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Simple Chevron Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

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There’s nothing like a good chevron scarf to wrap around your neck on a chilly winter day. Grab your favorite hook and let’s whip one up using this Simple Chevron Scarf crochet pattern!

Simple Chevron Scarf crochet pattern

Simple Chevron Scarf Crochet Pattern

free chevron scarf crochet pattern

Do you like to crochet chevron patterns? I love how quickly they work up and how difficult they look to crochet – when they absolutely are not! Once you get into the rhythm of the stitch, crocheting them are a breeze.

Chevrons can be intricate and require more mental focus, or they can be extremely simple as in this free chevron scarf pattern.

free chevron scarf pattern

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With simple Half Double Crochet stitches we’ll create a NEW scarf that is quick, simple, and stunning.

simple chevron scarf

This year I am trying to be more mindful in my gift giving. I love to give handmade to the people I care about most, and tailoring to their individuality is such a wonderful way to show just how much you value them and their presence in your life.

chevron scarf pattern

This chevron scarf uses Mighty Stitch, a lovely acrylic, superwash wool blend that has such a gorgeous sheen to it. You will need just one ball of each colorway, three balls total or about 600 yards. Note that the “conch” colorway pictured here has been discontinued. ๐Ÿ™

Grab the ad-free, printable version of this pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, or the Heart Hook Home blog shop! Thank you!

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.


Worsted weight yarn (Mighty Stitch used)
-approximately 600 yds total (1 ball each of color – “conch”, “cream”, and “silver” pictured)

Crochet hook in size G/4mm


Unimportant- but width of scarf = 7โ€ and 11 rows = 4โ€

Finished Measurement:

Approx. 7โ€ wide x 63โ€ tall

Pattern notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.


Ch/chs- chain/chains

St/sts- stitch/stitches

Hdc- Half Double Crochet

Hdc2tog over 4 (or 3) sts- half double crochet 2 together over 4 sts (yarn over, insert hook into next st and pull up a loop, skip 2 (or 1) sts, yarn over and insert hook into next st and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook.

Color pattern used:

6 rows color A

3 rows color B

6 rows color C

3 rows color B


Row 1: Ch-47, 2hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 5 chs, hdc2tog over next 4 chs (as in skip 2 chs in middle), hdc in next 5 chs, * 3hdc in next ch, hdc in next 5 chs, hdc2tog over next 4 chs, hdc in next 5 chs *, repeat between * * 1 more time. 2hdc in last ch. (43 sts)

Note: From row 2 on, we will be working in the back loop only (except in 1st and last sts of each row).

Row 2: Ch-1 and turn. 2hdc in 1st st, hdc in next 5 sts, hdc2tog over next 3 chs (as in skip 1 st in middle), hdc in next 5 sts, * 3hdc in next st, hdc in next 5 sts hdc2tog over next 3 sts, hdc in next 5 sts *, repeat between * * 1 more time. 2hdc in last st. (43 sts)

Rows 3 – 168: repeat row 2 (43 sts)

Fasten off and weave in all ends. You’re done!

This is a great project to work on in the car on a road trip, while you’re waiting for the kids in the school pick up line, or while watching a show with the family. I hope you love this one as much as I do! ♥

Simple Chevron Scarf free crochet pattern

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  1. Nice pattern and I'm working on this now. My friend asked me to make it with 2 colors (for an Auburn game). When you switched colors did you end off each color or did you somehow carry the colors up? I appreciate your time, thank you!
  2. I am having trouble. I do the 5 hdc hdc2tg skip 2 hdc2tg 5 hdc 3 hdc 5 hdc hdc2tg skip 2 hdc2tg 5 hdc 3 hdc 5 hdc2tg then it end with 2 hdc. What am I doing wrong.
    1. Hi Meredith! If you could send a pic to sarah@hearthookhome.com, we can try to get this figured out for you.
    2. I'm working on this as well. Not being used to those instructions, I supposed the hdc2tog over 4 means, 1 hdc, skip 2 and finish second hdc. So only 2 hdc. At first I worked 2 hdc in each of the four stitches, welp, that was wrong d/t the 2 skipped stiches. Good luck! I'm going to keep at it til I get it right
      1. Hi Connie! For the hdc2tog over 4 chains, you will yarn over, insert hook into next ch (3 loops on hook), skip 2 chs, yarn over and insert hook in next ch (5 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 5 loops on hook. Hope this helps!
  3. Chevron is my absolute favorite stitch in the crochet world. Your pattern works up quick! It's cozy, and with the hdc being worked in the back loop it makes the stitches stand/pop! To every crocheter out there- a new pattern is just the excuse we need to increase our Yarn Stash and with after holiday sales- go go go make this!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your talent thank you for this wonderful pattern.