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Voluminous Tank Top Crochet Pattern

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, fun, and flowy tank top crochet pattern, the Voluminous Tank Top is for you! This tank top pattern ranges EIGHT glorious sizes from XS to 4XL!

Tank Top Crochet Pattern

Tank Top Crochet Pattern

This pattern can be found on Ravelry, Etsy, or in the Heart Hook Home shop.

When designing this tank top pattern, I envisioned a flowy tank that I could throw on over some capris or leggings. I wanted a tank that I could wear to summer BBQs that would both dress up my look and keep me COOL and COMFORTABLE while chowing down on some delicious grub with friends and family. I think I achieved that! I also may or may not have twirled a few times after trying it on. 😉

This is a premium pattern meaning that you can find it among my Ravelry designs. As always, should you require assistance when using this or any of my patterns, you may reach out to me by sending a message to the Heart Hook Home Facebook page or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

tank top pattern

If you’d like to turn this beauty into a flowy dress, continue adding length until it hits where you like. Add a small belt, some strappy sandals, and big jewelry to complete the ensemble. Ahhh ♥ Note that you will need to wear something underneath, here I am wearing a tan camisole.

V-stitch crochet pattern

For this pattern we are using a modified V-stitch. To achieve this, we simply crochet two double crochet stitches in the same space. We join at the end of each row so that this entire tank (minus the straps) is worked in ONE piece, requiring NO sewing!

Flowy tank top crochet pattern

Tank Top Crochet Pattern Materials:

Size 1 yarn OR Crochet Thread (see yarn suggestions below)
Crochet hook in size G/4mm

Sizes: (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)
Yardage: (820, 875, 975, 1100, 1280, 1450, 1650, 1850)

I have used a variety of yarn/thread….

Red Heart It’s A Wrap Rainbow in “Couture”

Red Heart Croquette in “River Rocks”

Artiste Size 5 Crochet Thread in “White Crystal”

One of my wonderful testers held two strands of size 10 crochet thread together, and that was gorgeous! (Why didn’t I think of that?!) Use your two favorite colors for a fun, summery effect.

Tank Top Sizing Chart

Voluminous Tank Sizing Chart

Color planning

If you are using a color changing yarn, keep in mind that this pattern is worked from the bust down, with the straps added at the end. This means that if you want the straps to be the same color as the first rows of the pattern, you’ll want to reserve some of that color specifically for straps. You can add the straps as early as row 20 or so, if that helps with your color planning process. Head over here to read more on color planning in crochet.

Get the pattern on Ravelry.

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  1. What is wrong with some of you people..if I see something I want but can't afford, I KEEP SCROLLING or figure out what I want to give up so that I can eventually have it. Ashlea is simply using her skills to make a living. Maybe that's an idea for all of you with your hand out...find a skill and make some of your own money so you can contribute to society and not expect freebies. I'm a retired person over 60 (also from Kansas) and I'll do without or find an honest way to buy it myself. Some of you have no self respect. Stop embarrassing yourselves...it's disgusting.
  2. Would there be a way to add short sleeves to this pattern? I think this would be sooo cute to wear with leggings, but I don't do sleeveless. Love your patterns!
  3. Hi! I really like this pattern, and I tied to purchase on Ravelry, but there was no option to purchase by credit card...I will not use paypal because of previous bad experience. Is there any other way to purchase this pattern? Thanks, Laura
  4. Its a gorgeous pattern but thanks to covid, I can't buy anything (no work for someone who due to med reasons can't wear a mask) but I wanted to say its absolutely stunning and as soon as i can afford it, i will be buying this to make for my baby sister!
      1. I do not have a video, but if you need specific help, you can send an email to support@hearthookhome.com and we can get it figured out!
  5. I really love this and can’t wait to get started. I like the blue and grey picture and was wondering what yarn you used for it?
  6. Is there another way to purchase this pattern? Ravelry is not allowing me to create account--says registration is closed.
    1. Hi Beth! Yes, you can purchase that pattern through esty here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/702753956/voluminous-tank-top-crochet-pattern?ref=shop_home_active_23 Or through my blog here: https://hearthookhome.com/shop/
  7. Hi Ashlea, I have finished the large voluminous tank and am starting on the straps, however, I cant figure out where to start them. The instructions are not getting through to me!!!! Please help
  8. Hi there. ❤️ Your designs! I’m wondering if I used a size 3 yarn, how much yardage would I need? How would I figure it? Or is it the same no matter what size? I would hate to be short on yarn Thanks!! Michelle
    1. Hi Jess! You can certainly try it! The only issue I can see would be gauge for the sizing. You may need to go up a hook size and down a pattern size.
  9. I purchased the voluminous tank on Ravelry when you first introduced it for $2.50. I printed it off and now went back to Ravelry to print it again and it is not in my library. I can find my PayPal receipt. What I really want to know is if you went back after the straps were sown on and have to single crochet around the top or the bottom to finish it off.
    1. Hi Korina! Hmmm...it should be in your library and you should have also recieved an email from ravelry with a download link. If you can't find it in either of those, you can send me an email and we can get it straightened out.
  10. Hello, can I use a larger size yarn such as a 4 weight for this pattern? If so what size hook would you recommend? I love and really enjoy all of your patterns BTW!!!
    1. Hi Miya! If you want to use a 4 weight, I would go up to a H or I hook and go down one or two pattern sizes. Hope this helps!
    2. If you do make one in the 4 yarn can you please share a picture I am really wanting to make one but have limited yarn supplies. I have a beautiful teal 4 weight yarn I think it would look pretty in but I need to finish one project first.
  11. Is it okay to go up a hook size for the whole pattern to get the right gauge? I'm still coming up short using H to chain and G to stitch.
  12. I really want to do thus volumous top but do not own credit cards and can't buy it do you know if there is anyone who could help a girl out? THANK YOU ALL FOR READING THIS
  13. Hi Ashley, I purchased your pattern yesterday and worked the swatch up. I posted a comment asking for help on your FB HHH but it hasn't been approved, I guess, so I'm hoping you can clarify the issue for me. I posted some pics of the part I need help with. If you could check my FB post even if you don't approve for posting and respond I would appreciate it.
    1. Hi Debbie! Not sure about the post, but you can message me and send pics through the Heart Hook Home facebook page and we can try to get your gauge sorted out.
  14. Thank you for making SO MANY free patterns. I'm happy to support you by purchasing this as I have benefited from the many, wonderful, plus size patterns you have so generously shared with your followers. From a fellow Kansan, thank you!
  15. I thought this was a free pattern also as I am also in my sixties as disabled. I am also a new crocheter so I am not sure if I have the skills yet to make this and I hate to spend five dollars on something I may not be able to do.
  16. I am not happy and disappointed... I a free pattern search on Pinterest for free crochet summer tops patterns. Well this one showed up and oh my goodness I fell in love with it right away. I followed all the links, only to find out that there is a cost of $5.00. I know you need to make money, but I am a 64 1/2 year old disabled Senior Citizen. I can only use free patterns, as that is how I am able to give gifts to my family and friends., besides making myself an item or two for myself.