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On Point Poncho Crochet Pattern

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One item of clothing I’ve been dreaming of for as long as I can remember: a fitted poncho with sleeves. This NEW poncho crochet pattern, the On Point Poncho, is fitted, it has sleeves, it’s flowy around the middle, and the fringe adds a whole new dimension!

On Point Poncho

On Point Poncho

Throw this sleeved poncho on over a tank top and some capris and you’ll be set for fall. I love the V-neck and the points that help to pull the eye up, creating a streamlined and slimming vertical line.

One of my easiest designs to date, the On Point Poncho is SUPER beginner friendly and comes in NINE different sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL. If you can make a double crochet, you can make this poncho.

Get this pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, or at the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!

Sleeved poncho

As usual with my patterns, the CHILD sizes are FREE! There is also a COMPANION video for this pattern, which can be found in the NEWBORN post.

3/6 Month
9/12 Month
4/6 Youth
8/10 Youth
10/12 Youth

For this pattern you will want to use a lightweight/size 3/DK yarn – and surprisingly little of it!  Good examples of this would be Red Heart Comfort Sport (pictured above in blue), Lion Brand Comfy Cotton (pictured above in cream), or any other similar weight yarn. For the size large I’m modeling here, you’ll only need about 975 yards. That’s less than one skein of the Comfort Sport!

poncho with sleeves crochet pattern


Lightweight/Size 3/DK yarn (yardage listed is without fringe)
-approx. 675 yards for XXS
-approx. 700 yards for XS
-approx. 715 yards for S
-approx. 825 yards for M
-approx. 975 yards for L
-approx. 1025 yards for XL
-approx. 1150 yards for 2XL
-approx. 1200 yards for 3XL
-approx. 1250 yards for 4XL

6mm crochet hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Find this pattern on Ravelry here or here on Etsy here – Thank you!

Because this is a roomy and forgiving pattern, I do not give bust measurements. It would just be too inaccurate to do so. When deciding which size to make, choose the size that you would normally wear in tops. If in doubt, go a size DOWN from what you would normally wear.

Gauge: 12 double crochet sts x 8 rows = 4”

Using a larger hook size than typically recommended for this weight of yarn gives the fabric a fantastic drape. If you would like a more dense, warmer poncho, you could substitute worsted weight yarn instead of the lightweight, but be sure to check your gauge no matter which yarn you choose.

As with any crochet project, your yarn choice will affect the outcome of your poncho. For example, if you use a 100% acrylic yarn, the poncho will relax a bit more in the wash than if you were to use a cotton blend. I find that my acrylic versions are more comfortable and roomy compared to the ponchos I’ve made with less stretchy yarn.

I hope you loved the On Point Poncho pattern, and stay tuned because child sizes are coming next! As always, the child sizes will be free individually right here on Heart Hook Home. Share a photo of your finished On Point Poncho in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook, or by tagging @HeartHookHome on Twitter or Instagram!

Poncho with Sleeves Crochet Pattern

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  1. Good evening. I am doing the 2xl size and I am confused about the stitch count from row 22 Right after the armhole rows it is a count of 192 and then row 23 shows a count of 208. Can you you explain? The rows do not indicate any increases
  2. Hi, Ashlea - love this pattern but I'm often a 5x. Since this only goes to 4x, could you give the finished measurement so I'll know whether or not this will fit? Thanks.
  3. I think I just decided on my next project . . . this is just too cute! I really like the multi-color version - could you please tell me what yarn you used on that one? (If I missed it on the page, I apologize, but I re-read it a few times and just don't see it.) Thanks a million!
  4. I purchased the pattern, before I get started... what is the equivalent pattern size for a ladies size 4/6? For example, is it closest to pattern size XXS or XS or S ?
  5. Hello, I have ripped this pattern out twice...as it increases somehow the stitches are off? And also is the first chain part of the three DC in the first stitch? If yes then it would be 4dc in first stitch and when you come around to join and have to put 2dc in same stitch then it is 6 for that point? I am sorry but i am so confused..Please advise, thank you
    1. Hi Lisa! I am sorry you have having trouble. The turning chain does not count as a stitch. Without seeing what's going on I can only offer some tips here...make sure when joining at the the end of each round that you are slip stitching into that 1st DC, not the chain...and when starting the next round, those 1st three DCs are placed in that same DC where you joined. Hope this helps some and if you have any more trouble, you can always message me on my Heart Hook Home facebook page or Email me at Ashlea@hearthookhome.com and we can try to get it sorted out.
  6. I'm having problems with the armholes. Working the pattern in a large. After working the repeat working the last 40 DC, I keep ending up with 39 before finishing the last dc in the starting sets. What am I doing wrong. I did count the sts. in the row before and the number is correct (238).
  7. I am making the hedonists house coat. I need to do some adjustments for the fit. The smallest size is too small (chain 131) so I am using a chain of 141. So where would I put stitch markers now since I'm chaining 141. Thank u in advance. Carol Darnall.
    1. Hi Carol! I would mark 26 and 38 stitches in from each side. That will give you 26 stitches for each side panel and 64 stitches on back panel. Hope this helps!
  8. Help. I started with a 2x I have ripped it out to the sc under the arm. Now I will try just 1 sc. I don’t want this hanging down to my knees but in order for me to have enough room in the bust I need to have the top as I have. How can I keep going to the length I need on sides but not so far on the point in front?
  9. Hi Ashlea, I am just checking my gauge and find that in order to meet the gauge I need to do hdc and not dc does this make sense? I tried several different size needles and found that 6mm works as long as I do hdc. Will this change the poncho to much if I go with the hdc?
  10. I just bought the pattern. You have done a wonderful job of making it a pattern AND a tutorial. I really appreciate all your hard work. Can't wait to try it! Thanks so much!
  11. I see in the video that the pattern begins at the neck. Does this mean that I can lengthen the garment by simply continuing at the bottom until I get the desired length?
  12. This is such a lovely garment. I saw in the blog that you used an acrylic yarn. Do you think it work with natural fibres, like cotton or bamboo?
  13. I clicked to buy this on Ravelry Sunday, but when I checked there today it doesn’t show I purchased it. Did I mess something up?
  14. I just bought the pattern thru Etsy.. I checked out as a guest. I have password issues with my etsy and now Facebook. Can you direct me to a download link ? I will verify any info you wish to show you it was paid. Thanks and I look forward to doing this pattern!
  15. I have several things I'm trying to finish up and grandchildren standing in line for their turn at receiving one of my projects, but can't wait to get started on this one. You give me the courage to try things that I never would have tried before! Thanks Ashlea!
  16. Hi, I just bought this pattern and I do not see the measurements that will tell me which size to make. Are you able to share that or where I can find that, please and thank you :)
    1. This is a fairly roomy pattern in the bust area and even more so in the torso. Giving bust measurements would be misleading, so instead I would encourage you to make the size you normally purchase when shopping in stores. If in doubt, go down a pattern size because that will keep the neck opening from being too open/ slouchy.
    1. Beautiful pattern! Definitely going on my someday if I ever have the money wish list. Sorry put in the wrong email I think on my previous comment.