlest of preemie babies are fighters, and if you’d care to join me in creating tiny hats for donations, I’d love to have your help! Send them to your own local NICU, and offer a warmth and love that only handmade items can provide.

Thank you for joining me!

Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern


I use the softest yarn I can find, which is this Berroco Comfort in a variety of colors. I want these hats to be as soft and pliable as possible, and this is the softest yarn I have ever worked with. You’ll love it, and so will the babies! A single skein can produce about 8-10 hats, depending on the hook size used and on how tightly you crochet. Look at all of these beautiful colors!

I have made some of these hats with a D hook, some with a G hook, some with an H hook and then with an I hook. The smaller the hook, the smaller the hat will be. I like to do a few in each size since these babies will vary greatly in size. You never know which they will need.

Same pattern, same number of rows, just a different size hook:

Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern


Round 1: Make a magic circle. Ch-1, 10hdc in ring, join to first with sl st. (10)
*tighten circle*
Round 2: Ch-1, 2hdc in each st around. Join with sl st. (20)
Round 3: Ch-1, *1hdc in first st, 2hdc in next* Join with sl st. (30)
Rounds 4 – 12: Ch-1, hdc in each around (30)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

These hats are noticeably longer than they need to be. I did this because we want to be able to roll them up, and then roll them down as needed – as the baby grows.

Thank you for sharing!

Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

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Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. Hey thanks so much for these I have a preemie that was born at 30 weeks . I'm donating some hats by the hook sizes u have here do u know what size babies they would fit so I can separate and put on the bag thanks so much
  2. I was a preemie and still have my nmedical problems as an adult. There is a hospital in my state where bereaved parents receive a hand-made baby hat or blanket. My friend knows that I love to crochet for charity, and when she posted about this program on my timeline, I wondered if some tiny sets of booties might be helpful. This is really interesting to me because I was a preemie, because I can't have children (but totally adore them)! and because I'm unemployed. This ongoing project provides a way that I can give back to the most vulnerable little ones (and their families). What a great ministry or volunteer project for anyone who has a heart for babies. So, I know that your pattern was designed for preemies, but if it's okay, I would like to use it to make a bunch for the hospital's bereavement program. Your pattern looks super easy, even for a beginner. Thank you for sharing!
    1. I am the mother of 2 preemies, one lived and one didn't. I so appreciated everything that was gifted me for my babies. My babies weighed 2' 10" and 2' 8" and were 17" long. My little girl wore baby doll clothes which I made. Their diapers were cloth that they tore down the middle and folded 3 times both ways. Even a tiny hat was so appreciated.
  3. I was a NICU nurse for 15 years. I love the idea of giving back to the babies, now that I am retired. Thank you for this great volunteer project.
    1. I used the H hook. With her pattern just start with 14 instead of 10 stitches. It fit my friends newborn just fine, she was born almost 9lbs.
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  6. Sorry, but what is "hdc"? I know the dc stands for double crochet, but what does the h stand for? Kathy
  7. Hi I'm from England and was given a load of DK wool and want to make some preemie hats for the local hospitals what size hook would you recommend for this wool ?
  8. I am new at crocheting preemie beanies and reading patterns. Do you by chance have a video? I do better following a video initially than following a pattern.
    1. Hi Linda! I have a post on how to size beanies which can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/how-to-size-crochet-hats-master-beanie-pattern/
  9. I just found this pattern. I love that it is so simple and quick to do. Thank you. :) Another soft yarn that you could possible use is Red Heart Amore. I bought it on a whim and I've never felt anything softer(although I've not used the yarn you did. It is the first I've heard of it.)
  10. I have done a lot of these hats for the NICU at Methodist Hospital but have a question. When you ss to the first hdc, then do the first hdc for the next round in that same stitch it’s makes the “seam” on the back slanted. Is there a way to avoid that and have a straight seam? Thanks!
    1. Hi Ester! A trick I recently learned is to yarn under when you ss to join the round. Hope this helps!
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  12. Thankyou for this fab pattern I'm just in the process of making some traffic light hats for local hospital so thankyou so much
      1. the hospital puts red on the weekest baby to alert all to keep a eye on that baby when the baby has improved they put a amber hat on then a green when better still then white when out of danger hope this make sense
  13. Thanks for the pattern! Easy to follow. My son was born at 37 weeks and is an itty bitty. No hats fit him so this is prefect.
  14. Hi! I am wondering about rows 4-12. Should I still SS to the first HDC at the end of each row like the previous rows or just chain 1 at the end of the row and keep going? The instructions don’t specify the SS for 4-12 like 1-3. ☺️ Thanks!! These hats are going to go to AHA’s Little Hats Big Hearts!❤️ Thanks so much for sharing this versatile, lovely pattern.
      1. Hi!! I am new to reading patterns. I’ve made it to row 5. And it’s just one big circle. When does it Start taking shape of the hat ?? Should I start over ☹️☹️
        1. It takes the shape of a hat when the number of stitches per row is the same, increasing makes it wider, decreasing narrows it. I hope that helps. :-)
  15. Hi Ashlea, Thank you so much for this adorable pattern . I made a few of these for a charity that is close to my heart. My little boy came along 8 weeks early and we were gifted a beautiful handmade premmie Christmas hat. He’s turning 3 on Friday! . I’ve just got a quick quiry. In round 1 when you say “... join to first with sl st” are you counting the starting chain as a stitch or do we sl st into the first hdc? Thank you again, God bless xo Selena
  16. What size hook(s) do you recommend for Easy Peasy Beanies, sizes 6-12 months & 12-24 months? Thank you for the pattern & the sizing chart!
    1. Hi Cathy! I would use a size J hook for the 12-24 and maybe an I for the 6-12. Here is the link for the child sized 30 minute beanie for quick reference: https://hearthookhome.com/child-size-easy-30-minute-beanie-crochet-pattern/
  17. Hi! I would love to make some of these hats. Can you please post the weight of the yarn you’re using? The link to the yarn shows some of the colors are DK and many of the colors aren’t, or it’s not listed. I want to use a DK weight yarn I already have, but to follow your pattern I need to know if that’s what you used or if I need to make adjustments?
    1. Isn’t there another way, to eliminate the “magic circle?” I only have one hand and it’s super difficult to wrap yarn around anything, when I have nothing!! I have poor tension on my work, as well. I used to be an excellent, advanced crocheter.......................I lost my hand I feel useless!! :-( Please help???
    1. The magic circle is an alternative way to start circular projects, rather than the chain and join method. I have a tutorial for the magic circle here: http://hearthookhome.com/make-magic-circle-crocheting-round/
      1. I’m using à bernat baby yarn and a size H hook. It’s coming out nice but not sure of what the size comes out to. If your on Twitter I can send I a photo of the finished hats. Dreamy
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  19. I am thrilled that I eventually found this site as I have been struggling with sizing of beanies and now I can crochet any size I with. Thanks
  20. I love the pattern. You didn't mention, do you turn after sl st on each row, or join and keep going? If so does that make it spiral and not even after final joining? Thanks for your help.
  21. I attempted to make one today and I was kind of confused on round 3. I am not sure if it was all spelled out in the pattern or not, can you tell me exactly what stitched need to be made to do round 3. I was confused by 1 hdc in first stitch and then second stitch 2hdc, what is the next step to make 30 around? Thank you!
    1. Hi Lisa! You'll do this: hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2hdc, hdc, 2 hdc etc all the way around for round 3. That adds 10 more stitches than round 2. Hope that helps!
  22. Thank you for this pattern. Making these for February Heart Health month. I've gone up as far as a K 6.5mm hook. Love it, quick; easy peasy!
  23. These are perfect! I'm going to be donating for Little Hats Big Hearts project. This is not my first time to use your patterrns, my nephews love their Ninja Turtle hats! Thanks so much.
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  25. ;) Thank you for sharing your work. Really every detail is very beautiful! I also love crochet and free patterns. Kisses :P
  26. Hi buddy crotcheter! After many years I am back with my hooks again!! I see some of the hooks now have a wider area for holding, easier on your hand, are they?? I so enjoy your beanie hat pattern especially, when the number of stitches are on the end of each row! Thank you for taking the time with these and other patterns! God Bless! From a Canadian! Diane H.
    1. Hey Diane!! Thank you so much! I'm glad you're finding fun on HHH. :) I swear by the Clover Soft Touch hooks, they are amazing!! Here's where you can find them, or get them individually also: http://amzn.to/2whWDfm
  27. I also use different size hooks depending on the size. I belong to a group that is making hats for the NICU units in St. Louis MO
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  30. Loved your page on hook sizes. I have been making baby hats here and there to donate to our local NICU as well. I am saving your pattern and going to play around with hooks sizes! Thank you for the pattern! I just got a new set of hooks so this will be perfect to try them out.
  31. I crochet real tight is there a size chart to go by so I will know I am on the right track? I usually do newborn hats but I am trying this pattern and not sure if they are the right sizes. Thank you for the pattern and your help!
    1. I’ve been looking for a simple hat pattern with many different sizes. Thank you so much for posting. This is a great way to use leftover yarn that’s not quite enough for a full project!!
  32. Thank you so much for the pattern and for your servants heart! I gave birth to my little girl on November 11 (6 weeks early). She was in the NICU for 2 weeks and the gifts we received from volunteers were so sweet and encouraging! I've been wanting to give back. I made Santa hats for the Nicu babies but just had to guess and use trial and error for sizing. This pattern will be very helpful and will be used to bless other families. Thank you so much!
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  38. It's a shame you don't have a donate button! I'd definitely donate to this superb blog! I guess for now i'll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!