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Head Honcho Poncho

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You know what I love the most about ponchos? Much like a hoodie, you simply throw it on and out the door you go! Except ponchos have class – at least this poncho does! 😉 Ponchos are acceptable attire for some light, solo shopping at Target, or to wear to a family dinner at a nice restaurant. Let’s whip up a GORGEOUS “Head Honcho Poncho” with this NEW poncho crochet pattern!

Crochet pattern for poncho

Head Honcho Poncho Pattern 

This poncho is worked as two mirrored squares – with one corner cut off. This corner will be the neck opening when finished, and provides a gorgeous shaping and drape. This is a simple, straight-forward pattern that I just know you will love!

This pattern uses front post/back post crochet stitches. See a written and video tutorial for this stitch here. If you have not worked these stitches yet, I promise you’ll be a pro by the time you’re done! And that gorgeous drape! Ahhh! ♥

GORGEOUS poncho pattern

I designed the Head Honcho Poncho with the cold Kansas winter wind in mind. Did you know that Kansas is one of the windiest places in North America? More so than the “Windy City” of Chicago, believe it or not! To ward off the chill, I added on an optional over-sized collar to this poncho pattern. I also love it without the collar, and of course that decreases the yardage needed. So chic!

This pattern includes both One Size and Plus Size. The One Size fits up to about size 16.

How to crochet a poncho

*Note that in the Bangkok version (blue/green) pictured, I did NOT add the finishing row to the neck. I almost like it better this way, so if you decide to omit the collar as well, definitely try yours on before adding that last finishing row. I love this so much!

Find the pattern for the Head Honcho Poncho on Ravelry, Etsy, or in the Heart Hook Home shop.

Beautiful crochet pattern for poncho

I love how the rows go one direction, while the columns go the opposite. My son mentioned that this almost creates an optical illusion, and I think he’s right!

Poncho Materials:

Crochet hook in size 8mm

Worsted weight (size 4/medium weight/Aran) yarn
Red Heart Colorscape in Bangkok pictured
Red Heart With Love in Terracotta pictured

One Size:
-approx. 1100 yards without collar
-approx. 1250 yards with collar

Plus Size:
-approx. 1400 yards without collar
-approx. 1550 yards with collar

Find the pattern for the Head Honcho Poncho on Ravelry.


12 sts and 8 rows = 4” square

Poncho Pattern Notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

You are free to sell finished items from my pattern, but please link back to this post and credit Heart Hook Home for the pattern. See my Terms of Use for more information.

This pattern is available on Ravelry as one of my premium patterns. I hope you love it, and I can’t wait to see your finished poncho!

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  1. Ashlea, is there a small person pattern, how would I make this for a 4 year old? I’d love to make one for my daughter and granddaughter! Ohhhh maybe a matching trio for all of us! ❤️
  2. Hi Ashley, I would like to see a video - vs the photos of the mattress stitch connecting the two panels. I made my poncho and connected them with a regular mattress stitch and bet it looks a lot better with the stitch around the posts but couldn't do it with the photos you provided. Any ideas? Thanks, Debbie
  3. Ashlee, I LOVE this pattern but I can't figure out how to sew the panels together....do you have a diagram or pictures in progress? I'm not sure where the neckline is or wherr shoulder seams should be. The optical illusion has me in knots! I'm really getting old! Many thanks...again!
  4. Hi Ashlea, I just bought the Head Honcho Poncho and can’t wait to get started. I am a huge fan. I have made several of your patterns and love them - It’s Shawl Good, 12 Month Infant Hoodie, and I used the Reverse Shell Border on a C2C blanket. I am looking for a poncho pattern like the Head Honcho but with sleeves. Would you consider coming up with such a pattern? Thank you so much!
    1. Hi Robin! I am so glad you have been enjoying my patterns! A poncho with sleeves...hmmmm...my wheels are spinning! Great idea! I will think more on that. Thanks!
      1. Ashlea, thank you for considering a poncho with sleeves. I have been crocheting and knitting over 55 years but I have never made up a pattern. I can change them a little but not make one up from scratch. Your directions are so easy to follow!
  5. Hi , Ashlea. I ordered the poncho. But, didn't get the chance to use the code PONCHO. It went directly to pay pal and I was charged $5.00. I call pp but they said I would have to contact you. So sorry for the inconvenience. TYI Patricia Jarboe. Jarboepat@comcast.net