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How to Crochet the Tunisian Knit Stitch

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The Tunisian Knit Stitch is the most knit-like stitch we can make in crochet. With the appearance of a knitted piece, this fun Tunisian crochet stitch is much easier than it looks. Let’s learn how to crochet the Tunisian Knit Stitch with this video tutorial!

Tunisian Knit Stitch Tutorial

Tunisian Knit Stitch

What distinguishes the Tunisian Knit Stitch (abbreviated TKS) from other Tunisian stitches is the placement of your crochet hook and how you pull up the loops. Unlike in “normal” Tunisian stitches, when crocheting the Knit Stitch you’ll work between the vertical bars of each stitch.

tunisian knit square

Pulling the loop through to the front of the piece creates a beautiful upside down “U” shape that looks remarkably like knitting!


how to tunisian knit

When working Tunisian Crochet

Remember that all Tunisian crochet is always worked like an old-fashioned typewriter. You’ll work your way all the way down the row (right to left), then reverse to work your way back to the beginning (left to right) in what is called the “backward pass”.

For a Tunisian piece of considerable width, you will need cabled Tunisian hooks, but for learning or making smaller pieces like beanies or even some baby blankets, a stick hook will suffice.

It is inevitable that Tunisian crochet will curl. It doesn’t matter the stitch, but you can combat this by using a hook size larger than you normally would were you to “regular” crochet with the same yarn. I also find that staying looser when pulling up loops on the forward pass helps to combat the curl significantly.

While bumping up your hook size does help with the curl, you may also need to block your item when finished.

See more information about curling and all things Tunisian in the Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet.

Ultimate Guide to Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Knit Stitch Tutorial

1. Chain any number of stitches.

2. Pull up a loop in the second chain from hook and in each chain to end.

For your backward pass, chain one to create the edge stitch (as in any other Tunisian crochet), then yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through two loops, repeating all the way to the beginning of the row.

First actual Tunisian Knit Stitch row:

3. Insert hook in between the vertical bars of the first stitch, pull up a loop. Pull up a loop in between the bars of every stitch to end. In the last (end) stitch, go through both parts of the “v” of that stitch. You should now have as many loops on your hook as you do stitches.

4. For your backward pass, chain one, then yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through two loops, all the way to the beginning of the row.

To continue working, alternate steps 3 & 4 until desired height is reached. Isn’t that fun and easy?

Tunisian Knit Stitch Video Tutorial:

If, for some reason, this video does not play, please watch on my YouTube channel here.

How to Crochet Tunisian Knit Stitch

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  1. I am trying to learn Tunisian crochet also after 50 yrs. and I really want to try this pattern, but the hooks on Amazon are in 6" and 14" lengths and I don't know which ones you used. Please let me know so I can order them thru your site so you will get the credit. Thanks So Much, Donna
    1. Hi Donna! It depends on what you will be making...if you are just wanting to make dishcloths or other small projects, then the 14" will work great (I've even crammed a 36" baby blanket onto a 14" tunisian hook!) but if you are wanting to do larger projects, then you would probably be better off getting a cabled tunisian hook. I do have a blog post on the different types of tunisian hooks with links to some of my favorites...it can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/tunisian-crochet-hooks-guide/
  2. I love this stitch. My top and bottom ends are curled. What kind of finish can I put on the blanket to help straighten the curl and look good with the TKS
  3. Hello, my question is, if you do one stitch regular Tunisian (beginning of row),one stitch in tunisian knit stitch, then the next stitch regular tunisian, do you think this would create a pretty pattern? You would follow same pattern thru out,so rows stay symmetrical. Knit to knit,Tunisian to Tunisian. You would need an odd number stitches to end up with regular tunisian at end of row. Thank you,i loved your directions and tutorial, it explained so well.
  4. Very simple and explained so well! I have been trying to learn the Tunisian stitch and your video explained it the best! Thank you, Kathy in Texas
  5. So glad I found your site! I have been crocheting for 50 years but just recently trying Tunesian. Not much info on this beyond very basic stitches.